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Cabbage In Tomato Sauce (Polish dish) - bigos?

Tesia711 1 | -
3 Apr 2010 #1
Mom used to make shredded cabbage on the stove in a tomato sauce. I think there was pork fat, onions and I am not sure what else. Anybody ever had this and know the recipe.
1jola 14 | 1,879
3 Apr 2010 #2
You must be thinking of bigos.
ender 5 | 398
3 Apr 2010 #3
there is a lot of different cabbage. You van cook cabbage with meat or without (pork needs to be fried previously). Shred cabbage cook with salt, bay leaf, allspices berry, peppercorn add fried pork, add tomato pure. when serving fresh chopped dill is welcome. It's can be eaten with bread or mashed potato.

as a side dish it should be without meat same as modra kapusta or cooked white cabbage (no tomatoes)
plk123 8 | 4,148
3 Apr 2010 #4
when serving fresh chopped dill is welcome.

you know i love my dill but this doesn't sound like a place for this herb at all.. some people just way over do it. this is definitely an instance of that. no dill with cabbage especially if there are greasy meats involved.

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