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Can i buy Worcester sauce here in Wroclaw?

23 May 2014 #1
im cooking for some friends and i need wochester sauce for the recipie can i get it here in wroclaw??
jon357 63 | 14,690
23 May 2014 #2
Worcester, not wochester. Kuchnie Swiata in Magnolia Park should stock it, however if the Rynek is nearer for you, have a look in the Kuchnia Swiata branch in Renoma first, just in case.
OP reeceh135
23 May 2014 #3
thanks very much :D
23 May 2014 #4
Kuchnia Swiata should stock it, but they will charge a lot for it. A cheaper bet will be Marks & Spencer (in Arkady Wroclawskie at ul. Powstańców Śląskich 2-4, apparently).

Home / Food / Can i buy Worcester sauce here in Wroclaw?
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