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Confusion over flour names in Poland

PennBoy 76 | 2,437
5 Jun 2011 #31
coarse-grained wheat flour
9 Oct 2012 #32
what polish flour is the closest to our ap flour??
Appleby 1 | 25
9 Oct 2012 #33
All-purpose flour contains 0.55% ash and therefore it is the same as the Polish "typ 550" (or luksusowa).
Varsovian 92 | 634
9 Oct 2012 #34
My wife bakes a lot - cakes and bread (bread machines are good news). You have to look carefully at the number, as that gives you the info you probably need. Names can be confusing.
jon357 63 | 15,214
9 Oct 2012 #35
bread machines are good news)

The texture is never the same. And a decent mixer + an oven with a timer does it so much better.
8 Mar 2013 #36
the self rising flour don't have yeast it has baking powder so u don't need to add any more baking powder. I think personal it's conveinient.
13 Apr 2013 #37
Hello guys. Please help me where to buy cream of tartar in poland. Or whats the polish name for it? Thanks.
13 Apr 2013 #38
Or whats the polish name for it

according to Polish Wikipedia it is something called E336 or wodorowinian potasu (potassium bitartrate). Apparently it is a component of a baking powder.
13 Jan 2015 #39
Merged: what is the Polish equivalent of plain flour?

I want to make shortcrust pastry but dont know what flour to use, any help would be appreciated
kpc21 1 | 763
13 Jan 2015 #40
For shortcrust pastry (ciasto kruche) the best is mąka krupczatka. But other types will be also OK. In Poland there is many different kinds of flour ("mąka") and they all are the plain flour. Different is the content of minerals (you will find on the package something called "typ" - the higher it is, the darker is the flour, whole-wheat flour is of the type of even 2000, while standard flour is something between 400 and 600) and grain size (krupczatka has bigger grains than the other types).

According to Wikipedia:

Flour that does not have a leavening agent is called plain or all-purpose flour.

So practically each flour sold in Poland will satisfy this condition. We don't have anything like flour with leavening agent. Or, at least, I haven't met anything like this in Polish shops. We just add baking powder or baking soda during the process of preparing a cake :)
29 Apr 2020 #41
Can I use maka pszenna for scones
Atch 17 | 3,222
29 Apr 2020 #42
Yes you can, it's regular, ordinary flour made from wheat.

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