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Need copy of my father's passport. Does Polish archives have these records?

helcha 3 | 10
22 May 2010 #1
I am applying for Polish citizenship and need documents to prove my father's citizenship. I know my father was issued a passport in Sandomierz on March 1, 1926. I have the number of his passport.

Does anyone know how I can get a copy or proof of this passport? Do I write to the Archives office in Sandomierz?

Thanks so much for any help!
richasis 1 | 420
22 May 2010 #2
Do I write to the Archives office in Sandomierz?

You can always phone or email, as well :)

Administrative Offices:
Urząd Miejski w Sandomierzu
Plac Poniatowskiego 3
27-600 Sandomierz
Tel. 015 644 01 00
Fax. 015 644 01 01

Registry Office:
Urząd Stanu Cywilnego
Rynek 1
27-600 Sandomierz
Tel. 015 644 01 35 015 644 01 01

Archives Office:
Archiwum Państwowe w Kielcach
Żydowska 4
27-600 Sandomierz
Tel. 015 832 25 09
OP helcha 3 | 10
22 May 2010 #3
wow! that was so fast and so helpful!

Thanks very much!
richasis 1 | 420
22 May 2010 #4
You're Welcome. I successfully completed this process myself! :) FWIW, if you're just starting out, here is an EXCELLENT resource:
OP helcha 3 | 10
22 May 2010 #5

I submitted my application in April and just received a letter from the Warsaw office. They are asking if I have a copy of my dad's passport. I have 2 months to provide this and other information and they say they will make a decision at the end of July.

I am surprised this is happening so quickly, perhaps the answer will be "no" as I have read that many people wait 1-3 years.

I didn't provide my father's birth records in my application as he became a Canadian citizen during the Communist period and I had assumed that he lost his Polish citizenship. So I was applying through my mother's documentation. They have asked for a copy of his birth record and I do have it. I just have to get a certified translation done from Russian to Polish.

How long did it take you to get your confirmation of Polishi citizenship?
richasis 1 | 420
23 May 2010 #6
Hi Helcha -

Given the nature and time-frame of your case, I would suggest you post at the other forum that I recommended above.
The person who may be able to help you out most is a gentleman with the handle (name) of 'poland how'. He's Good!
You may want to post there what you posted here - someone is bound to answer you fairly quickly. It's worth the wait.
As for me, I began the process of acquiring documents a few years ago and, with a Warsaw attorney, finished in 1 year.
Hang in there and don't be discouraged. From what I've seen / read, stranger things have happened. Par for the course.

Keep Me Posted and Good Luck! - Rich :)

PS: The issue of your father obtaining Canadian citizenship amounts to WHEN. He may NOT have lost his Polish citizenship.
The Polish Citizenship Acts of 1920, 1951, and 1962 can be found at the links below, respectively.
OP helcha 3 | 10
23 May 2010 #7
Hi Rich

Yes, I hear you!! When I started this process of gathering personal data and records for my parents I didn't even know my mom's birth date or place of birth. There were no "papers" in our house and if my parents had brought any records from Poland they were long gone. So I have gathered quite a bit of family history over these 2.5 years and been able to share with the rest of my family and of course my children.

I will post on the other website. My Dad became a citizen in 1932. The Warsaw office is also wondering if he was ever in the Canadian army or reserve.

Thanks again for your help and the links to the Citizenship Act !!!!

The journey continues :-)

2 Nov 2016 #8

I also need a copy of my grandfather's passport. I know it was issued in Wolkowski on January 27th, 1926 (I don't have the number), but though it was part of Poland at the time, it's now part of Belarus.

Anyone know if there'd be a copy or archive of it or where to look / who to contact?

Thank you!

nigdyniewiadomo - | 1
19 Jul 2017 #9

Trying to locate archive copy of grandfather's Polish passport

My grandfather emigrated to the US in 1926 at the age of 15.

I'm trying to confirm PL citizenship. I've found his birth certificate (through a cousin going to archives in Gruszowiec) and baptism records, but I'm not sure where to ask her to go to look for an archive copy of the passport.

Would anyone happen to know where this could be found?

Thanks in advance!

Home / Genealogy / Need copy of my father's passport. Does Polish archives have these records?
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