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12 Dec 2009
Life / Consider going back to Poland? [90]

I miss Poland terribly. I even miss the dirty winter streets, with mud from under the buses spraying on my coat. It's that bad.

Then go back. Why you sitting in UK?
9 Dec 2009
Life / What should I name my female child? [44]

What does the mother of the child want to name her? She gave birth to her and was with her all this time, the decission of naming her should go to her.

I also don't like when people name their children after their dead relatives. Why? This is a fresh, new person not gramma or aunt or someone else in the family that died.
6 Dec 2009
Life / Why are Polish people so ruthless? [87]

I know exactly what AnglikMan is talking about.
Some Poles in America act the same way. Once they get what they want from you, then you are nothing. You help them get jobs, get their paperwork in order so they can be here legally, get them a place to stay, a car etc. and once they get everything they can out of you, you are not needed anymore and you become a turd.

Of course not all Poles act that way, but it's usually the ones who are less intelligent and greedy for money to show off their friends and relatives in Poland what they have. And once they get situated in Chicago amongst other Poles, they don't need to learn English anymore.

But I have noticed the same pattern over and over with Poles coming to the US.
5 Dec 2009
USA, Canada / Are ther any Free Colleges in the US to join? [10]

And you can't just come to America to study, you need to be accepted in a college first and pay the tuition then apply for a student visa. But nothing is free in America. We work hard and all our money goes for taxes and to other countries, while we here are homeless. Thanks to Obama - the quicker fuker-upper.
2 Dec 2009
Food / Polish Hot Chocolate [7]

hot chocolate is not that popular in Poland actually

You can find hot chocolate, but harder to find hot kakao.

what the green sauce that comes with pizza in Poland is?

it's called "moldy ketchup"
28 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

For centuries we have been the worse part of Europe, looked down on by other Europeans

That is what some uneducated Poles believe and that is why things happen the way they do in Poland. This is their view and that explains why when they come to America they think they should get everything free, that Americans should pay for them, that USA should abolish their visa. They don't return when their visa expires and look for illegal ways such as marriage to a US citizen to stay legally instead of returning back to Poland and make something out of their own country. The intelligent Poles stay in Poland while the less intelligent ones come to America, stay illegally and forget how to properly speak Polish anymore. To them "karpety", "kary", "nepki", "insiury" becomes a language. The intelligent Poles don't mix English with Polish. Those Poles believe in their country and should be respected because they know Poland is a beautiful, full of history country and don't care what others think of them.
20 Nov 2009
USA, Canada / "Zaklęci w czasie" [7]

" The Polish series M jak Miłość" is translated as "L is for Love".
A "dead end" in an American movie was translated into Polish as "zaułek śmierci", which would be fine, but the "dead end" was a dead end road, which means "no way out" or "np exit" not a "death trap" lol
20 Nov 2009
USA, Canada / "Zaklęci w czasie" [7]

"The time traveler's wife" will be showing in Poland Nov 20th. Polish title translation "trapped in time" is incorrect as it does not mention the wife who had to put up with the guy who keeps popping in and out of her life.

I thought it was a dumb movie anyway, wonder how well it will do in Poland.
17 Nov 2009
Study / School in Poland - "hellish torture? [20]

hellish torture for the first few months.

You mean for the entire time you're in school.
Polish teachers are mean. They will make fun of you in front of the whole class if you pronounce a word wrong, if you're dressed differently or if you're fat or if you didn't answer the problem correctly. They will degrade you and tell you you will never amount to anything and will try to put you down.

I know this because I have experienced this when we moved to Poland and I had to go to school there. One teacher told me I will never get into high school because she was jealous that I was from America and I spoke several languages and was smarter than she was. Another teacher was making fun of me because I couldn't pronounce "chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie" and since I was only 8 years old, at that age you tend to remember and retain a lot so I remember all those bad experiences with evil teachers in Poland. And I went to schools in Warszawa and in Kraków, same mentality all over - "how can I let a student down to show that I am a teacher and I know everything".

Couldn't wait till I could get back to my own country where I graduated with honors from my master's degree from several colleges.
12 Nov 2009
Food / Why did Taco Bell leave Poland? [82]

My city has more Mexicans than your entire state!

Many Mexicans are migrant workers coming upstate from the south for the summer harvest season. You see many of them picking pickles, onions, strawberries etc.

The Mexicans in Milwaukee have taken over the south side which was a Polish neighborhood at one time, forcing the Poles to move out. The streets are in Spanish, the stores which were Polish stores are now Mexican stores.
12 Nov 2009
Food / Why did Taco Bell leave Poland? [82]

There's a big difference between authentic Mexican food and authentic Polish food.

What is that big difference?
Authentic. Do you mean that it's prepared by native Mexicans or Native Poles?
Authentic. Is it made with Mexican beef or Polish beef?
Authentic. Is it because foreigners get sick when Mexicans prepare the meals right on the streets with dogs and rats walking around. I went to McDonald's when there. At least I knew it was authentic American food controlled and inspected so I won't get salmonella poisoning. Many foreigners do get sick on Mexican food because their body is not used to their bacteria and viruses.

That's why others get sick from the piggy virus strain because it comes from another country which is not hygenic.
11 Nov 2009
USA, Canada / How do I reach any Polish in Chicago looking to rent a room? [9]

I have found the polish to be both nice and dependable

Some are better than some blacks and Mexicans who have their own drugged up dirty, dangerous, gang neighberhoods. Many Poles are here illegal and they try not to get into trouble because they might get deported.

Contact "Dziennik Chicagowski".
Also go to Walley's, Rich's or other Polish store and put up an ad.
9 Nov 2009
Life / What are people in Poland REALLY saying about 'swine flu'? [41]

On the Polish news a few days ago, a Polish man said he gets a flu shot every year and never gets sick. But one year he didn't, and he got sick. So he thinks his body gets stronger with the shot, but it's actually the other way around. If you get flu shots every year, your body becomes dependent upon them instead of fighting it by itself. Now this person did not get his flu shot once, and his body was totally unprepared and did not know how to fight back, so then he got sick.

Flu shots weaken the body's immune system.
9 Nov 2009
Life / What are people in Poland REALLY saying about 'swine flu'? [41]

If all masks are gone in aptekas, that's a sign of panic. But where did they all go? Don't see too many people walking with masks because it looks dumb and Poles are always concerned with how they look. I think they are panicking on the inside but don't show it on the outside.
7 Nov 2009
Work / I'm 19, born in Poland, raised in the U.S. Moving to Poland..or not? [25]

i LOVE the girls there and not the fat and ugly black, spanish, andamerican girlsin new york....yuck!

Grass always seams greener on the other side. And if you believe the girls are better in Poland (ha ha) then you have to experience it yourself. But don't cry running back that they only liked you for your money.

life in th US isnt the most relaxing

see if it's more relaxing in Poland. If you can get an honest job.
4 Nov 2009
Love / Polish girls lying [193]

and yes, raising them is pain in the ass, which means, it's lots of work...

Not when you enjoy it :)
They are worth more than any guy, they are your life, nothing can compare to a child which is the biggest treasure and miracle in the world. They are part of you and life has no purpose without a child.