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Indian moved to Poland

polaca 1 | 76  
17 Sep 2006 /  #31
Yes could be better but isnt bad.
In my opinion studens in poland have a lot of space to think for themselves.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
17 Sep 2006 /  #32
OK. I take your points Marzena and polaca.
Marzena 2 | 122  
17 Sep 2006 /  #33
In Poland we have a particular style of education, which does work, but I think could be better.

I think what you are talking about is the strict and too demanding norms within which we are allowed to think. For example I always hated my Polish classes, because the standards that were required in order to express opinions were too high. There were only a few people in my class who were artistic enough to feel free in it and on the other hand, some other polish teachers were focusing on giving information and memorization and did not spare room for discussions and practical approach. Basically the requirements of education are so high, that nobody has time to think, and is just trying to keep up with the material.

However, there were some other teachers, who were constantly making us think in the history and biology class.. so it depended a lot on the teachers.

What is missing is the requirement from the board of education to incorporate more discussions and ditch so much memorization. Right now it's more of an individual approach. However, if a student is creative, I don't think that it's suppressed or not encouraged. For example, I heard that the computer programmers from Eastern Europe are the ones that are most creative as opposed to Chinese and Indians (although they are also very good).
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
17 Sep 2006 /  #34

All I can say is: Yes, I agree.
12 Oct 2006 /  #35
hello my name is T Sreekanth i am try to come poland as student
i had experince in banking feild with more than 10 years of experince
what type of jobs i will get as student if there will be the posibility
of studnet visa conversion to workpermit

my mail id :tirukovalurkanth@yahoo
19 Oct 2006 /  #36
Hello and Dzien Dobry (sorry for spelling mistakes).

I just arrived in Wroclaw some 1 month ago and I fell perfect here.Its really true that people come around and ask about me being Indian as well.I have got my classmates who whle heartedly help me out will almost everything and every problem.People are really good here.This town is very charming and I am still to explire the night life.Well, Whats the name of the firm you working for?Where exactly in India are u from?I am from Gujarat Baroda.

By the way, I just tasted Pierogi Ruskie and it was good, although my room mate told me its not as good as its supposed to be coz it was factory made.I am studying in Medicinal Chemistry and P W R (Politechnika).How about u Marzena?Well, my warm regards to everyone here.

Nimish (neo)
26 Oct 2006 /  #37
My name is massih , in polish mesijasz , I've been living in poland for a year and half , all of poles have been very nice to me , people here are more friendly than people in my country.we've got parties every night , saying nazdrowie to eachother.
31 Oct 2006 /  #38
Hi there Indianpolishgirl.I never knew there could be girl from India in this part of world.Well, I ask u the same question,Y did u choose Poland out of all the countries?I am here since last one month and "Ja rozumiem troche po polsku".I am doing my masters in Medicinal Chemistry.How about u?What are u doing here?Talk to u soon.

Can any one give me a hand with getting a job?I have an excellent recommendation and great professional experience in the field of teaaching english.I see that here too, like India, lot of people are interested in learning fluent English.Well, I could teach in a really innovative way the language.I also know french, so if anyone wants help with french, "Je suis ici pour toute le temp."

Take care everyone,
3 Nov 2006 /  #39
I Sudheer and all,

I'm an Australian Guy living here in Wroclaw with my Polish wife, would be great to catch up with speakers of English for a chat over a beer, coffee,tea or a bite to eat, please anyone feel free to email me, David.

David Peake
3 Nov 2006 /  #40
Hey there David,
Thats awesome.Why don't we guys (and girls of course) meet up some day.It seems to be a nice plan.Well, but I think all of the members should give confirmation to this.So, lets wait for the reply of the other buddies.Hey , how did u find a polish girl?Give me some tips for getting one as well.They have lovely blue eyes.hehehh.Take care


Hey there everyone,
this is to state that there is a party about bollywood fans on 25th November .The location and other details are written on the following webpage.I had a hard time understanding polish but it will be alright for you people.The webpage is Try to come there.Take care Sudheer.Meet u soon.
5 Dec 2006 /  #41
Hello my Polish freinds, Jak sie Masz? I am originally from India and I attended medical school in poland in Katowice, now I live in USA. I stayed in Katowice for 4 years. I speak polish. I have been to wroclow, krakow, all over poland. I find poland fascinating, and would like to visit again. I want to make new freinds. Please email me at Averma275@yahoo to get in touch with me.

11 Dec 2006 /  #42
Hey I am Pankaj from India and now i am in Poland. If any Indian read this MSG PLEASE cONTACT ME. I am alone here and want some india known. My email address is truth23x@gmail plz contact me.
uk_ 8 | 85  
13 Dec 2006 /  #43
oooooh This is the first time i heard indian moving to poland to study. I think education system is better in india then many asian & europian countries.

Many famous doctors working for NHS ( national health service) in UK graduated from indian medical school.

so, i suggest you all indian student go back and study there
13 Dec 2006 /  #44
yaar koi mere b suno- i want any indian friend my email address is truth23x@gmail

Hi Sudheer Ji,
As i read your wording i am sure you are very wise person. And Please kee p in touch andd thanks for mail.
29 Dec 2006 /  #45
aap kaise hain!
aap kaise hain!
aap kaise hain!

I read alot about India. I respect that country for its Buddha, Gandhi, Everest, etc. And is shares a history with the poles.

sudheer is a nice guy ... to sad to learn about your past! I wish you live in Poland :)

OP sudheer 1 | 32  
29 Dec 2006 /  #46
Lonestranger... thanks for the links it was certainly a part of history that I was unaware of.

Yes I am from South India, lived in Bangalore for many years but originally from further south - Kerala.
29 Dec 2006 /  #47
India actually has alote of interesting things about its history. There are still aryans there till this day but have adapted indian names and language.
1 Jan 2007 /  #48
isnt pakistani actually india too

HI there,

Partially you are right..... the common pakistani and indian think they are one..... but some selfish people try to create a divide between them...... I have many pakistani friends who are simply good human beings..... LAst year one of my friend went to pakistan to visit his hometown.....h was overwhelmed with the welcome he recieved from them..... . The situation has been worsened only by the two countries politicians for their own selfish reasons....

hi ,

you are right.... only south indians also called as dravidians are the true natives of india... majority of the people in the north of india are aryans....... they migrated from middle east europe some few thousand yrs ago... and adopted india as their motherland....
Babylon 16 | 192  
1 Jan 2007 /  #49
I saw many Indian girls in UK (Or I thought they were Indian) they were very beautiful with beautiful eyes, all just gorgeous!
Bojownik - | 115  
2 Jan 2007 /  #50
dump the European Union as fast as possible.

One word! TURKEY.
BialaPolska 1 | 116  
2 Jan 2007 /  #51
Bro, that is exactly what i ment when i said that, as soon as they are let in all 80 million of their people will charge into Europe.
3 Jan 2007 /  #52
Polish people should not behave like their neighbours, and let any GOOD person entering Poland ENTER!.

This is my strong opinion.

Color does not matter. Race also does not matter. Being good, free and civilised matters.

I know , and I don't agree with them doing that either.

Every Job is respectful....and the money that comes from it is hard earned. They are giving Poland the foreign currency which we Need.

Mr. Sudheer is helping creat more jobs here. Thank you dear Indian Friend. Polish people will adore you. Dont get washed away by this place, where some skinhead and some imposter will try to make you feel sick! As they dont have much good things to do.

Polish people have always been very open and mature. We are not like our neighbours. And that is the reason we have been victimised by our neighbours many times.

Live and Let Live...
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544  
3 Jan 2007 /  #53
And that is the reason we have been victimised by our neighbours many times.

Many times? :) I know about two, partition of Poland and WWII. What are the other examples?
3 Jan 2007 /  #54
I know about two

Two is enough for me...faaar too many

also, dont forget the soviet union....
bossie 1 | 123  
4 Jan 2007 /  #55

don't be scared. If you do business in Poland, you go to civilised, cosmopolitan places. Probably you'll never visit small towns and villages where people are xenophobic and have never seen foreigners, therefore fear them. If you look at the forum I'm sure you''l be able to find positive things noticed by both Poles and foreigners.

Best of luck

12 Jan 2007 /  #56
f wil b any1 from india in poland, got my msg. plz keep in touch by mail.
13 Jan 2007 /  #57
Hey there everyone,
A "warm" and a happy new year to all of you.I must apologise for my absence from this forum since last one month.I was having some exams and presentations in my specialisation.Well, someone commented something about medical education in India.True, in case of Medicines and education,India is doing pretty good at present and with lot of pharmaceutical conglomerates coming up, India is flourishing with this industry, especially my state (gujarat). I am studying in Medicinal Chemistry as my masters specialisation and yet, I will not like to go back to India for my masters.The reason is that I am better suited to this mode of education than that.So I prefer this.Being an Indian, I really felt a hearty welcome of Poles when I landed in Wroclaw.To tell you people the extent, one of my classmates just walked down the street with me and taught me how to buy a ticket for the bus and to look up for a bus on the time table.In the smallest minuteae needed for making a living and surviving in a foreign country( this being my first venture abroad), I am happy that I chose Poland over any other country.I am in favour of ideas of migration and mixing of cultures.This helps us to rediscover the long forgotten strands of a different side of our own race-"humanity".We, before everything else, are humans, countries and their borders were made by some people to segregate all the others.About the history of Poland and what it has suffered through, I admit that it cannot be forgotten and yet, I am amazed at the hospitality Poles show to Russians and Germans and all others.In my dormitory, I have Russian people who are just like common people and freinds to all here.I must say that living in this dormitory as a student, I discovered what an International community truly means and you might be surprised to see the diversity, Indians, Vietnamese, Poles, Russians, Romanians,Belarus,American,Germans, Spanish,French, Chinese,Kazakistan,Belgium and so on.

Well, too long a message induces sleepiness in forum.So I will end here.In case any Indian or Polish person wants to contact me, my email address is simplynimish@gmail Hey sudheer, give me your email address please.

Regards to everyone,

""My friends are always welcome, and not forgotten.
My enemies are forgiven, but, never forgotten!""

well said friend.
21 Jan 2007 /  #58
any desi people here?? i need help!!
21 Jan 2007 /  #59

whats that?
OP sudheer 1 | 32  
21 Jan 2007 /  #60
In hindi desh means the motherland... Desi means anyone from the same country...

Hence I understand Riya was looking for some Indians, to help her with something..

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