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Polish Golabki (Golomki) Recipe

19 Nov 2009 #31
Here's how my Polish Grandma made them in Langenburg, Saskatchewan......sour cabbage heads; mixture of onions (don't scrimp); ground pork; bacon; somewhat cooked but almost uncooked rice; plenty of ground pepper, a layer of the unused leaves in the bottom of an enamal covered pot and fill with water, simmer on stovetop (she still used a woodstove) for about two hours. No tomato sauce on these the sour heads create the tang, my friends.
22 Feb 2010 #32
Oh, you are sooo right! I love these! Mom did in '96 and I'm just now trying to make them again!
26 Aug 2011 #33
Thank you!!
CoachPaul - | 7
1 May 2012 #34
I'm giving it my first go this weekend. All of these different recipes helped for me to do my own fusion (I'll probably add a little cayenne pepper).

1 May 2012 #35
Without tomato sauce, they're almost indistinguishable from Greek dolmades.

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