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Indian moved to Poland

26 May 2009 /  #511
hi tharshan. how are u. i am you friend suthan.i am from srilanka tamil. i like also poland. i am also live in poland.warzawa is very nice place. and polish girls olso nice. i know some polish student learn tamil. who is learn tamil student contact with me. becouse i wish u. suthan. my id tharshan_suthan@yahoo
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
26 May 2009 /  #512
Poland is in a middle of transition and ready to fully integrate with EU in terms of mentality .

Hopefully not.
BevK 11 | 248  
27 May 2009 /  #513
Given the majority of Polish people I have spoken to, the willingness to be tolerant to other people's cultures is there.

However what is also very strongly there is a sense of pride and a sense of what it is to be Polish, this is not something which will go away. At least I hope that there is never a loss of "Polishness" for any reason.

People have also said that if there was a massive influx of another culture that there would be problems - given the history of the country this should be clear, and explains why there is so much nationalism, perhaps.

@ the OP: if you can make a Shahi Paneer to rival that on sale in Southall in West London you will have a customer. Also, if you can make excellent Pirathas.
5 Jun 2009 /  #514
Hi i am joy . I am from srilanka tamil. i stay now poland. polish people very good. and there friendly. i have a qustion? any polish people know the srilankan proplam? only one month 12500 tamil civilen killed. srilankan govermant killed the tamil people. any body know contect me.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
5 Jun 2009 /  #515
Me Tarzan, me think Polish good. Me have friend here. Me like curry, do you curry too? ;)
5 Jun 2009 /  #516
hi i am rai . i am from srilanka tamil .ya polish people nice. and warzawa is beautyful place. me olso know some polish students learn tamil. i am very happy. becouse tamil is my language. i need polish girl friend. my mail address sutharshan1989@gmail.
5 Jun 2009 /  #517
Are you trying to curry kkannan's favour?
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
5 Jun 2009 /  #518
I might just vindaloo that ;) (Sounds like Cockney-rhyming slang)
5 Jun 2009 /  #519
kkannan. yes my favour fish curry. this is indian styl.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
5 Jun 2009 /  #520
God Bless you, Mr Hindu. Indian curry is the stuff of legends!! I can name you many curries, all of which I like.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
5 Jun 2009 /  #521
Indian curry is the stuff of legends!!

Bombay trots is legendary! ;0)
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
5 Jun 2009 /  #522
I like Bombay duck. Bombay trots sound like runs to the toilet :)
researchas - | 23  
26 Jun 2009 /  #523
Indians dont go to Poland, very racist society. Poles call indians ugly black pigs and monkeys. They say that indians should be kept in zoos. Do you want to be put in a zoo in poland ? Also make sure in case of a non business and non official work, never befriend a pole. At some point of time the pole might might misbehave with you in the name of racism

chaitanya2206 - | 1  
27 Jun 2009 /  #524
hi people,
this looks like a pretty good place to hang out for Indian involved and are planning to get involved in Poland.

well, i studied in the UK, and worked there for 3yrs, basically in customer service and managemet side.

in my time in the UK, i met a few very good people from poland, which caught my interest in poland,

i have now moved on, and left uk for good, i am in india now, hyderabad to be precise.

was planning to travel to poland, and maybe look for a job and settle down there.

can some one please get badk to me with my options??

any response appreciated.!

PennBoy 76 | 2,436  
27 Jun 2009 /  #525
If Poland and other CEE countrys are to be fully integrated to Europe. There is a need to accept people of different cultures and make race hate a thing of the part.

No i don't think so, we don't need to accept them, this is called a European Union not Eurasian or African, we need to accept other Europeans not people from all over the world. I think the purpose of the EU is for EUROPE to unite and together be an economic power.
southern 75 | 7,096  
29 Jun 2009 /  #526

They also have nice bigos.
30 Jun 2009 /  #527
If Poland and other CEE countrys are to be fully integrated to Europe.

Yeah, funny how you NEVER hear anyone saying that Africa should become more White/European! ;)
researchas - | 23  
1 Jul 2009 /  #528
What is poland in european union? A hungry beggar who begs billions of euros every year from european union fund. Who hears poland in EU ? None ,in th EU lobby that contributes money. The foundations of a country are built with engineers, doctors, business men and other skilled people not carpenters, plumbers, electricians and prostitutes. This is what poland can contribute. Now comes investment. Dont forget that investment creates jobs. The envestment of non europeans in eu is several billions euros. What has poland invested in eu? not even half a billion euros. Name any industry in which poland has a name? See all the developed countries want non eu people to work in eu in good positions. Naturally a plumber cannot be made a director of a company.
southern 75 | 7,096  
2 Jul 2009 /  #529
See all the developed countries want non eu people to work in eu in good positions

We crave for indian,black and pakistani managers.Come to Greece to see the top positions these people have acquired.
researchas - | 23  
2 Jul 2009 /  #530
Well we dont want to look at dirty people of our society the so called labours. Dont forget there is a class system everywhere. We are just intrested in middle class and upper class, contributors to the system. You poles dont have much of them so you just think of labours right.
southern 75 | 7,096  
2 Jul 2009 /  #531
at dirty people of our society

The dirty people in our society are the Indians and pakis who have to get out the sooner the better.

We are just intrested in middle class and upper class

That is why we sh1t on Indians.
researchas - | 23  
3 Jul 2009 /  #532
We **** on you idiots, beggars, illiterate fools. Poor, hungry white idiots. Even you bloody poles are labours and you are whites and europeans in greece, really shameful.

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