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16 Jul 2009
News / Buzek. another step to abyss? [41]

but Poland is not.

well, you stated quite the contrary in your first post...

No comments, actually it is you
It's not fiction.. but believe whatever you want. As for hatred I don't know a single polish person holding a grudge or being hateful towards Russians.

The one actually important thing is "he is pole"

I'm sorry but that's just drivel, nationality doesn't bias anyone - there are as many "point of view"s as there is people living..

Russia is selfsufficient

I don't think so, from what I heard there are parts of Russia that are under regression. Roads disappearing, towns dieing out. It's not a sign of a selfsufficient country.
20 Jul 2009
Life / Will my ps3 work in Poland with a normal 3pin-2pin adapter? [25]

- Would it even work with the NTSC and PAL differences?

PS3 is region free - there shouldn't be a problem with games. You can buy them anywhere and they will play just fine. I'm not sure about movies and ps2/psx games..

From what I've read Sony Poland doesn't accept US guarantee. Of course most of blue-ray and dvd movies are being sold region free - and yes games bought in europe will work.

Check your ps3 voltage supply, if you have a japanese version of the console which is only 110V you'll need a voltage transformer. If you have your standard US supply which is 110V - 240V then it will be perfectly capable of working with polish 230V you just need to buy a proper plug.. Read the manual anyway : p
21 Jul 2009
Life / Comedy of communist absurd 'Mis' by Bareja [13]

You can download subtitles from here if you've got the movies video file ( of course only if you actually bought the original movie wink wink)
21 Jul 2009
News / Riots in Warsaw KDT 21 July 2009 [18]

It looked pretty nasty.. it's hard to image something like that could happen in the capital. Tranders where using fire extinguishers against those people from the security company, barricading entrances at the same time. But I kind of agree with the cities president, they had a lot of time ( 2,5 year that is ) to make all the arrangements, they didn't, and now it was just an ordinary crime.

From what she said on the telly all traders who has taken the way of consent will get a replacement for their loses. I can't wait to hear Kaczynskis yelling about how unapropriate it was, trying to mould the clay before the elections..
21 Jul 2009
Life / Poland Vodka Production and alcohol drinking culture [16]

That's a nice piece of history in a tone of communist propaganda ( but jokingly ) about polish vodka in the times of communism.. but unfortunately it's in polish ( well at least you can get some pictures )

There's a moment when the lector is saying that in times of communism when there was no money and you could only get food and other goods for food cards a persons monthly ration of vodka was half a liter a month and at one moment around 5 millions of poles were alcoholics.

The whole document is about "legendary" vodka with a red label / "sheet of paper" or "wódka z czerwoną kartką". There's a vodka by the same name produced by polmos right now, but it's only a marketing trick. ( And it's awful from what I remember )
24 Jul 2009
Love / How does Polish men feel towards Asian girls?? [137]

Most Polish man probably didn't have any experience with Asian girls. Although I know few people who are self-appointed otakus. All due to the fact there was lots of anime on the telly in the late 90s, they are all into japanese schoolgirls stuff...
24 Jul 2009
Work / Did someone say "Work in Poland"? [8]

Doesn't internship work that way, if you are good they are just hiring you? Why didn't you stay in the company you had internship in? As for web design can't you still do it remotely from Poland?
25 Jul 2009
Love / Do Polish guys think getting physically violent with a woman is OK? [40]

From what I know, probably the same everywhere, domestic violance is mostly connected to abnormal and pathological environment poor uneducated families with a history of alcohole and abuse - and the story repeats itself with every next generation. In communities of well educated people chances of a deviation are much much smaller.
25 Jul 2009

I think it's due to the fact that having late children is becoming trendy nowadays. More and more young couples choose a free lifestyle over responsibility and attachment.
26 Jul 2009
Life / Will my ps3 work in Poland with a normal 3pin-2pin adapter? [25]

similar tv in poland?

I've just checked, a Deawoo 42'' 720p plasma costs around $606.8 in local video goods supermarket. A samsung may be a little bit pricier. And you could probably buy one cheaper in an internet shop.
28 Jul 2009
Life / Wonderful Poland.......but the attitude of Polish people [150]

The Poles tend to harbour grudges and ill-will longer than other nations.

Oh come on, just because there's a history and politics discussion on the forums you can't generalize like that. It's not like Poles are walking around and when they see a foreigner they yell how they were left alone during WW2. It comes out during discussion because it's an important part of these discussion, especially if it's about history.

The only time you can hear it while being in Poland or outside of Poland is when you read newspapers or watch telly - because politicians are bringing it up time and time again, it's the way most of politicians behave, by digging up different fossils from the past. You don't hear polish people bantering about it.

Of course when people are quarelling different things come to mind, so in the same way american kids spout stuff like uk would be german without the help of united states during ww2 - same way some Poles may react during an argument. It's not a national trait.
28 Jul 2009
UK, Ireland / Scotland encouraging immigration. [90]

I'll be moving to Scotland as software developer soon, hope you'll greet me with open arms kerbcrawler.
29 Jul 2009

hehe first two are from a well known rhyme that is:

W antryju na bifyju stoi szolka tyju. : p
antryj - przedpokój / hall
bifyj - kredens / cupboard
Chasiok - kosz na śmieci / litter bin
fach in polish means craft, but I'm not really sure if it's the Silesian "fach" : o
gibsdeka - sufit / ceiling
kopruch - komar / mosquito
tasia - torba / bag especially one of those plastic bags
I forgot what raja means..
that's all I know without googling.. I'm not a 100% ślunzok :/
29 Jul 2009
Life / Internet in Poland [8]

if heavy internet using means illegal downloading movies and games then I guess you'd need something around 30Mbit.. in that case UPC should be enough for you it operates in Krakow.
29 Jul 2009

All Poles claim Poland

Bollocks, I claim that UK and Ireland are better than Poland. That's why I'm gonna move there.
30 Jul 2009
Life / Love for Dangerous Dog Breeds in Poland [9]

Not skinheads but chavs, I mean the local chav breed "dresiarze", wearing cheap sports wear imitations, walking around with their pitbulls, dobermans or amstaffs..
30 Jul 2009
Life / How do Polish people see Deaf people in Poland? [14]

In the UK

There was a conversation about that not so long ago on LBC, that people - especially various services don't treat impaired with due respect and care. Many callers were furious..

As for Poland, I live near a school for audially impaired kids and from what I've seen people don't react to them in any special way, just treat them like other kids. That might not be the case somewhere in the country.