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Obtaining Records from churches and archives in Poland (other than email)

KristenMH 2 | 15
12 Mar 2010 #1
To make a long story short, I haven't had much luck emailing churches and archives in Poland. (In other countries, I've gotten the information I needed simply by translating my request and sending an email.)

What is the best way to submit a research request? Is snail mail the best way? Is it laughable to even ask if payment is required in advance?

I'm interested specifically in the city of Tarnow.

Thank you for your advice!

plk123 8 | 4,138
12 Mar 2010 #2
do you translate your correspondence? if it isn't in polish, i guarantee it hits the rubbish bin immediately. the other thing is that they may not really get what you are after. it seems the best way to obtain archival info in poland is to do it in person.

hope others have better advice but you may also do some searching of these forums as there is a lot of info on this topic in here.

good luck
OP KristenMH 2 | 15
13 Mar 2010 #3
Yes, I've been using Google's translator as well as the one on I think I haven't been specific enough. Of course, I'm only emailing because I didn't find anything about research requests on the Web site.

Right now I'm trying to identify his exact place of birth. There are numerous villages by the name of Tarnów and Rzeczyca.

Thank you!
frd 7 | 1,399
13 Mar 2010 #4
You can try entering the surname in here :

Press "szukaj" ( search ) it might help you narrowing your search it finds areas with biggest densities of the surname occurrences.

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