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Big Rob   
17 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / Have you considered excercising less hostility towards the British? [29]

but they put tea in their milk... crazy i tell you... crazy...

Mmmm milky tea... Lovely! Just not the same with a slice of lemon.

you go to portsmouth near this southampton little place i tell you the women all look like these trolls from under the bridge i tell you... ugly as sin and fat as a sack of potatoes...

We have to ship them somewhere as the North is getting full now. Quiet literally... its all those stodgy lard pies! (and I don't mean dog) but if the cap fits???

I turn Southmapton into one big car wash.......

Good idea! Not too far for me to drive to get mine washed.

Are Kettles Black?? :))

I think they are exactly the same shade as a pot. ;)
Big Rob   
1 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / Unemployed due to Polish who work in the UK [126]

Thatcherism enabled the UK to regain economic competiveness

and drive down the independance of the individual by offering cheap housing, which of course everyone jumped at the chance, but the clever back lash of not being able to fight back against the employer for fear of loosing your job. The morgage company doesn't care about morals. Unions therefore lost the ability to wield power or influence over the government. For anyone not following... The government gets total power over the people.

and set the stage for unprecedented growth.

Not since the Industrial revolution, but you do have a point. Cheap labour was used then as well to the Governments advantage.
Big Rob   
1 Jul 2007
News / Polish-German Relations in the Present [697]

I liked Clinton better for the good he did

Absolutely. It is a shame that he had to lie about it though. If he just came out and admitted it, then I for one would have had more respect for him. He has won this back for all the good work that he has done and positive results gained since those days.

I observed over the years that (especially afte 9/11 and at the building up to the Iraq war) many otherwise intelligent, charming, likeable people became thin skinned nationalists who reacted to EVERY critic at Bush or his policy as if attacked personally and lashed back out

They may have well of said "Anyone who doesn't like war is GAY".

Such was the motivation of the USA. But Hell, something like 60% of Americans cannot point to Europe on a map. And there are more of us than them! Just a shame that they are the ones with their finger on the nuclear weapons.

Tell that to the Poles after the recent sex scandals.

I did like that story. Most amusing! Almost better than hunting for witches!
Big Rob   
1 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / The British workers denied jobs because they can't speak Polish [45]

Amongst my friends the 'Daily Mail' is known as the 'Hate Mail'. They take a tiny little bit of hate and blow it out of all proportion. Yes, every English person would hate to be turned down from a job because they couldn't speak Polish. Was it pointed out to them that most (perhaps not all) English people wouldn't want the job in the first place?

I am thinking not.

This problem is a general racist problem, but with a grain of truth. The amasing thing I find is the reaction of the 'average' polish person to the much more recent wave of Slovak labour that has arrived in the country. (Southern England is my perspective on this). The Polish reaction is a lot more hate filled than the English reaction to the Polish.

I am not speaking of an individual against another individual, but of a general community feeling.
Big Rob   
28 Jun 2007
Life / Try it - move to Poland! [33]

Not sure what the starter of this mistake post was but just wanted to add on to the

Better to try, love and lose than regret it for ever in my opinion ;-)

Better to regret what you have done, than to regret what you haven't.

and whilst were on the subject, my 2 favourite quotes are...

Life is not a dress rehersal


You know your drunk if you are clinging on to the floor, trying not to fall off. This one is roughly the quote, can't fully recall the accurate version.
Big Rob   
25 Jun 2007
Love / Why do people judge me because im an english girl with a polish man? [14]

I know exactly what your saying, when I say that I'm trying to learn polish, most people ask why. Being a 6 foot 2, skinhead, that weighs about 17 1/2 stone, (and a slightly stroppy temper), I don't get a lot of hassle about it though. So that is probably the difference between us. My lady is also safely tucked away in Poland, so we see very little of each other. So no public hassle as yet?!?

some people can be soooo racist that it scares me.

My friends know that I am as soft as a ***** cat, but I like to play with the stereo-types, but I am never racist in a genuine way. Some jokes are funny, but they are just that... jokes. I have on many occasions decided to not join in some of the topics here, because I get soooo angry with the racism envolved.

The automated blocker said that ***** cat should be blocked so here is the correct if misunderstood version... A young or baby cat.
Big Rob   
15 Jun 2007
Love / Do Polish men shave under their arms ? [45]

"Back, sack and crack" is a common expression in england, or at least my area. But that is not to say it's commonly practised. If it is, it's not really spoken about because of the connotations of gayness.

Just an after thought... No one thinks a hairy back is attractive and women generally are not bothered about armpits or the 'sack'. It's a case of each to their own on that. Some prefer blonds and some prefer brunettes, it's not much different.

I'm not shaving my chest for anyone though!!! I have to keep a little of the monkey in me!
Big Rob   
14 Jun 2007
Love / Why do you suppose the Polish guy I'm dating refuses to speak Polish? [22]

I heard of a similar thing a few years ago, of someone working in Sweden, I think. They were English speaking for the first 25 years of their life and after living in Sweden for 5 years, started to forget a lot of English. Perhaps this is the same situation?
Big Rob   
1 Jun 2007
News / Tinky Winky from tellytubbies outed in Poland [145]

Aparently not, have you read this thread :)

Ok, I stand corrected. Common sense should be applied in any situation. is good to prove my point.
Big Rob   
1 Jun 2007
News / Tinky Winky from tellytubbies outed in Poland [145]

Winnie the Pooh is supposed to be female too.

Is that in a 'female' german athelete way? (For any female german atheles... Keep up with the injections girls... who knows, one day you might win something).

And I am going to take a wild stab in the dark here...

'Queer eye for a straight guy' and 'Queer as folk' are not going to be shown in Poland. But there again that may be down to the fact that they are both s**t.
Big Rob   
18 May 2007
Language / Tips for me or any really good audio books to learn Polish? [14]

I did a google search and got the link... "byki/" is this the one? The file to be saved was an .exe file which can be a little dangerous unless you truly trust the server, and seemed very small to be of any use. Is it just a gateway type file (i.e. just allows you access to the site)?

If no one knows its not a problem, just didn't want to go any further without a bit of advise!
Big Rob   
11 May 2007
Love / Polish Womens bodies [126]

She means that Big Rob can help sb get rid of a narrow ass.

Don't think that was the point made and decided to ignore it, just to save a rant that would turn the air a darker shade than blue! But I like the way you put it. Much nicer. I have a slightly jewish mother attitude towards feeding people, for those that don't know this expression, to sum it up its basically... eat, eat, eat. It's healthy!

You have to remember that Polish women have dreadfull tempers like the Italians! They are never easy to live with and get decidedly worse with age!

Polish women are very strong minded, I do have to agree. But I find that an attractive point. Why you ask? You know exactly where you stand. No lies and no mucking about... and they are more passionate for it.

Too all the men, which do you prefer... A quite woman that is expecting you to pick up on an almost imperseptable hint of wanting something (which as a man you blatantly wont pick up on), or a woman that will just take you and show you what she wants. I know where I sit on this, but I think I was a rabbit in a previous life!
Big Rob   
7 May 2007
Real Estate / Foreigners: Please don't buy Polish Land! [823]

you come here and take our jobs and push our wages down why cant we bennefit from each other? we both joind the euro didnt we?
Poland will see the bigger bennifit as our factories move there and you lot take all our manual labour work in england

Really going to stick my neck out here... English sarcasm is needed... euro I presume that EU is meant. This being a given...

Many English/ British companies (as well as other nationalities) have already moved to Poland due to the low labour costs, now that may not impress the polish, but please imagine what your reaction would be if the situation were reversed. Everything else he said is true. Sorry but it is. If you want to argue, live my life and then reply. I like Polish people, I have a relationship with a Polish woman and have Polish friends with property in England. Please have this in mind before your reply!
Big Rob   
7 May 2007
UK, Ireland / How expensive is living in UK/London for one person? [23]

Well when you get to check back in, I think you will find London a lot more multi cultural than Poland. Mostly for the better. Everyone is alot more understanding in the 'City'. Suburbs... I'm not too sure about.
Big Rob   
7 May 2007
UK, Ireland / How expensive is living in UK/London for one person? [23]

Only a stones throw from me then! Not so sure about the football club, but I'm not a follower of football, so will keep my mouth a bit zippy like from now on. Any major city should be good, but the cost of living is seriously reduced the further north you go.

slwkk... You are right that London is the best place for jobs and the pay that you get. Computers only speak one language, so don't worry. I hate London so I wont try and influence you about that choice. I am a country boy, fields and woodland is my thing. The previous post was meant for uk in poland by the way. Sorry if there was an confusion!
Big Rob   
7 May 2007
UK, Ireland / How expensive is living in UK/London for one person? [23]

Not wanting to delve into what you do, because your potential earning is greater than mine! But I would advise anyone that London is the last place to live as a single person. If it is possible to find similar work in another city, then that is the better route to take.

But based on the figures that you are saying it would be perfectly possible to go with your plan.

I know this doesn't really help you, but wanted to say that other cities would be much more reasonable on your wallet.
Big Rob   
3 May 2007
UK, Ireland / polish food in UK Tesco's [28]

excuse me .. but a job is a job regardless of the company and it fits in nicely round my little ones schooling thank you kindly big rob!

My many apologies. I was just trying to highlight that its not a GOOD job. I work for them, as well as 250,000 others, and many of us think exactly the same. The point I made was simply a warning, not a wider political comparison. SORRY.

Tesco has a lot of fingers in many pie's,(Nie pies, but much funnier) 25% stake in walmart's chasing company for their investment and technology for their home delivery knowledge, and a 50% stake in a major worldwide electronic company. 100% sure there is a lot of other stuff that I don't have any knowledge of! They are bigger than we even know or disclose to the public. I may sound like a way out lefty, but work for them for 7 years, with open eyes and you will see.

But yes, you have to pay your own bills firstly!
Big Rob   
23 Apr 2007
Real Estate / Advice on what Polish city to invest in.... [101]

I think Giles is right, there is a lot of talk about the tri-cities. If its not working well finacially, you could always go beach combing for amber? If nothing else it would be a good side line!
Big Rob   
20 Apr 2007
UK, Ireland / polish food in UK Tesco's [28]

Oh dear, another person that works for tesco. Run for the hills!

A Polish friend compared the way tesco runs it's company to the communism that he experienced in Poland. Thats is all I will say! Just remember... you don't have a name, you are just a number! But it pays the bills.

espana... good for you. we don't either!
Big Rob   
13 Apr 2007
UK, Ireland / Help needed - Calling all Polish persons living/working in London [60]

Very sorry to hear the above story.

A word of advise to anyone who expects anything useful from the british police... Don't bother. Victims and criminals are treated just the same. It's very rare to have a nice experience with the police, and the police still wonder why people take matters into their own hands. It's because the police are stupid and lazy. There are a few exceptions, but its very rare.

CCTV is there to prosecute people, not help people. Some how they think this is serving the community?!? See my above point about stupid and lazy. The proper and most effective way of dealing with most 'common' crime is to have a local bobby on the beat. Someone who knows the community, gets to know the children (and their parents) and is not held back by 'red tape'.

Life is not a free ride, to take what you want is not a god given right. The sooner that children are taught that they cannot get away with everything, the better. Nip it in the bud is the motto.

I know that I sound like an old gittish bore at this point but, I have several friends that went off the beaten track, so to say, when they were younger. The opinion that I give you, is simply an expression that they have passed onto me.

This applies regardless of race or gender.
Big Rob   
12 Apr 2007
UK, Ireland / The Welsh Language [14]

The Welsh is extinct if people stop teaching it. END OF STORY. Children are the future in case you didn't know.
Big Rob   
12 Apr 2007
Real Estate / Foreigners: Please don't buy Polish Land! [823]

I think every country in the EU can see prices changing. I think within the next 10 years, it will be Poland complaining more and more, but after that the tables will turn... Poland is right in the centre of the Map, Hell why did Germany want to take it... It's the cross roads to everywhere!
Big Rob   
12 Apr 2007
Life / Question regarding Polish women vs Jobs abroad [110]

Giles, yet again, banking on your side of the fence! In basic (and I mean this in its most of basic forms! kkustron, You are pointing out the fact that the Jewish faith has an ability to provide the education and support network that is needed to give a proper educational system?

Back to the origional thread.... It's easy (bardzo, bardzo). Go for the available jobs. A traditional available job for a man is labour. The same is true for a woman. It has always been the case of a 'trade skill' for a man. E.g. Plumber, Electrician, brick layer etc... and the same for the woman. These skills need little qualifications. I do not want to sound sexist. I personally find that women are much more important in society than men, after all, who raise the next generation of both female's and male's?
Big Rob   
12 Apr 2007
Real Estate / Foreigners: Please don't buy Polish Land! [823]

Oh dear GOD how I hate to be drawn back into this debate... but here goes...

Uk Guy... Will I F>*K give an apology to a racist bigot. Please see the comments from Giles. Couldn't agree more.
Big up yourself Giles. Sorry to sound homie ish, but it fits! (and thank you to Lee-England) I know that I am not the only one to hold 'my' views, but there are so few of us to express the wide felt open arms approach. I also get the feeling that the opposite is true, there are very few that welcome with open arms in Poland!

For everyone... capatalism or communism... to round off A LOT of rough stones, that is the way the world works. Love it or hate it. It doesn't matter, its true. (This is purely my experience...Communism is fine in principal, but is corrupt by capatalism and Capatalism is all well and good in a fair state... but is run by people that have a communist ideal)
Big Rob   
10 Apr 2007
Love / Are all Polish girls skinny? [85]

Second that excellent call, and keep on saying it myself. Girls are skinny, but a WOMAN should have curves. :)