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Indian moved to Poland

31 Oct 2007 /  #181
Hi i am Amin , i live in Poland in Troun , i need help can u find for me any indian cook , i planing to open indian restaurant in torun. pls contact with me as soon as Can

my nummber is +48692146112
my e-mail : anonto90@yahoo
31 Oct 2007 /  #182
hello Amin............ I will try to find a cook for you. plz give me few days i will let you know..few days ago i met one cook but he is not free now.he just start work in one indian resturent...any way i will try...cya
31 Oct 2007 /  #183
hey Amin, I live in Kuyawa Pomorska myself.. I met an Indian cook who had just finished his contract in Gdansk and was looking for a job in Warsaw...I will post his number here and you can call him up.. He is from Dehradun I think. Watch out for the next post.. post the address of your Indian cafe and I will drop by for some biryani sometime...and bring some friends too...ha ha
sammy_warsaw - | 1  
2 Nov 2007 /  #184
Namastey (hello,Czesc) to Everybody here .....:) I am Indian living in Warsaw from last 3 years.....enjoying here

if someone want to talk with me he/she is most welcome....i can write Polish but little bit with mistakes also....i can speak ....understanding much...thanks
3 Nov 2007 /  #185
Hello anybody

can help me to call to india with less money.
there is any Telephone card system in poland if yes where can we buy the telephone cards
4 Nov 2007 /  #186
yes buddy you can find telephone cards from post office most famous one is TELEPIN CARD and gives u lot of time to chat.Also guys if anyone is looking for any business in poland i would like to be a sleeping partner.Pls email me at thx
5 Nov 2007 /  #187
hi,i am ruppy from india ,now i want moved poland for futhure education and for earning preprous before country will be sanigan is it possible and please suggest any good consltant.thanks
5 Nov 2007 /  #188
i want to know that one year work permit visa for poland can be extendable

hi,i am ruppy,plz i want ans my if anybody know,my question at above plz plz me as soon as possible..


i hope so that it will be in sanigan from 21st december...there is no work in poland.If you want to go any other country then it will be good option........

for any more information u can call me on this name is Harry....
7 Nov 2007 /  #189

i hope so that it will be in sanigan from 21st december...there is no work in poland.If you want to go any other country then it will be good option........

for any more information u can call me on this name is Harry....
7 Nov 2007 /  #190
Firstlly thanks for reply me.why u say like this, after sanigan there is no work in it can be possible,i will do anything any type of hard work over thier becouse i have major region move to poland,even i going to apply within 3 or 4 days plz suggest me rightly plz plz plz.......................
farooq - | 6  
7 Nov 2007 /  #191
hi everybody just i registered in this forum and i have been through lot of threads i am from south india and i am coming to poland on temperory resident permit on which i can work as well. so my question is are there any software jobs(IT) around krakow or wroclaw especially in uk/usa companies as i cant speak polish and will it be easy to get a job there,how is the demand for IT jobs for those who cant speak polish .please let me know guys thanks for ur info in advance.
7 Nov 2007 /  #192
Hi there farooq,

Glad to get your info... and witamy v Polska.. I am a bit confused about your visa status. I am here in Poland also on work permit... and do I infer that you have the same visa status as me. Most of my colleagues are Britons or Scandinavians and so they need residency cards after a year's stay in Poland.

When you say residence permit with a right to work..does that mean you are landed immigrant like in Canada... Are you married to a Polish national or have Polish a Polish father or mother... I have met quite a few of half Indian Poles in North india... mostly teachers or social workers.. and they speak Hindi fluently.. Anyway good luck with your ob hunt and new life in Central Europe. You should contact Indian IT companies in India as a number of them have opened offices in Wroclaw and Krakow... and you should do a web search for US/UK IT MNCs and email their HR dept directly. But I want to warn you that Indian programmers in India earn more than programmers in Eastern Europe so you may be disappointed with Polish wages.

I wish to remind you that Poles you come across will form an impression of India by your actions and please do your best to create a good impression. There are too many silly and inexperienced and perhaps not highly educated blokes from back home..posting here and making a laughing stock of themselves.

For eg. my compatriot Ruppyaulak...Instead of coming here to work and finding out that Poland has 12- 15 per cent unemployment he should spend the money on getting a better education or professional skills or simply remaining back in India and help in building the new airport in New Delhi. It is strange that India should now face skills shortage in the midst of an economic boom and yet more of us should continue to leave.

Having said that I also wish to state that I had left India to study abroad almost 20 years ago when things were tougher. I have noticed on my recent trips to India, it has grown more expensive and that salaries for qualified people are comparable when you adjust it for PP.

Should stop my ranting now... hope to meet all you "desi bhais" for some tea, samosas and bhujias in Amin Javed's to be opened Indian cafe..

Amin Bhai dukan kolne ka waqt kuch launching party sharty zarroor dena..sab ayenge.
7 Nov 2007 /  #193
Hi Sudhir,

I need you help.

I am currently in the Uk and have finished my Masters degree in business & management.
I am working at a leading insurance company in glasgow and already possess a HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme).

I have a problem, I have got a polish girlfriend and i want to be with her..she is afraid to come to UK and find a job for her. She is a lecturer in a University and she feels secured with this job. I tried to explain her but all in vain.

We even split once because of this issue but aftre 6 months came back. Now i am planning to go to Poland as she is really a nice girl and i want to be with her.

I am not sure if i can get any job in poland , my polish is very basic and some sign languages. Is it possible to get a good job with a good qualification and without polish language. I am ready to re-locate myself. I am looking around for zl 3000 - 5000. I am only ready to work in torun and not anywhere else....because i am not going to poland to earn money but for my girl....I can make enough money in UK.

Please you are already there and aware of the situation.

Thanks...i wait for your reply. (bardzo Dzienkujie)



Sorry, this is your last message here. Posting the same message over and over again is not allowed. Admin
8 Nov 2007 /  #194
farooq brother i know a person who has just got contract for IT work employees and construction workers from polish govt and he is arranging almost 2000 bangladeshi workers to poland if u are interested call me at 001 732 330 6883 as i dont have polish cell yet.maybe he can help u get ur field related job.
farooq - | 6  
8 Nov 2007 /  #195
hi indya
thanks for ur reply the permit what i have got is temperory resident bcause i was married to polish national she lives in countryside and she wants me to come there and live with her and i dont know the lang there so that i am scared that will i get a job in IT nearby krakow so that i can survive there or should i have to do low level skill job which i cant.finally dont worry i will not make laughing stock of myselves and try to make a very good impression of india which i already made by marrying a nice girl from poland.

bye for now and take care

hi sadhu

thanks for ur info sure i am going to contact him.

take care
8 Nov 2007 /  #196
Czesc Farooq,

Cograts on your brave decision to marry a pretty Pole... and good luck in your new life in central Europe. I would certainly be intrigued in hearing just how you managed to find a Polish bride in South would all the other posters here.. so hope you decide to share your story.

There has been a recent trend of many non EU citizens(read that as Indo-Pakistani or African men ) based in the UK marrying Polish girls there in the hopes of getting an EU passport. I wonder if this really helps them at all as they need to spend 3 years in Poland first to get the Polish passport. I wonder if its nice to live in a country you dont really like or know much about for 3 lllllllllllllooooooooong years simply to be able to go to the country you like later.

Personally, I really love the USA and the freedom it represents for many persecuted people in times past...but I would not marry any American girl just to become an its hard for me to understand how my compatriots manage this.

Well, Farrooq, I am in Kujawy Pormorska and if you are in the Torun area..drop me a line and we can drink some tea and exchange pleasantries some time.

10 Nov 2007 /  #197
Hi,mr.farooq,thanks for reply me,i have big region for move to poland,is this country is not good for indian who wants to study and job there,becouse move to poland is not much costly,it can be afodable for my parent plz suggest rightly that can be me and my parent easily affod.............plz plz plz plz...........
Mera Bharat - | 1  
10 Nov 2007 /  #198
hello to everybody.....i am Indian living in Poland from 3 years ...if i can help somebody...
10 Nov 2007 /  #199
Hi Indiya just read your post I am living in states for last almost 25 years and come to poland every other month and am married to a polish woman for last 22 yrs she doesnt like it in here bit i do and am willing to do everything to stay here which foryiunately i can and like u mentioned u like the states honestly im bored of there living in a transparent society where everyone walks naked with no privacy like a developed legal communism.I can imagine ruppys imagination to come to poland and sacrifice his 3 years as im sure u did too when u first came to poland.I love indian being an indian and cant live a day without eating one meal of indian food but still wouldnt prefer to live in india for reasons u being the best know... and also YES in india ppl who make money make it much more then some in western countries.I think new people should be given an apportunity to come to west see and anyway we in west need immigration so why not give the apportunity to ppl who are inclined honest hard working to be allowed to become citizens rather then support criminals of our countries we live in and feed them in jails pay for there health costs...moreover these immigrants do contribute to our society ofcourse immigration should be strictly regulated.Anyway if u are around warsaw post it maybe we have some chai as there are plenty of desi restaurants around town ill be in poland till 21st then gone for a mth or so.regards pals SADHU
farooq - | 6  
10 Nov 2007 /  #200
hi indya actually i was in uk before when i met this girl but i didnt marry this girl for the sake of passport i was with her for long time in uk and observed her very much then i decided to marry her and i am very lucky that i cant get this type of girl that much easy in uk or india as well.still i am in india going to come in the month of jan to poland.if everything is fine there and if i get a good job in IT there will stay or we go to uk again which is easy for me to get a job in IT there.

hi bharat

i am coming to poland in the month of jan could u pls help me in getting a good job in IT or anyother feild as i dont know polish.

bye pa
11 Nov 2007 /  #201
hi. i will do what i can problems .....thanks bye
Divyalata - | 1  
12 Nov 2007 /  #202
Hi Sadhu,

I am living in UK at the moment and are planning to do run our own business either in USA California or Poland. It would be quite interesting to learn about catering business in Poland. I look forward to your relpy. You can email me on divyalata@hotmail

D Parmar
Shakaman - | 6  
12 Nov 2007 /  #203
Any special indian get togethers / dances / functions happening in warsaw or kutno area around christmas (2007)/ newyear time..that we can attend..if there is membership or other fees involved then can some one let us know how much and how to join.....Coming from London, UK for about 3 weeks.
Viru - | 2  
15 Nov 2007 /  #204
HI Everyone,

This is my first time in this forum, i didnt imagined that there might be Indians to open their own forum topic ;). anyways I am an Indian living in Poland, Elbląg since 2001. I am working with my Polish wife and we are running our own business here in Poland at the moment 3 internet stores and earning a better living.

Regarding few folks who dont speak Polish well... when i came to Poland thinking that it will be very easy for me to find a job in here as an IT guy, but everything turned upside down when no reply came to my job applications :( for 2 years i searched for a job with no luck at all. I even tried to find out a job as a part time english teacher but again nothing. Then i joined my wife in her small shop learned to speak polish on my own with the help of my wife. Then we started to sell on Allegro and it clicked and after some time i planned with my wife to open our first internet store, at the moment we are running 3 webstores and still that small local shop of ours is there. i am taking care of the customer support in my company and also maintaing good contacts with the producers, thanks to my first job in in New Delhi.

We are now slowly planning to expand to other countries but it needs time and also yes money. Time i dont have at all as i work till late even if we have 3 emps. now money is there but not that much to expand to other EU countries.. anyways i would like to add that i have a permanent stay card, and i am the only Indian living in Elbląg :D.

if any questions you would like me to answer i will be glad to help. :)
15 Nov 2007 /  #205
Czesc Viru,

Great story and thats some good work you did there... yes, I was mildly surprised when I came to Poland and met a few Indians in Warsaw the first time. I think Indians somehow preferred MOSCOW and Russia because of their historical links in the recent past. No one in India seemed to know where Poland was in 2000.

I am interested in your business ideas and expansion plans and perhaps someday I will swing by to your city and say hello to you. I am based in Kujawy Pomorska... which is not that far away and it seem s that there is some one called Amin Zaved in Torun.... and he is a To Be Hotelier ... so some of us from this region might get to organise a bash in Amin's new restaurant in Torun.

Glad that you make good money now...but hey my friend..forego some of it and take time out to chill and meet people or soon you will be an old man with lots of money and no health or good friends to spend it with.

Once again, I congratulate you on your sucessful marriage and business and wish you good luck in both for many years into the future.


PS. drop me a line and I can meet you in Torun ...if you ever swing by my neck of the woods.
Viru - | 2  
16 Nov 2007 /  #206
HI Indya,

I am the only Indian living in Elbląg, just now i spoke to Amin, great guy, :)

I think when ever i get a chance to go to Toruń or to your city i will give you the trouble to meet you ;)

I am 28 only so i have time to think about the resting part :P, anyways which company you work for if i may ask. If possible drop me a line on

Good luck to you also in your work and your stay in Poland.


P.S. for me to be on the move is bit hard due to work and if you use skype you can get in touch ith me anytime i love to work from 8:30 till sometimes 2:00 in the night :D. i have this work bug in me hahahaha
farooq - | 6  
17 Nov 2007 /  #207
hi bharat

i am coming soon to poland could u please help to get a job i would be greatful to u
17 Nov 2007 /  #208
The original title of the thread was "Indian moved to Poland" and it has digressed into "India moves to Poland". :)
rafik 18 | 589  
17 Nov 2007 /  #209
"India moves to Poland". :)

no problem as long as you bring your food with you.i love it.i cooked some chicken balti today.yummy.but your neighbours from the north are not invited
17 Nov 2007 /  #210
By Christ I miss curry.

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