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29 Sep 2009
Work / Does anyone know If you can register as self employed in the UK while in poland [8]

I expect your right delphi. I'm a complete newbie in these areas.

I need to read up on this 185 day rule.

I was thinking I could put in a tax claim each year as you're supposed to. So I would still be committing tax evasion?

The only reason I ask is a Polish friend of mine did something similar, and thought I should do the same. I was told many Poles do this from various foreign countries as a way to avoid paying ZUS.

oh well
29 Sep 2009
Work / Does anyone know If you can register as self employed in the UK while in poland [8]

Interesting, I really want to see if it's possible or worthwhile.

Basically the idea was to just find a cheap way to work as a native speaker over here.

I'm asking because, as you know, many English schools prefer to employ self employed native speakers so they don't have to pay ZUS (or in effect pay your ZUS indirectly at the lower self employed rate).

My plan was to register myself self employed in the UK as a freelance English teacher but do all my teaching in Poland, whilst living here at the same time.

I've been told this will be considerably cheaper than paying my own ZUS.

So are you saying anyone I taught for would have to pay me in euros?
29 Sep 2009
Work / Does anyone know If you can register as self employed in the UK while in poland [8]

Does anyone know If you can register as self employed in the UK while living in Poland? So that you pay National Insurance to the UK and therefore become exempt from paying ZUS.

I have heard of Polish people doing something along these lines. Any Brits doing the same? I've been told it is much cheaper than paying your own ZUS when self employed.
29 Sep 2009

I guess it all depends on who you want to believe. We have all read articles stating that either is true. The vast majority, be us British or Polish or all Ants! Pushing pens, brooms or buttons for the select few that have all the power.

To sit in hope that changes in immigration are going to improve your quality of life is idiotic, thats something you have to do for yourself.
17 Sep 2009
Life / Big foot trouble in Poznan [7]

hey popems If your still looking for shoes poznan panorama maybe worth a visit. There are a horrific amount of shoes in this place.
14 Sep 2009
Work / Advice for Job hunting in Poznan [7]

I wouldn't get too worried, You should be able to find English work in or around Poznan. I did the same as you and handed out a dozen or so CV's, I too have not heard anything yet. I think the next month or two is when you should hear back from them.

I managed to get two jobs quite easily working out of the town, there seems to be plenty of demand outside of the city for native speakers, although I really want to work in the city.

you should come along for a drink on Friday
21 Aug 2009
Life / Deadly Roads - "Are polish roads really THAT dangerous?" [139]

whats the deal with zebra crossings here? I gotta say I dont feel so safe when using them. Admittedly in Poznan drivers seem to be a bit nicer, but elsewhere I've been waiting ages to cross, and when I do it's a nervous half sprint to the other side.

Jumping red lights seems to be a common thing too.

I wont mention the train service.
20 Aug 2009
Life / Internet Problems in Poland, need help connecting. [26]

Hi, I just had a man from inea come to my place to sign papers for internet and tv etc..

He said as mentioned above we could pay 5zl to connect more than one computer to the internet.

He also said you can either pay this 5zl or buy a router, which is what I plan on doing.
20 Aug 2009
Life / Polish Residency - Zameldowanie to be abolished? [49]

I forgot about the health insurance. UK EHIC, thanks will have to get hold of one, I wasn't sure exactly what they were after.

You say a polish bank statement for the last 3 months, I opened a bank account a few days ago, so I'll have to wait another three months then?
20 Aug 2009
Life / Polish Residency - Zameldowanie to be abolished? [49]

I got my zameldowanie yesterday and it was surprisingly easy. I had my contract for my apartment which I think had the landlords signed agreement to give me and my partner zameldowanie, I had my passport, and I also had my partner with me to help fill out a little form.

The whole process took about 30 minutes, they used my girlfriends ID card at one point of the procedure (what for I dont know).

next is a karta pobytu which doesn't look as easy.

they said I needed 4 copies of my passport, 3 copies of the application form and proof that I am being paid regularly by an employer.
31 Jul 2009
Love / Could our relationship work despite the language barrier? [34]

Some polish girls can be very shy when it comes to talking in English purely due to confidence(I'm sure it's the same for any foreign language speaker). But once you get them talking they will be fine. Ok they grammar and word order may not be perfect but you will still be able to get to know each other.

I think it's to do with talking to English speaking people and making mistakes with the language, so rather than make mistakes they may say nothing at all, which is much worse.
26 Jul 2009
Work / In Poznań from the 10th of August, will I be too late to find a job? [5]

Thanks, Will have a look. I was on here earlier in the year prior to doing my TESOL and got some good advice.
Just feeling a little worried incase I'm going to be too late to find work.

I've read August and september are the months when vacancies appear. But have also seen a few job ads from may, june and july. I Was also told by my TESOL teacher to get applying asap.
26 Jul 2009
Work / In Poznań from the 10th of August, will I be too late to find a job? [5]

I finished my TESOL in July this year, in the UK. I've been living in Zawiercie for the last week and a half with my girlfreind, and we will be in Poznań from the 10th of August.

Will I be too late to find a job? I've been looking for any online vacancies in Poznań, but I have not found any advertised on daves esl cafe or on (is this the norm)

I'm planning on going around the schools in person looking for a job once I get there. I have read this is a good way to find work in Poznań, will I be too late to find work once I get there?

Would it be necessary to cold call any schools I can find online before I get there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
25 Jul 2009
Love / Do Polish guys think getting physically violent with a woman is OK? [40]

what about really old men or disabled men.

I think stephen hawkins was abused by his partner, is this true?

A girlfriend of mine threw a dart in my head once, i didn't hit her but part of me wanted too.

It really hurt!

I hate it when women use this to there own advantage or to get other men fighting with each other.
4 Feb 2009
Life / Drugs for a cold/fever in Poland? [11]

Take two Gripex, then put on some trousers a T-shirt, jumper, socks and a hat and lie in bed all day. Sweat it all out.

Im currently living in the UK but my partner is from poland, she buys all her medication from home and brings it over here, Gripex work really well very strong though.