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H.F. Glade sailing from Bremmerhaven, Germany to Honolulu, HI 1897 & 1892 Galicians

sagewiz 1 | 4
10 Oct 2013 #1
I just received a copy of a letter sent to one of my uncles in 1967 from a Theodore Luciw of Minneapolis. Included is a list he typed from the handwritten ship manifest of the H.F. Glade which apparently brought two groups of immigrants to work on plantations in Hawaii.

I just scanned them but this board does not appear to allow uploads. There are a few hundred names that appear to be Polish, Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Russian, Slovak, German, and possibly other ethnicities.

I would be happy to email you a pdf if it would help in your genealogy search. I am looking for names of Benczarski, Tymkiv/Temkow/Timkov from the area of Southern Poland around Krakow, specifically in the villages of Kossov, Rajskie, and Solinka where the names appear to have originated.

There appear to be a few groups of the Benczarski line that emigrated to Hawaii, Nova Scotia, Canada, Michigan, Argentina, and Venezuela, but not many in Poland.

I hope this will help.
OP sagewiz 1 | 4
10 Oct 2013 #2
ok, I found out how to upload...let's give it a try.

OP sagewiz 1 | 4
10 Oct 2013 #3
Here are copies of the manifests.

  • Manifest first page

  • Manifest 2nd page

  • Manifest 3rd page

  • Manifest 4th page
OP sagewiz 1 | 4
10 Oct 2013 #4
here are the final 2 pages of the manifests

  • page 5 of the manifests

  • page 6 of the manifests
27 Oct 2013 #5
Thanks so much for taking the time to post this. I am researching Germans who went to Hawaii and have been trying to find passenger lists for each family. There are several names on the manifest that are familiar. Very helpful!
22 Jan 2014 #6
Thank you for posting this! My great grandfather, his brothers, and their families (Markiewicz) are listed on the October 6,1898 arrival list. Is there additional information or research around these people or voyages? I don't have any information about the family before this though...

MateGlade - | 1
2 Jul 2015 #7
Ahoi Mr. Sagewitz,

Ahoi mister legend joke,

I think between your page 1 and page 2 a side with name is absent. In 1897 217 passengers set off in Bremerhaven. On the way a child was born and one or two people died.

If you can check please your information once more. Of different case I must turn directly to the authorities of Hawaii.

Thank you very much

dpfeht 1 | 1
29 Apr 2017 #8
Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I have not been successful in locating my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother's immigration from "the old country". I always felt their names were somewhat americanized. I am reasonably sure Katarzyna Kolomyj and Jan Dziekanowicz are my great grandparents but I have slightly different spellings for Katarzyna's name. The years are close and one child, Mytro, I have found records for.

First I want to thank you! Second, is there any way I can get a copy of the original manifest before it was typed? Thank you again!
AleciaK - | 1
17 Jun 2017 #9
Thank you for posting!!! Great Grandfather, Jasko "John" Merlowicz found on page 4. A true treasure!
Stepht - | 2
26 Nov 2018 #10
Hello sagewiz

I just came across your original post. My name is Temkow my father (Michael) was from western Ukraine, Koropiec near Buchach. How is your research going?
JFeld - | 1
8 Mar 2020 #11
Thanks very much! found my great greats here on the list Oct 6 1898. Ed Feldman (Feldrmann) and Magdelana Roszko

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