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Can you buy HP Sauce in Poland?

17 Jan 2015 #1
Sorry if this has been asked before but does anyone know if you can buy HP sauce over here?
JollyRomek 7 | 481
17 Jan 2015 #2
This one?
OP Webkot
17 Jan 2015 #3
Cheers Jollyromek, will check it out
jon357 71 | 21,107
17 Jan 2015 #4
You don't say which city you're in, however Kuchnie Świata (Warsaw and a few other places) has it, as does (in Warsaw) MiniEuropa.
OP Webkot
19 Jan 2015 #5
Hi Jon357
My closest city is Wrocław but its about 2hrs away, Im closer to the German border Bolesławiec way
jon357 71 | 21,107
19 Jan 2015 #6
There's a Kuchnie Świata in Wrocław (ul. Legnica 58 according to their website. Looks like you're half way between Wrocław and Dresden (a good bet too).

Probably the best thing is to stock up next time you're in Wrocław. There are a few other goodies in that shop, but it isn't especially cheap.

This might be a better bet:,-brazowy-sos-HP-285g-HP-Original-Sauce-Classic-285g/277
(11.99 zl). These guys even have Camp Coffee!!

Also here:,Oryginalny_sos_stolowy_255_g_HP.html
irishlodz 1 | 135
20 Jan 2015 #7
Piotr i Pawel have some HP sauces too, Likely closer to you. I'm not sure if the offer the original but I remember seeing the

these guys distribute I think.
OP Webkot
20 Jan 2015 #8
Hi Jon357
Many thanks for the info, am heading back to UK soon so will prob get a couple of catering sized bottles then! but is great to know there are places here in case we run low even if the prices are a bit steep. Cheers

Thanks Irishlodz, the more shops the merrier, its the only thing we cant do without!
20 Jan 2015 #9
This might be a better bet:

Everything at that shop is horribly expensive.
For an extra three zloty you can get nearly twice as much on Allegro

Piotr i Pawel have some HP sauces too

M&S do a brown sauce that is perfectly acceptable and only about 6zl a bottle.

But the mutt's nuts when it comes to brown sauce is this one:

Brown sauce

Sadly it's an 'Amazon only' job in Poland.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
20 Jan 2015 #10
Brown sauce

Haven't tried that but anything Wilkin's makes is superb, e.g. their "Little Scarlet" strawberry jam.
20 Jan 2015 #11
anything Wilkin's makes is superb

I've got their chilli mustard and East Anglian hot mustard at the top of my list of things to bring back from the UK. Things which used to be unavailable for love or money, such as Marmite and HP sauce, can now be easily sourced from Allegro but Wilkin & Sons products are still impossible to find here.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
20 Jan 2015 #12
Jon, from what I know Mini Europa has closed down - at least the ones on Plac Wilsona and Bonifraterska.
Anyway the prices they charged....good riddance.
OP Webkot
20 Jan 2015 #13
My hubby is a HP Sauce man, he has tried Daddys, M&S,and Sainsburys own brands and a few others but always goes back to HP!

I had a bit of a buying frenzy just before Christmas in Wroclaw M&S food section and was lucky that my sister sent me some Quality Street, not Christmas without them. Weird the main things we seem to miss about the UK is food!
cold outsude
20 Jan 2015 #14
Many people will say the wonderful thing about Poland is the quality of the food.

Have you tried making your own 'Brown sauce' try
OP Webkot
20 Jan 2015 #15
Dont get me wrong, there is lots of food we really enjoy in Poland. My hubby has eaten Polish food all of his childhood and beyond but you are bound to miss some things, same as a Pole would if they moved to another country.

After recently making 38lts of vinegar which should have been red wine Im not sure making my own HP Sauce is wise. Shall leave it to the professionals. But thanks for the suggestion.
jon357 71 | 21,107
20 Jan 2015 #16
Mini Europa closed! That must have been over the past few weeks since I'm sure it was there in pl. Wilsona when I last went past.

As for Polish food (and Eastern European cuisine in general), it's hearty and has some interesting surprises like the soups but disappointingly bland if you're used to British food - the same few ingredients cropping up. Poles in the UK like things from home that suit their taste and vice versa - hence the increasing amount of British foodstuff on sale. Marks and Spencer's food hall in Warsaw seems to have a mainly Polish clientele though, so perhaps people are catching on to it - the bakery especially.

Making brown sauce though is fiddly. Tabasco is easy enough to make, providing everything's sterile, however brown sauces like HP and Yorkshire Relish are products of the industrial revolution and don't lend themselves well to making at home. Better to stock up in the UK or Germany.
OP Webkot
20 Jan 2015 #17
Thanks Jon357
I agree, I am a convert to the soups here and also think the pork is excellent. But Carp - nope, cant be doing with that - unless someone can convince me otherwise!

I shall be heading to Makro to top up on HP when I go back
sobieski 107 | 2,128
20 Jan 2015 #18
Mini Europa closed! That must have been over the past few weeks since I'm sure it was there in pl. Wilsona when I last went past.

For sure since some time = few months. There is a Rossmann store now in its place.
MIPK - | 69
20 Jan 2015 #19
Piotr and Pawel near me has it, & I'm down in the SE corner of Poland. I also remember Makro having it as well at one point.
OP Webkot
20 Jan 2015 #20
Thank you everyone for your answers, you've been very helpful

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