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Indian moved to Poland

osiol 55 | 3,922  
1 Feb 2009 /  #481
I actually met an Indian chap in Warsaw a few years ago. It was at some big Christian event (no, not my usual cup of tea). I was unused to the idea of an Indian Christian, and even less used to an Indian in those kind of circumstances who doesn't speak a word of English. I think he spoke French.

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amit_m - | 29  
24 Feb 2009 /  #482
Hello Everybody!!!....
It’s good to see so many of you guys in here. I just would like to ask you a quick question in terms of how popular do you think Indian cuisine is in Poland. Do you think the locals have the palate to take the species? I used to be a hospitality (kitchen) working Taj and Oberoi's in India but eventually moved out of the kitchen to IT and settled down in Aus. My wife is just asking me all the time to set up an Indian Fast food outlet in Poland where we can promote fusion Indian cuisine which is the in thing in the western world. I have been to Poland many times but accept Warsaw I did not see many Indian eating joints unlike England or even like in Australia

Living in Poland is not a problem for me in terms of visa requirement as I just can pack my bags and move there for good anytime. But the million dollar question is it worth it?????

It would be deeply appreciated if you guys can kindly give me a feedback.

I shall look forward to hear from you guys soon.

24 Feb 2009 /  #483
Hi Sudhir - do you know any Indians living in Szczecin?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
24 Feb 2009 /  #484
It would be deeply appreciated if you guys can kindly give me a feedback

The quicker you open a place in Wroclaw the better.
25 Feb 2009 /  #485
i truely agree. its better u open it in wroclaw. the idea will work for sure.
lookin forward to get a positive reply
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
25 Feb 2009 /  #486
do you know any Indians living in Szczecin?

There are many students of medicine...
yashmistrey - | 1  
26 Feb 2009 /  #487
Hi Sudheer I m Yashpal
Do you live in , If u live in Wrocław than please meet my friend paulina she lives in Stanowice (near Oława near Wrocław) She is very nice friend & please give her any greeting card for me. Please I'll be Highly Obliged to you.
amit_m - | 29  
27 Feb 2009 /  #488
The quicker you open a place in Wroclaw the better

Thank you for your feedback.......but I would like to know more in terms of how is Indian food is perceived in Poland. I am looking for an Indian fast food concept to be introduced in Poland. This includes many fushion dishes. The only concern is how the species will fit into the palate of a local Polish. I have seen many of my friends in Poland crying when I cooked for them as they found the food very spicy. Please put in more lines in terms of your of what kind of dishes have you tasted and what do you enjoy the most about Indian cuisine along with that please also list the cities you think is going to accept this concept. One more thing… I also wanted to ask you guys….have you heard or tasted many about Indian BBQ dishes and if so.. which is your favorite one? ? Trust me your feedback will make a lot of difference.... Please write back…as I shall look forward to hear from you all

Till then my friends, take Care
King Sobieski 2 | 716  
27 Feb 2009 /  #489
Indian BBQ dishes

you mean tandoor dishes?
amit_m - | 29  
27 Feb 2009 /  #490
Thas right Different kind of Tandoori dishes and Kebabs(Chicken, Lamb and pork).....
27 Feb 2009 /  #491
you could have stuff like tandoori chicken, reshmi kabab n chicken tikka..... but a less spicier version of these dishes.... it would be a treat to the taste buds of the polish people. n i think wroclaw lacks such a place.... warsaw has a bit of indian restaurents.

n u could also serve some dishes made up of grilled cottage cheese, marinated with mild spices n the typical indian flaovour.
its bound to work!!!
skatiyar - | 1  
1 Mar 2009 /  #492
Cześć to All,

This is Sandeep, I moved to Poland one year back, unfortunately my work requires a lot of travel within Europe & takes me away for long period even from Warsaw :(, finally I would be back in Warsaw mid April.

Amazed to see such a big community here.

Guys if there's any happening or any sort of activities taking place in Warsaw, Pls. do let me know, I did like to join......

Awaiting ur replies......

Do Widzenia
3 Mar 2009 /  #493
Hi Guys, I am from India (Lucknow, near Delhi) and planning to go to Warsaw for a job related work. I have worked in UK and Norway, but this I am told will be a different experience. I have heard lots of nice things about the country - the old world charm, laid back life etc. Am looking forward to it.
manishg_82 1 | 1  
4 Mar 2009 /  #494
I am a resident of India. I am planning to work in Poland on work permit. I am a IT professional. I have sponsore for my work permit. Can you please help me in answering following queries:

a) Can I visit all the countries in Europe with my Poland Work permit.
b) Can I work in all the countries in Europe with my Poland Work permit.
c) Can I switch my job in Poland or other countries in Europe
d) Is there any condition for my dependants(wife and child) to accompany me in Poland.
Is there any condition like I need to be in Poland for 2 yrs., only then my dependants can join me.

Thanks in advance.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
4 Mar 2009 /  #495
b) Can I work in all the countries in Europe with my Poland Work permit.

No, you have a permit to work in Poland, you would need a permit to work in any of the other EU countries as you are not an EU national.

c) Can I switch my job in Poland or other countries in Europe

See above answer.

Is there any condition like I need to be in Poland for 2 yrs., only then my dependants can join me.

Wouldn't you be best off looking at Polish government site to find this information out.

a) Can I visit all the countries in Europe with my Poland Work permit.

You may be able to travel in the Schengen zone, this does not include the UK.

Is there any condition like I need to be in Poland for 2 yrs., only then my dependants can join me.

Im sure you will be able to bring your dependents, but you will need to show you are able to support them fully, i.e. they will not have access to any public funds and Im sre that they will need private health insurance.
12 Mar 2009 /  #496
which is your favorite one? ? Trust me your feedback will make a lot of difference.... Please write back…as I shall look forward to hear from you all
Till then my friends, take Care

green chicken tikka, paneer shashlik and paneer tikka :D:D
my favourites
I'll gladly visit your place as soon as it opens
amit_m - | 29  
12 Mar 2009 /  #497
Hello everybody...

First of all I would like to thank you all for your valuable feedback. I am more curious to know deep is Indian cuisine in Poland. Do you have places making good Muglai dishes like good biriyani.....or 10 to 15 different kinds of authentic kebabs and how well will the concept of Indian BBQ fast food be accepted in Poland. Please keep writing in can also email me your feedback to am1904@hotmail.Trust me!!!!!...your response will really help me make up my mind........let me pack my bags and fly for 22 hours before i touch the shores of Poland .So please keep scribbling in messages....i also would like to invite people to join my forum who are in a cross cultural relationship in Orkut named "Indian and Polish couples".....

12 Mar 2009 /  #498
I am expecting that I would be in Krakow sometime in june09 on company assignment. I am interested in making friends and knowing about "indians in Krakow". sorry I haven't read the messages on this forum but will do to get more info.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595  
12 Mar 2009 /  #499
laid back life

I would say that Warsaw is the opposite of "laid back life".
17 Mar 2009 /  #500
. its all about ones choice without being a RACIST.

Spot on Amit. As the Polish saying goes " You must grow up to the situation" If Poland and other CEE countrys are to be fully integrated to Europe. There is a need to accept people of different cultures and make race hate a thing of the part. This also goes in the faith department if a Polish women decides to marry a hindu or muslim she should not be pressured into adopting the religion of her future husband.
19 Mar 2009 /  #501
Ditto for Polish men marrying non-Poles. There are quite a few Polish men who marry out as well. There are Catholics across the world as well -- Catholic Indians in fact are the ones who one meets in the West and culturally they are a beautiful mix between Indian and Catholic culture (Catholic culture is not = Western culture which I think is more "modernistic" culture).

I've met Catholics from India and they can merge very well with a Polish outlook and with Polish culture
deepfern - | 6  
19 Mar 2009 /  #502
To osiol and Iwonka --> yes, there are quite a few Indian Christians. In India itself there are 30+ million affirmed Christians (and probably millions more who are Christian at heart). There are many Indian Christians who have migrated to the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Norway etc.

to Svenski and Shelley

Actually, the people in Ladakh are related to Tibetans and Burmese and not Chinese. Ditto for Arunachalis or Sikkimese.

There are many people of Han Chinese origin in India -- mostly in Calcutta but also in Bombay. They are an integral part of India, even though they are ethnically Chinese, they have Chinese-like names, and "look" Chinese, all the Indo-Chinese I've met are very patriotically and culturally Indian. They used to be businessmen and hairdressers but now are involved in various occupations throughout India. Of course, the most famous is a restaurantier -- Nelson Wang who created Indian Chinese cuisine ("Chinese" food is a big hit in India, even roadside vendors make it. Of course, the "chinese" is something any self-respecting Cantonese or Sichuanese would find very puzzling, but hey! it suits the Indian palate!)
28 Mar 2009 /  #503
i am indian want to study cardiology. I already completed my primary medical degree.
can anyone advise me how can i get admission in university in cardiology department.
please help me.
2 Apr 2009 /  #504
Hi everyone ! I am an indian (tamil) hindu and vegetarian borned and raised in france, and studiyin in wroclaw from the 1st april to the end of july. Is any fellow "desi" here ?
4 Apr 2009 /  #505
Hi Everybody ! ,

I moved to Krakow in Oct 08 . Will be here till end of 2009 . I must say that Krakow is a very nice city which is full of friendly people . Poland is in a middle of transition and ready to fully integrate with EU in terms of mentality . Generally I never faced any issues here ,but still it is kind of difficult to fully integrate with polish society as Poland is not use to people from different race living here specially an Indian like me .

The good thing is you get special attention being a foreigner . Polish people really want foreigner to go home with a good opinion about poland .

I have seen warsaw and Zakopane .

5 Apr 2009 /  #506
Hey Pankaj....What are you doing in p[oland.Well I was just surfing and came across that you are missing India.I am from Mumbai.I have also travelled most part of Schengan countries.Very Fascinating,But I have not travelled to polland.Basically I am an Exporter and Consultant in Hotel&Restaurant Industry.So howz life there.Must b good because of less population but I am sure you must be missing INDIA.Please do reply

5 Apr 2009 /  #507
Never ever come to poland

There's no place for other national in poland except only polish people 're recis't
6 Apr 2009 /  #508
cut the crap.
life's good in poland
5 May 2009 /  #509
pankaj i have send u an email , read that kishan

kishan want help from any person in a way of job in poland , i am perusing Mba . if any help me its my luck too show my talent. Also i am not to good in economically , so i need urgent help . plez help me , i am like as your friend ,son , brother.............

help me

my id
amit_m - | 29  
8 May 2009 /  #510
Are there any Indians in Lublin, it wil be great to meet up and have a couple of beers together and speak in Hindi/English for a change. I am in Lublin for a couple of weeks with my family.....enjoying a short holiday. If interested ....please write back.


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