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Just found out I'm Polish!

Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
3 Feb 2011 #31
names that are similar to Wilson.

thats what I was thinkin, Wilczynski? etc.. the naturalizations too are good..

I was thinking the family history center, mormons might be more help, they
have a different database online now that is more useful then the old website.

hope she has luck,

I apologize for my moment, just tired of the drama surrounding why we all enjoy
our hobbys of researching our family.. same as when people like to build model cars
or make quilts.. it doesnt mold our lives, but that is what people accuse you of just because
you make a effort to trace your roots.. you ask for help it should be there, offered up
same as they would appreciate help if they needed it.

anyways,, nite and peace
Ashleys mind 3 | 455
3 Feb 2011 #32
Okay let's look at how a man named Wilson in Texas who lived a hundred years ago entitles someone to think they're Polish... :S

I'm JUST being honest.

But I'll leave it now...

I'm sentimental about cynicism...

It is a lovely discovery and I wish you all the best....

I'm sorry about your uncle by the way...
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
3 Feb 2011 #33
I'm here to chat with *people*,

ok but its a polishforum, you can chat with people in any forum right.. righttttttttttttt

Is there a rule about not praising perceived Polishness every damn day

no one said you had to praise anything, I was helping someone who asked a question
and you made a smart arse comment I responded to by calling you a dork because you
were trying to be sarcastic..

what is the point of being sarcastic towards people who like to research, do you stop
people in your town and ask them if they are reseaching so you can make them feel
like shyt because they arent like you???

your point of view is just that, we dont care ashley,, keep your smartarse comments
to yourself or someone is going to tell you off..

its a public forum, but its also a place for people to learn, and your trying to hinder
that by jumping in and making dumb comments.. but hey, if you want to look bad
go for it.. right.. after all, its ashlesy mind
OP Coshomre 1 | 1
10 Feb 2011 #34
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I've searched and searched on my own. I see that they "arrived" in 1871 from a census in Texas in 1900 but other than that, nothing. They are listed as "Wilson". My father's older siblings have all passed and apparently only one knew! No one to speak on that paperwork etc. It will be hard, they were migrant workers and moved around. I just hoped I might run into someone with a common interest, like I did with other ancestors on

To those of you who goofed on me, I'm thick skinned, I'm not insulted.

To those of you trying to find dates here....geez, let's not make the misconceptions about being polish sound like they're true! :)

From the 1900 census, here's what it shows:

I've found no death records or anything else on any of the above.

JK_TX - | 23
10 Feb 2011 #35
First, it's most likely your ancestor was actually (first) named 'Casimir'.
Since they came to Texas, the most likely Port would have been Galveston and it might be possible to look at those records and get lucky.

Another thing, the Polish communities in South Texas are in the same general vicinity so if you know where they lived it might be possible to check the Parish records and see if anything comes up.

Being that they changed the surname it's going to be very difficult but not impossible.
Also, the South Texas Poles came from most of the same Parishes in Southern Silesia so if you get lucky and figure out the proper surname it should be fairly easy to track further back.

Don't know if I helped much- but I wish you luck in your genealogical pursuits.
10 Feb 2011 #36
From the 1900 census, here's what it shows:

Those are very much Polish names, that is for sure. Well, apart from the Wilson part.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,602
10 Feb 2011 #38
Shewolf correctly pointed out that many Poles settled in and around Galveston. Other settlements included "Texas towns of Cestohowa, Kosciusko, Falls City, Polonia, New Waverly, Brenham, Marlin, Bremond, Anderson, Bryan, and Chappell Hill."
19 Jan 2016 #39
Help! I just found out I'm Polish and I don't know what to do! One day I want to go to Warsaw because on Google Maps it looks like a cracking place. Maybe I could make a cone graph about things in Poland because cone graphs are the best way to represent all sorts of datas. I will learn Polish and mingle with all of the other Poles. When I hear jokes about Polish people I get so mad, and now I know why - I'm one of them! I am so happy and now I can live my life knowing where I have come from - Thank you, Poland.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
19 Jan 2016 #40
" Help! I just found out I'm Polish and I don't know what to do! "

jon357 71 | 21,105
19 Jan 2016 #41
Get a bad hairdo, buy a copy of "101 ways to ruin pork", close all windows to avoid the dangers of fresh air and most of all, move the bin under the sink.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
19 Jan 2016 #42
jokes about Polish people

Why are Polack jokes so short? - So the idiots who tell them can remember them!
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
19 Jan 2016 #43
most of all, move the bin under the sink.

what is wrong with having the bin under the sink? isn't that normal? ...:D
jon357 71 | 21,105
19 Jan 2016 #44
isn't that normal? ...:D

In Poland, certainly although it's seen by some as a rather inelegant habit. Having said that, there's a lot of head scratching now we have to segregate everything and multi section ones (which don't fit under the sink) are more popular.

I wonder if the lady who's just discovered she's 'Polish' (maybe the tooth fairy left a passport under her pillow) realises that she now has to replace her pillows with square ones, throw out her carpets, have her home repainted in white or yellow (only one coat!) and move her washing machine into the bathroom.

Plus divest her fridge of anything that tastes of much, buy an annoying yappy doglet and lock it indoors all day (plus let it crap in the street when she does take it out) and buy a metal front door with half a dozen locks, only half of which she has a key for.

And she'll have to go round her home detaching the light fittings (throw away any subtle ones) from the ceiling so they have a gap of a couple of inches.

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