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Good Polish "chrupki" recipe?

aotd 1 | 2
8 Jan 2010 #1
Hello Everyone, Does anyone have a good chrupki recipe? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
strzyga 2 | 993
9 Jan 2010 #2
Does anyone have a good chrupki recipe?

what kind of chrupki do you have in mind?
FredChopin - | 61
9 Jan 2010 #3
Are we talking about the chemically inflated corn treat? I think you need one of those expensive heated extrusion machines.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
9 Jan 2010 #4
They do come in different flavours

OP aotd 1 | 2
9 Jan 2010 #5
dziękuję, ale Ja nie zna polskiego (Mam nadzieję, że prawo) dziękuję
Thanks for all the info, I thought it was homemade but it looks more like a processed snack. Thanks!
laskazpolski - | 1
9 Jan 2010 #6

You should buy something similar to : add w3

You should fry it in oil in 180 degrees, to the moment of come to the top of light yellow snacks.
You can check the temperature by throwing couple of snacks to the boiling oil and when they grow up in few seconds you can throw to the oil some more of them.

Don't throw too many snacks at once.

Sorry for my english:)
OP aotd 1 | 2
9 Jan 2010 #7
Thanks SO much for your effort! I will try it!!!!
Dziękuję wam za wysiłek

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