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Ruzycki and Marciniuk families research

12 Nov 2013 #1
Searching for Rużycki (great grandfather) and Marciniuk (maiden name of great grandmother, and not "Marciniak," which I know is more common). They have origin "Galicia" on their paperwork from Ellis Island.

I've been researching my family tree on ancestry for two years and I've yet to get anywhere with my Polish side. My great grandfather's name was Aleksander Ruzycki, born 1882 in Austria (Galicia). He married Tekla (called Tessie) Marciniuk, and they immigrated to the US around 1910 and had many children who all spelled the last name Ruzycki. If anything can be known about either of their heritages, I would be so happy to find it.
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5 Apr 2015 #2
Are you sure the first name reads: Ruzycki? It has probably derived from the Polish word 'róża' (rose). In Polish, such words are supposed to use the 'ó' instead of 'u.' On the other hand, if it's related to a Polish person from the US, I'd not be surprised there is a spelling mistake there ;). Regarding Marciniuk, no idea (other than it could derive from the first Polish name "Marcin" - "Martin").
13 Oct 2021 #3
Alex and Tek were my great grandparents. Steve, Joe, Alex, George, Charlie were their boys. Charlie always said his mother, Tekla was born in Kiev.

Also, regarding our last name, Charlie said that his dad didn't know how to spell it in English when he arrived. He was asked the spelling and the intake person wrote down their best interpretation of how Alex pronounced his surname. Charlie also said that his father was not ethnically Polish.

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