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Indian moved to Poland

rafik 18 | 589  
17 Nov 2007 /  #211
why don't u cook it?
17 Nov 2007 /  #212
Er my culinary skills leave much to be desired....beans on toast anyone?
Indya - | 19  
18 Nov 2007 /  #213
czesc Amin, I just called your mobile and left a message on voice mail..Give me a call in the mornings or evenings aftere 8 pm.. Viru... aap hume seede dial maariye... panch, ek, teen, chey, teen, shooniye, teen, nau, aur aat.. hume aap ek hi samay pe call kar sakhte hai...

I cant contact you right now as I just registered and I need to post 4 messages before I can contact other members.

Whats the travel time between Torun and Elblag..I can drop by there some weekend and talk to you.. perhaps you might have some good business ideas..
20 Nov 2007 /  #214
Altogether today i have done it...i have sent this email to polish consulate in london, Edinburgh. Also the mail have been sent to Indian Consulate in Warsawa and also addressed to external ministry of poland and lastly to the President's Office. Hope they will look into this matter..............

The email begins.......

I would like to bring to your attention regarding the visa issuance to indian citizens staying in United Kingdom. The treatment for Indian citizen is comparatively unfair and not justified. Even when we have valid visa to travel to poland, the immigration officer tries to harass us in every form. We have to wait for 30-45 minutes to pass the immigration .

This is my personal experience, I have been staying in UK for almost more than 2.5 years now. I am basically from Mumbai (Bombay). I have completed my education here and have a masters degree in business from a reputed university. First of all , the major problem is English speaking border immigration staff...they seems to be unaware of the "English language requirement". I have to wait for 45 minutes in "specially in Gdansk airport" to speak to a english speaking border staff and i would have nearly missed my flight. I do not want to compaint about the border staff as i am aware that they are doing their duties but please show a bit respect for a traveller.

Other unjustified polish consulate appraoch is to charge a high visa fees for an indian to travelling to Poland. Infact, a visa application made for tourism purpose from india is absolutely Free of Cost, so why this discrimination for Indians staying in UK?

This passage is taken from website of Polish consulate of India,

1954 --- 2004
50 Years of Diplomatic Relations between India and Poland
The relations between the peoples of India and Poland date long back into 19th century and we could even find Polish travelers reaching India in earlier centuries.

There are many places of Polish national memory in Mumbai, Maharashtra and other places of South India . There were six thousand Polish war refugees, mainly women and children in India during the period of 1942-1948. And while their stay in India was financed by the Polish Government in exile, it is the warmth and friendship of the people of India that these people have taken with them throughout their lives. We have the Association of Poles from India very actively participating in preserving the places of Polish national memory in India .

For almost 18 years already we have the Indo Polish Friendship Association in Mumbai.

Indians are not seeing any possibilities to settle in Poland as everyone is aware of the currency fact, "the average Indian salary for a graduate is more than a polish citizen".

I would like to request the honorable consulate office to llok into this matter and atleast provide a short term visit free of cost for residents of United Kingdom bearing Indian passport. The Indians living in Uk are working and hold a positive financial position. When other countries are given 90 days free travel to poland for tourism purpose, i think that it would be fair to include Indian living in UK as a resident to be eligible for similar schemes. Also when visa is free from India so why charging indians living in UK.

I personally love poland and would like to visit the country again and again as I got a business friend there who arrange all my travel requirements. I like polish people and their welcoming personalities and even i do speak a liitle bit polish too.

Please look into this matter and let your economy grow even more by allowing established indians in Uk to travel without a visa requirement for a short period for e.g. 20 days or less than 90 days.

Thanking you


Hi Guys,

this is sanjay and wish if anyone of you could help me....I am in deep love with this polish girl and she is from Torun.

I have completed my Masters in Business & Management from University of Strathclyde, glasgow. I was closely observing this girl for more than 1.5 years and i was quite impressed. She cooks for me, Cleans my house and i am sure she can be a lovely wife and a good mother as well (like indian girl).

As i dont think, Uk is a safest place to raise kids due to open culture . i regularly visit torun and yes i can say that the polish culture is still alive. People are really close to their families, like to have a family, etc etc.

Currently i am working in Morgan Stanley in Glasgow and draws a very good sweet girlfriend has just completed Phd and currently doing reaserch in a Univeristy in torun.

From my experinece i can easily work out that polish girls dont feel secured moving to a new country and leaving current jobs....I tried to pursuade her and she is ready as well but will take time......She actually wants me to come there and stay with her.....Afterall I am also established here in this company and currently hold a work permit but living alone really haunts me.........I am also planning to come and try in poland ...maybe a job or a polish is basic but can communicate........

I wish to know if I can get any work...i know the pay wont be great but atleast i will be with my girl. This is more important for me......If i dont succeed in poland i will bring her with me to Uk again.....afterall i am not forcing her to go and work and earn money as i am potential enough to look after her needs and in future my childrens need without even asking her to earn anything but she also dont want to be a house wife.

Please suggest me any oppurtunity....maybe we can have a Indian society established there......

Thanks a lot guys
Indya - | 19  
22 Nov 2007 /  #215
Czesc Sanjay,

welcome to Polish forums... and it seems you are yet another idealistic ranter like me.. so at least I have company now.

Going back to your comments about Polish girls.. and how kind hearted and homely they are.... I agree with you absolutely as I noticed this in Russian girls first.. I was educated outside India and spent all my time fraternizing with Americans and Australians and was floored by the confidence and value system of Western woman..long story cut short.. a decade later I land in Russia and discover the Slavic woman..who looks like a westerner and acts like an easterner... It was a mind blowing discovery and I can never go back to gaping at Asians or Westerner...

At times it seems that all eastern European women are focused on building a family and community values...though I have met the occasion gold digger who wanted to know my nationality and the first date. Some of our western brothers would beg to differ with us on the point of Eastern woman being perfect... but I guess we dont carry the baggage of being rich women attracted to us are simply that..just woman attracted to us... not with the intention of going to India or becoming Indian citizens... or divorcing us after 3 years and taking half the house... ha ha... our national situation is well known... we are very poor citizens of this world.

About Polish consular officials, well again..they are just that..consular officials... and they are the same in every country. I have seen rude Indian consular officials misbehaving with foreigners standing in line for a few hours to get an Indian visa... and so don't take it personally... these folks forget that we are humans too.

I have had difficulty the first time I visited Poland and had to wait for 20 minutes in the immigration officials to minutely scrutinize my papers and then reluctantly let me pass through. My friend, dont take it to heart again..he is just a guy doing his job... and he gets his orders from the man above him... and these are directives issued from the highest offices in Poland.

Face it, you are Indian and different and so dont expect to be welcomed with red carpet.. Respect comes from nationality and not by colour and ethnic origin... India does not warrant respect in Europe yet.... and be patient and stick around and in 15-20 years India will be China and then you can produce your travel documents with pride at airports. I am frequently mistaken for a Western national and people seem embarrassed or uneasy when I tell them that I am an Indian from India. Its quite amusing sometimes.

Lastly, I strongly advise you to stay on at your job in the UK and save money and gather work experience and then come to Poland...also Poland is not Scotland and there is a lot of unemployment here.. You are a smart man who may have completed a good degree in the UK.... but that will not pass muster here.... you will be viewed as an Indian... and Indians may be a lower priority for work permits than other EU nationals. Polish professionals seek to move to western Europe in order to make more money and you seek to do the opposite.. take money very seriously my friend.. as it takes you seriously.

Your money took you to the UK to study and got you a good job... and your money gave you the chance to meet a lovely Polish girl and gave you true love... Your money also gives you confidence to leave your job and travel to Poland. so don't treat money making source-- your job --lightly.

I am Western educated Indian myself and take my word for it... one lovely Polish girl does not mean that all Polish people are nice and looking forward to having you come over and take her away or worse still live and work in Poland.

I suggest that you continue to work in the Uk and have your Polish girl friend fly over at weekends to the UK... there is no airport here in Torun, but there is one in Bydgoszcz, a neighbouring city. It should cost your 50-60 quid to fly her to the UK and also help you develop your relationship.

Being apart , gives you time to reflect on your relationship and also lets you meet other women and compare... if you still miss her then its true love...also she gets to think whether she really loves you. You see each other at weekends and so you have time to spend alone and develop your self..

Don't marry because you are lonely ...but because you have something beautiful to give her and also to get pleasure while you give to a good person. Marry her because she is already complete but needs you to attain greater perfection..sound silly I guess, but its true...

well, let me cease my ranting and hope you have a wonderful love story.. I am also here in Kujawy give me a shout if you come to Torun for short visit. I also suggest that you contact Viru who is based in Elbag and has been here for 6 years... and listen to his sad story and rise to riches... before you come to Poland for a longer stay.


Oops !

I forgot to add that from April this year, Indians and Polish citizens both have to pay for visas to vist either countries.. In pass both countries issued visas free... so dont worry about that anymore..Poles are paying $$ for Indian visas too... and I have a Polish friend who worked in the Indian Embassy in Warsaw and find the conducts of Indian bosses really crappy.

Thats all for now.

One last post before I sleep..

Sanjay, check out the helpful information in the PF Love and relations for the thread

Are Indian - Polish relationships possible ?
24 Nov 2007 /  #216
Thanks Indya for your was only my personla opinion and experience. It was really great to hear your opinion....You are right and it does make sense.....

Once again thanks...

Indya - | 19  
24 Nov 2007 /  #217
Czesc, Sanjya,

Thanks for the post... I just got back home after clubbing and had met some lovely lovely Polish girls... and even 3 guys I had a long conversation with in the clubs..... There is a great night life scene here... give me call if you get here... I left my number in my last post... hope it falls in place for you... bad things happend to goood people... but of good people stay good...they get to the top...No worries mate, I will be in Poland till you come over to visit.

25 Nov 2007 /  #218
Czesc Indya,

Thanks for the offer......I was also in Monaco club in torun.....nice babes out there....I was dancing all night but i was the only indian there...and people were starring at me like they have never seen like me before...

Good experience


Hi Indya,

How long you have been there in torun,,,,and what you do for living.

How long you planning to stay and what motivated you to settle there ....pls. reply


Hi Indya,

Can i have your telephone number...maybe i will give you call and we can talk for some time.

Cheers and thanks
Indya - | 19  
25 Nov 2007 /  #219
czesc, Sanjay,
It will be nice to hear from you ....
I am available at +48-ekpan, chattees, tees , unchalis aur anth main aat..
mornings are good for me... or anytime after 8pm in Poland.. Poland is +1 GMT now.

Hope you had a great weekend as I sure did... Poland rocks and with a littleoutside help Poland will a fantastic country in 5-10 years... for everyone.

25 Nov 2007 /  #220
Hi Indya,

I tried to talk to you....i am not sure if it was you.....someone said "Shut up".


can i call you now indya???????????/
Indya - | 19  
25 Nov 2007 /  #221
czesc Sanjay,

nice to talk to you for an hour.. Thanks to PF... Ihave made contact with some interesting people recently..your girl is a lovely Polish beauty and I am happy for both of you..You loook very happy in the pictures.

good luck with the book that you are writing and also with your business venture... and I hope we meet up sometime when you are here in Poland again..


sameerwarsaw - | 3  
28 Nov 2007 /  #222
hello everybody here ... Namastey to all Indians here and Czesc to all
Polish friends here.....:) I am Indian living in warsaw please keep in touch bye
amitgargi - | 2  
28 Nov 2007 /  #223
Hi All,

I am moving to Warsaw, Poland from India next year in january. Can anyone please let me know the living cost in warsaw. How much 1 bedroom appartment fully furnished cost and daily living expenses? What are the tax system in Poland how much foreigners working in poland need to pay? Do we have indian shops there to purchase indian cereals, pulses, rice and atta etc?

sameerwarsaw - | 3  
28 Nov 2007 /  #224
hello. its sameerwarsaw here ....welcome to in Warsaw is not expensive when you are sharing flat if you are sharing flat then it will cost you like 300 Zt + bills ... if you want seprate one room flat it will cost you like 1200 Zt included all things ...(i mean good flat with good location no problem there,good communication etc.)....talking about daily expenses its not too much its all depends on you...single person 150-200 Zt per month you can eat good food ofcourse if you now cooking at home if outside then this limit has no limit hehehehe :) tax system is clear here if you are working then employer is cutting your tax like 20 is many Indian shops where you can buy food and there is many Indian restaurants..... so no can buy easily Indian cereals ,rice atta problems in this just you need money for that ......hope for the best take care and write me if you want more information.....thx
Zeze 9 | 79  
28 Nov 2007 /  #225
tax like 20 percent

1200 Zt included all things

if you are sharing flat then it will cost you like 300 Zt

single person 150-200 Zt

all of the above are Bull Shite
sameerwarsaw - | 3  
28 Nov 2007 /  #226
how you can say about this ?? who are you ??/
1 Dec 2007 /  #227

I would like to give you a unbiased advice....hope you are adult enough to make your own decision.

Poland is a nice country to live in but i would not recommend you to study there as these studies are not that recognised in UK and US market....similar to india....(indian education is far more superior).

I would suggest you to go for your studies in UK or US.

If you do post graduate study in US..they are right away giving you 5 years permit...2 years to study and 3 years to work..which make lot of sense.

Uk is another best option...come to scotland and study any post graduate study for 1 year and you will get 2 years Fresh talent scheme to work in Scotland.

Getting job in UK or US is very much easier ..........Currently i am in scotland and finish my studies and working for morgan stanley in glasgow.

In Uk, the minimum wage is £5.50 per hour even you are in unskilled job such as Cleaning or hotel.......So if you work part time , you can earn upto £500...the living expense for food and house is approx. £ 300 and still you can save upto 200 per month.......If you work full time, you can save enough even after your personal expenses.....Full time can earn you between £800-1200 per month.

Make wise decision as one wrong step will lead to destruction and you will lose your years as well.........

Poland has an unemployment rate of 14% and if you dont know the language than you should forget about working ( decent work).

So best of luck for your decision............
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
1 Dec 2007 /  #228
(indian education is far more superior).

Superior to what ?
3 Dec 2007 /  #229
I am sorry about my wordings Grzegorz...i did not mean to place indian education on the top.......We have very similar education as compare to UK and most of the UK and US universities have their branch in it is far more easy......

Thats all..

Take care

El Gato 4 | 351  
3 Dec 2007 /  #231
I'm trying to estimate the level of sarcasm you used when you wrote that....
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
3 Dec 2007 /  #232
Papa is funny but If they study there in English then maybe It's really a better option, so... not "extreme" in this case :)
amitgargi - | 2  
4 Dec 2007 /  #233
hi all,

thanks for the valuable information. Actually I moving to warsaw for work and not for study. I am an IT professional and moving thru my indian company to warsaw for work.

What about cold winters in warsaw. I have heard its too cold in warsaw and temperature may dip to -20C in winters. What extra clothes do I need to bring from India?

Amit Garg.
Yadapshrestha - | 1  
4 Dec 2007 /  #234
i am interested to come to poland

Hello Bharat sir ,
My name is yadap shrestha and i am from nepal. age 27 . sir i am trying to come there in poland for study. can u give me any suggestion , about living studying and working.

you can email me at this address ---yadapshrestha@yahoo
rafik 18 | 589  
5 Dec 2007 /  #235
What about cold winters in warsaw. I have heard its too cold in warsaw and temperature may dip to -20C in winters. What extra clothes do I need to bring from India?

you can buy clothes when you arrive..
wilson2008 1 | 1  
7 Dec 2007 /  #236
hi i am wilson from dubai. Indian, 24. Just curious, Are there any marriage agencies in poland?
12 Dec 2007 /  #237
Yes you will get everything here if you have money.Do you have any girlfriend...If you have girlfriend then it will be no problem. It will take four or five months for all procedure..I know few lawyer here they also do this kind of cases...i have lot of experience in these things.......................................
nickknock - | 19  
14 Dec 2007 /  #238
I think a furure problem that will be coming to Poland. is the same problem in the UK, out of control third world immigation. I think Poland needs to strengthn its laws quickly before it becomes a problem!
farooq - | 6  
24 Dec 2007 /  #239
hi bhrarat i am coming to poland could u help me getting a job and accomodation
26 Dec 2007 /  #240
Hi, a friend on mine wants to move to Poland to work there, but he has no idea what its going to be like there and has asked me to find out for him. He's Bangladeshi and does not have much education.

Is there anybody who can help me out here? I would really appreciate it.

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