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My polish girlfriend has changed following death of dad..

Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
30 Apr 2008 /  #151
I dont know what happened to the above post, but it was not directed at
eddie19 in that form .

as for his GF I said it before , I do hope things are not what they seem. we
are on a forum not actually knowing these people its very easy to just make
assumptions and be on with it, but of course people with real concern and passion will respond and try to help and thats ok, we all do what we have to

in our lives to help others.. I am sure each and everyone who posted in here
came in with good intentions..

hopefully again..they united as they were and she found some comfort in
having his presence in her life to help her heal her loss. we all know things
like this make us crazy and sometimes we dont think properly and with that
I have compassion, but I will stick with my feelings on how people do take
from others and take advantage and unfortunately in my opinion accepting
something so meaningful deserves some thought.. would you or would you not
accept a gift fully knowing that you will be taking from someone who lives and
breathes for your every moment and you are not feeling these mutual feelings?

my answer is no.. this is why people become so angry after you break up
because they feel taken advantage of. so the circle never ends..

Eddie19 I wish you all the best and hope everything is well again.
JuliePotocka 5 | 188  
30 Apr 2008 /  #152
You think you KNOW ME!? That 'hotshot producer' proposed to me, stole my heart...he had a best friend die, so I let him have time to cope...took him back 6 months later. Why ELSE would I date him a second round? I was in LOVE!! Why else would I bring it up? Similar circumstance - thank you for making small of my circumstance.

And the turkey still pines over that belt, though we dated over 10 years least I have the continuous last laugh with him.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
30 Apr 2008 /  #153
You think you KNOW ME!?

that is why I wrote the above.. and said its easy to make assumptions
for everyone.. its a public forum and you gave a brief description of your
relationship.. you said a gift is a gift.. but I disagree when it comes to
situations like he described.. she came back and she knew she wasnt
going to stay with him , she was pushing him away.

she should have stepped up to the plate and said, I am sorry that this gift
you bought is way to much, and I do not feel the same as you do now.
I need space to figure out my life.. she knew, and she still took it. to me thats

we all know gifts are gifts, but we all know also that people take advantage
of people.. its part of the truth of life and I cant stand people like this.. because
they are only out to hurt others..I have watched my friends give, someone they
really care about, and only to be shot down.. and this gift was given with every
ounce of their heart. but they took their heart and trashed it.

thats where I am coming from.

thank you for making small of my circumstance.

you took the post wrong. I said I think any person.. I didnt say I think you!!
I was explaining my thoughts on the situation. and still will say that I think
the same.. any gift that is so expensive and is such a huge gift like a necklace
shouldnt be kept on false pretense.. she knew she was going to end it.
she shouldnt accept something like that with no feelings for him at all.

I couldnt even wear a necklace like that with the subconsious thought always
there of how I took it and it meant nothing to me but did to that other person.
thats nothing but false and lies.

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