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Partnership to introduce new products in Poland

akresti 2 | 4
30 Jan 2013 #1
Dear all,
Good Afternoon.

Looking for polish business partners interested to make partnerships to introduce brazilian products in Poland (coffee, guarana, açai, etc.)

Those who are interested, please, send me a private message. Many ideas running.....


peterek - | 1
9 Feb 2013 #2
Hello Arthur

Send to me more info about your business and products.

Best Regards
Michalsky - | 4
4 Apr 2013 #3
Please send me more information on
OP akresti 2 | 4
25 Sep 2015 #4
Merged: Looking For Business Partners In Poland

Hi there.

I am looking for a business partner in Poland - preferable.

Preferably Warsaw or Krakow.

I am considering to open a business related to Food.

I am particularly interested in Poland because my wife is Polish. She deserves some time in her Country and next to her family!

Thank you

DominicB - | 2,707
25 Sep 2015 #5
In the almost two years that you have been (very, very) sporadically posting here, you have provided exactly zero useful information about yourself, your qualifications, your experience, your resources or your plans that might possibly pique the interest of a possible collaborator, except, now, that you have a Polish wife, which, while important, is nowhere near the top of the list of things that potential want and need to know. There is absolutely nothing that distinguishes your "plan" from any old silly, impractical fantasy, or you from any other silly joker with pie-in-the-sky pipe dreams.

Brevity may be the soul of wit, but definitely not in this case. If you do have a realistic plan and serious qualifications, experience and resources that you'll need to fulfill it, for cries ache, elaborate on them in abundant detail if you want to capture anyone's serious interest.
OP akresti 2 | 4
25 Sep 2015 #6
I am sorry I did not bring details.

I have not receive any previous contact from you - otherwise I would have provided you with all information you need!

I would be happy to share some detailed information with you (i) if you do live in Poland; and (ii) if you are an investor like me and/or are interested to have a business partner.

Feel free to contact me via PM to discuss business strategies, investment values, locations, targets, niche, products, etc.

Thank you for your response.

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