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Indian moved to Poland

Shakaman (UK)  
18 Sep 2007 /  #151
Thank you for replying Iskra. To be honest I did not expected a reply as I just came across this site earlier today. We are now enjoying a bottle of "grass vodka" as I call it brought over from poland yesterday by the father of one of my friends. I attended his wedding last june in Kutno and learned the real meaning of polish village life. I stayed in their luxury home, the farms and homes of their relations. Enjoyed the special soup Charnina (black soup made from blood). This trip was different from just being a tourist in cities like Krakow. We talk on skype daily to all our friends in poland. Any way enough said. Please stay in touch. I will reply to all later. Many thanks again. Indy
vm500 2 | 39  
18 Sep 2007 /  #152
I was a bit inactive in this forum for a while... but felt like returning now.. So hi to all and vm500 namaskaarm !!

Sudheer so where in Kerala you from? My dad's family is from Trivandrum..
OP sudheer 1 | 32  
19 Sep 2007 /  #153
I grew up in Trivandrum - 1982-1999 but parents are originally from Kannur... Are you in poland?
Shakaman - | 6  
19 Sep 2007 /  #154
Any Hindi/Punjabi Films available in Poland with polish subtitles or 'dubbed-over' in polish. Also looking for a nice indian restaurant in warsaw. Can any one help?
vm500 2 | 39  
19 Sep 2007 /  #155
I grew up in Trivandrum - 1982-1999 but parents are originally from Kannur... Are you in poland?

No dude I am from NYC.. but been to trivandrum several times. my dad is mallu and he still ahs fmaily there and mom is persian.
Iskra 1 | 42  
19 Sep 2007 /  #156
looking for a nice indian restaurant in

I can suggest this site: .html

But I can recommend Tandoor Palace, or Maharaja.... but surely explore them :-)
Shakaman - | 6  
20 Sep 2007 /  #157
recommend Tandoor Palace, or Maharaja

Thanx. Didn't understand a word of that Bollywood site you suggested. Looking at some pics everyone seem happy and enjoying themselves.
21 Sep 2007 /  #158
Hi Guys & Ladies,

I am planning to visit Poland from UK for few business proposals. Any body enterprenures or in banking or software. Please keep in touch. Of course Iwill try to meet at the same time i may ask your advice for a decent paying guest or hotel accommodations in Warsaw or nearby place.

My email
Please mail me
Shakaman - | 6  
22 Sep 2007 /  #159
10.20pm 4 of my friends are now on ferry to Kutno from Slough (UK) for 1 week return. I will be with them next time this christmas for their second run. May be driving or flying to Lodz or Warsaw. Want to know more indian restaurants or other places near Kutnow where I can introduce them to our "desi atmosphere" in Poland. Any way looking forward to monday 20/20 final cricket india/pak. we have dhols kebabs lined up here for the final.

Any indian living in Poland speaks polish and/or of Indian/Polish origin interested in exchage visit to England.
2 Oct 2007 /  #160
Hi folks Now here is a question for Indian citizens.. I just got here on Polish work permit. I have a Polish multiple entry visa valid for 1 year in my passport. I have entered and started work in Poland 3 days ago.

Is the visa enough for the duration of my stay in Poland or must I now get a residence card for the rest of the year. Does any other Indian also have a "NIP" or "Pescel" or something like "Karta i pobytu". Also where can I open a bank account without the above documents. I am based in Kujaskwa Pomorskie province. All replies to my post would be highly appreciated and you can also send an email to
3 Oct 2007 /  #161
it seems there are many lonely people who are from south asia, i understand we need to be one nation as people but this forum is for people who speak the language of poland or have a real connection with it, if people dislike a 'group' of people for any particular reason then they should look at themselves first not judge others
3 Oct 2007 /  #162
Hi I am Raghu, right now i am in poland-Gliwice(Tenneco)

Can u please help me. I can not find anybody from India here.

Looking forward to ur mail.

Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
3 Oct 2007 /  #163
Karta i pobytu.

Karta pobytu. You can get It from Urząd Wojewódzki.

Pesel you can get from town hall where you live and NIP from local tax office.
3 Oct 2007 /  #164
czesc Grzegorz,

thanks for your advice..but I know these things..but my question is DO I NEED to get technically I have the 1 year multiple entry work visa.. and its valid till next year.
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
3 Oct 2007 /  #165
DO I NEED to get them

Visa sounds OK but surely you have to have Pesel and NIP unless you are being taxed under a reciprocal agreement with India?
3 Oct 2007 /  #166

that is what I dont know I am new here..I spoke to my colleague who is newly EU citizen and she said that last year she only had a sticker but now that she has become an EU citizen..she needs to get a residence permit.

I am just concerned that my employers might be withholding taxes by not registering me with the UW... and I would hate to be in some illegal scam.. by unscrupulous employers. It happened to me once before in ME country..and I had to pay a fine when I left..and I dont need that kind of trouble again.

get back to me please if you have any concrete info on my status
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
3 Oct 2007 /  #167

I worked in PL for an English company before Poland joined the EU. Like you I had a multiple entry work visa. I did not need any form of resident permit even - the only ID I needed was my passport. My compant obtained Pesel and NIP numbers for me and handled all my tax affairs. There was a reciprocal taxation agreemnt between the UK and Poland so I paid no local taxes or insurances. Having spent more than the required number of days in Poland in any one year I was subject to Polish tax and national insurances. At the end of the tax year our accountants settled the reduction in UK taxes and the amount due to the Polish authorities and they paid any differences. So I cannot help you a great deal. You need to talk to your company HR people to see what they are doing for you. I just hope they are legitimate and are not attempting to defraud the Polish authorities.
3 Oct 2007 /  #168
dear Szarlota,
Tak tak...its all clear now..Poland recently signed an agreement with India and so perhaps there is no need for taxes and stuff right now.. I think you will find some info about that in the site..This happened in June 2007... and I will keep posting updates..but I will get a PESEL and NIP on my own anyway.. as these are valuable documents that prove I am legit here.

keep on posting and good luck with your career
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
3 Oct 2007 /  #169
keep on posting and good luck with your career

Same to you my friend. Enjoy your time in Poland
3 Oct 2007 /  #170
czesc szarlotka,

just one more question..did you have to leave the country everytime when you wanted to renew your contract... or could you extend your stay while in Poland itself.. I want to know this as I plan to renew my contract with this company.. and am curious to know wheter I have to leave Poland and fly home to get a new sticker.

jinkue bardzo
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
3 Oct 2007 /  #171
just one more question..did you have to leave the country everytime when you wanted to renew your contract

Hi Indya.

I flew home every second weekend. My home is in England so I never hs the same problem as you. My visa was renewed annually by the company. They jusy took my passport and did it in Poland. I had it easy you see.
rohit - | 2  
5 Oct 2007 /  #172
hi indians .

any indian is there /?

can i talk with any indian here or not ?

massage me on pionear_in@yahoo

i m living in poland .
6 Oct 2007 /  #173
Czesc folks, Really nice to meet all of you...I have been following this thread for awhile and it seems to have gone off topic a bit....... the topic is Indian moved to Poland...

and yes I am yet another one of those hapless Indians. I just moved back to Poland from the South.. Mind you I lived in Warsaw earlier in 2005 so I am not exactly ignorant about Poles and Polish culture.

I am not far from Torun and if you have some inputs on nice places and people in the kujawaska pomorska province do get back to me...Hope to make many Polish friends too... but any Indians there give me a shout.

Shakaman - | 6  
12 Oct 2007 /  #174
I am an indian from England with hundreds of polish friends in UK and Poland. I visit Poland regularly. I like to take my polish family friends out to an indian restaurant in Warsaw/Lodz area when I'm in Poland. My Polish friends have families/friends living in the area but not very keen on Indian Food even though they eat indian food with me at my home on regular basis (they hate chillies - but paprika is ok). I only had one reply so far regarding where you can find indian restaurants in Warsaw. I am back in Poland at XMas....... Any one can help with bit more detailed info.. contact me here or on skype slough_uk. Indy (shakaman) Many thnx
13 Oct 2007 /  #175
hey shaka man,

I lived in Warsaw for sometime in 2005 and I think that you need to find THE TANDOOR AND MAHARAJAH..BOTH ARE IN THE CENTRAL AREA AND PROMINENTLY LISTED IN THE WARSAW JOURNAL... ONE IS on the second floor and the other is on the ground floor a short walk away... they seem to be doing good business with Brits and Yanks at the weekend. In fact I could not get a table when I went there with my Polish friends.. happy dining mate
Shakaman - | 6  
17 Oct 2007 /  #176
RE: Indian Restaurants in Warsaw.

Thanks Indya

Very useful info. Will check these next time - probably have to book in advance especially around xmas new year's time?
25 Oct 2007 /  #177
Hi Guys.. I am an Indian currently studying in Singapore (SMU) and would be coming to Leon Kominski, Warsaw in Feb 2008 for an exchange. As Leon does not have a university dorm i am having trouble finding an apartment. Could you guys help me and give me some directions on how should i go about my search. I am looking to stay with local students rather than the exchange lot, it would give me an opprotunity to understand the culture and business practices better. I am looking at Poland more than just an exchange destination. Alternatively i am also willing to stay with any families in Warsaw as a paying guest.
25 Oct 2007 /  #178
hi indians .

any indian is there /?

can i talk with any indian here or not ?

massage me on pionear_in@yahoo

i m living in poland .

isnt this frm people from poland - hence
joke,, all welcome.. viva polska
sankcool - | 1  
27 Oct 2007 /  #179
Hi Guys

I am Sanket, a student from Singapore. I am coming on an exchange program to Leon Kominski, Warsaw. Thus i am looking to rent out a room with any students or even professionals.

Can u guys help me out, i would really appreciate it. I can get anything indian for you guys, hahah just a bit of bribing...

Anyways i am arriving in Feb 2008. Hope to get some favorable responses...
30 Oct 2007 /  #180

I am living in warsaw from last five years..i am from india chandigarh..if i can help somebody ..then you can ask me...everybody is welcome..this my e mail name is harry.......bye

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