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BIALIK / Bialek, Kotecki, Witucki, Ezdebski Families - Jaslo and Poznan

Semsem 16 | 26
28 Dec 2009 #1
Wondering if anyone knows of any churches in Jaslo or Poznan. (Or if there is anyone related to the families)

Done some searches...can't find much.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
28 Dec 2009 #2
Not sure what you're looking for, but I know of Kotecki family in Mieścisko, near Wągrowiec, which has been there for generations. There is a church in Mieścisko, which should have the baptismal records.
OP Semsem 16 | 26
15 Aug 2010 #3
Merged: Polish Name - Bialik

Okay, so, from Wikipedia,
Surname masculine "Plural masculine or both masculine and feminine" Surname feminine Plural feminine
Kowalski Kowalscy Kowalska Kowalskie
Wilk Wilkowie --- (Wilkówna, Wilkowa) --- (Wilkówne, Wilkowe)
Zięba Ziębowie --- (Ziębianka, Ziębina, new: Ziębówna, Ziębowa) --- (Ziębianki, Ziębiny, new: Ziębówny, Ziębowe)

So...going off of "Wilk" as ending in a "k" as Bialik does, would it go...
Bialik Bialikowie --- (Bialikówna, Bialikowa) --- (Bialikówne, Bialikowe)?

Or would it be something else? So, would it be right to say the "Bialikowie" family? And, why is it that I've heard that the proper plural is "Bialika"?

peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,095
15 Aug 2010 #4
So, would it be right to say the "Bialikowie" family?

Adam Bialik i Ewa Bialik.
Rodzina Bialików przyjechała tydzień temu.
Bialikowie kupili sobie nowe auto.

And, why is it that I've heard that the proper plural is "Bialika"?

niebardzo proper :)
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
16 Aug 2010 #5
'Bialika' is OK as acc. sing as in 'Widziałem Bialika'.

BIALIK: Basic root biał~biel (whiteness), could have origianted as a descriptive for soemone with white-blond hair or a topo nick for an inhabitant of Biała, Białka, Białki or similar.
OP Semsem 16 | 26
19 Aug 2010 #6
I'm aware of the origin of the name, and my Bialik's weren't from those areas (at least, since the middle ages).

What I'm curious about is what the singular and plural are. And, depending on whether the crowd is mixed, or all male or all female, etc. Or, if there's something better online that explains this.

And, I know that names ending in "ski", for instance Komorowski, I've seen them used in sentences as Komorowskiego (imagining it is being used in the genitive), but what would the same be for Bialik (since it doesn't have the "ski")?

Merged: Bialik - surname. Coats of Arms and Requests.

I hope I've put this in the right forum...probably should be two separate threads, but I want to condense.

A little info: Bialik - surname. I was told that the family is/was noble, bearing a coat of arms that was red with three things on them forming a point with a goat on top. I think that resembles the Jelita coat of arms the best. The Bialik's have the name origin in Biały, which became Białyk, which became Białik, and finally Bialik. But, from stuff I've now found on wikipedia, there are two coats of arms (names I don't recall right now) that had Biały's...but Jelita doesn't. Jelita does have several whose names are similar to Bialik and from a Jewish Surname Origin book it says that they stemmed from Bialik. The Jews also adopted the name, forming the Jewish Bialik's and the Polish ones (Chaim Bialik, the famous poet, belongs to the Jewish one). So...a question, is it possible that the family does have Jelita, or not? And really anything else anyone could tell me about the name would be appreciated.

And, another request, again, hope this is in the right spot...the Bialik's came from the Jasło area, and there is an Air Conditioning factory(?) or business(?) or something there today. I've sent emails, to no avail. Sent a letter, but not sure if it got there or if there has been a reply (with Polish post being not the best I read), so, I was wondering if any person in Poland would be so kind as to call them on my behalf and try to get some line of communication going. I'd be more than happy to provide the number from their website, but I think it best to not post it right yet or maybe it's best to send it via a private message, I don't know.

Anyway, gladly awaiting any help. Thanks in advance.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
5 Sep 2011 #7
My sources state that no Bialik ever achieved szlachta status. However, there were nobles amongst the members of the Białek family entitled to identify with teh Przerowa c-o-a.
OP Semsem 16 | 26
6 Sep 2011 #8
Well, I know no Bialik's were ennobled, but I know Biały's were (as per Wiki) and if I understand hereditary inheritance and whatnot, since my Biały's became Białyk, then Białik, and finally Bialik, over the centuries, then that would mean that although the name evolved, the c-o-a was still inherited, would it not have been?
zipper86 - | 1
20 Sep 2012 #9
Merged: Seeking biological mother, Bozena Bialek

Looking to get in contact with my biological mother...

Mother: Bozena Bialek (name on birth certificate)
Father: (Worked for the Ministry of Agriculture in Poland)
Country: Poland
Township: northeast part of Wolomin Poviat
District: Gminy ???
Community: Strachówka
Street: Krawcowina 16

7th child, Tomasz Bialek
8th child, Ewa Bialek

She should be approximately 45-55 years of age. To my knowledge, was not married.

I don't have the names of the other children. But we were 7th & 8th child she had and was adopted in Siedlce, place of birth was Wegrow.

greatly appreciate the help.
3 Jun 2014 #10
My grandfather, Piotr Bialik, was born in Jasło, Poland. His father was a commanding officer in the Polish Army and just happened to be stationed there when my grandpa was born. He came with his parents to the US, Michigan, when he was only a few months old. Most of my Bialik relatives are in the Cleveland, Ohio area, but my dad, Jack Bialik, came to California in 1951 when he and my mom got married and I was born 9 months later. My husband and I visited Jasło a few years ago and there really is not anything of too much interest there. It is rather near Krakow, and it's an easy day trip from there. I looked at a Jasło phone book to find any Bialiks, but didn't find any. We did see a trucking company name that was Białek and our family thinks the spelling was changed by immigration officials when they arrived in the US. Our family is not Jewish, but is of the Catholic faith.

Leslie Bialik
27 Dec 2015 #11
Recently restarted Bialik genealogy. Ancestors (and living cousins) from Jasło & area (Ociek Jasielski). Semsem, if you are still out there, & Realrockergirl I cannot PM you yet (this is my first post).
28 Dec 2015 #12
I cannot PM you yet (this is my first post).

You will need to register and become a member to send PM's.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
28 Dec 2015 #13
Jasło, Poland

BIALIK: root-word biały (white); roughly translatable as Whitey, Whitely, Whitman, Whiting, etc. Of the some 1,700 Bialiks in Poland 38 now live in Jasło.
Atrom - | 6
28 Dec 2015 #14
Bialik genealogy

Maybe this will help:
11 Jan 2016 #15
Yes, I am registered, but upon registering, it said I needed 2 successful forum posts to PM other members. Maybe this will be #2.
12 Jan 2016 #16
Hello all and help! (A pivo or two for anyone who can educate me. Free maple syrup for anything beyond that):
My Polish-born father died fifteen years ago, and always maintained he was born in Warszawa in 1929, was conscripted to Organization Todt in 1943 and sent to labour in Finland, from where he ended up in Norway after the war and married my mother.

He said his birth name was Aleksander Marian Jadach, which mistakenly became Jadah on his Norwegian papers. He maintained his mother's name was Anna, and his father a Polish army engineer named Roman.

But after two years of Internet search, I cannot find any such people in Polish records. (I took him to Poland in 1977, and I'm sure I visited a grave and saw an ANNA JADACH tombstone, but that doesn't turn up anywhere now either.)

Any little hint or tidbit or education would help me.

Thank You. Sto lat!

Apologies if I have stupidly hijacked someone else's thread here.
I am a computer fossil, and will try to place my query properly elsewhere.

- Robert
K Witucki
18 Feb 2022 #17
Witucki is my last name. Origin is from what part of Poland?

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