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Aniela Swierczynski Born. June 21 1897 in Krakow

23 Dec 2006 #1
I'm looking for family, relatives for this person:
Aniela Swierczynski, born June 21'th 1897 in Krakow, Poland.
Her Parents was: Jospeh and Anna Swierczynski.
Jospeh died during II. world war, he was in the air-force, and died during because of a crash.
Anna died, April 7th 1955 in Krakow.
Aniela also had some siblings:
A sister: Marie?- This sister had a daughter who wrote together with her cusin( Gitte Jensen( Marrried Løje) in Denmark. The family came to visit Denmark in the end of 1970'ties.

A brother called Genek? don't know if the spelling is correctly.

Hope some might know this family???
Is so: Please email me:

Yours Truly
Michael Maahr- Denmark
9 Feb 2007 #2
hello micheal
my father was jozeph swierczynski born 1919 died in aylesbury bucks england uk.
he may have been related but iam finding it hard to find his history and famil history in poland.if you can help me further please contact me on
12 Feb 2007 #3
Have you tried the free site I use for volunteer genealogy? It is maintained by the LDS church in America (better known as the Mormons) but is all inclusive regardless of faith.

Disclaimer: I am not a part of the LDS and/or Mormon church and do not agree with why they maintain this database and you may not either, but it cannot be argued they do great work in helping to connect people looking for ancestors via this site.

You can locate files and microfilm and get copies of old archives and church/parish registers thru them also; you just have to jump around their site and find what you need. You will pay for the copies you print or ask for. You may also be able to view what they have by going in person to a family history library in your country, wherever you may be.

It is free to use the site but you do pay for copies and for copied microfilms or rental of a reader to view the microfilm:

Try also swierczynska when looking for the Polish womens' names.

And try here, also (you must disable pop-up blocker to use it and be prepared---it pops up 14 total windows, some with further links). I have broadband, so it's no problem, but if you are on a dial -up internet service, this could take a lot of time :
16 Feb 2007 #4
My family comes from the Swirczynski family that arrived in England in about 1851 -2 The original male was Leopold he married a Sarah Hellet, had four children 2nd child my greatgandfather was Antoni born 23 April 1860 in Clerkenwell London. Lost trace of Family from 1901 Census. Not sure were in Poland they came from. If any of this sounds useful contact me, VIA My name is Advent3511
Babylon 16 | 192
16 Feb 2007 #5
You need help from the citizens of KRAKÓW - Krakowianie please help them!
Rayski - | 1
27 May 2009 #6
My last name is Swierczynski. Can any one tell me its derivation? Does it indicate the place from which a person came? Is it derived from the Polish word for cricket...swierszcz?

My father's parents came from Plock.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
28 May 2009 #7
No, that would have to be Świerszczyński. The root of Świerczyński i świerk (spruce).

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