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Will my ps3 work in Poland with a normal 3pin-2pin adapter?

coventrywarsaw 3 | 3  
8 Jul 2009 /  #1
this is my first post....
i am moving to warsaw at the end of august and was wondering if my uk ps3 will work there with a normal 3 pin-2 pin adapter or will i need something else?

will i still be able to go onto the playstation servers via wi-fi and play online with friends in the uk? any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
Ob1wan - | 19  
10 Jul 2009 /  #2
Hi coventrywarsaw, I have my PS3 out here in Poland and my Wii. All working fine! I have my PS3 and Nintendo plugged into a 2 pin adapter no problems. I am also using my English Netgear Wireless Router, but I run my PS3 through the cable as its better for online gaming, less chance of the WiFi dropping out, but yes it does work on WiFi ok, same with the Wii. I have setup a Polish PSN account so you can buy downloadable content in Zloty, but I can still use my UK account as well. Also using my US and Japanese accouts no problems either.

If your using a Wii, you have to set it up as if you were in England so make sure you set it for UK region not Polish or the online Nintendo store wont work. Found that out by tial and error! Hope that helps? Any other tech questions, feel free to drop me a line. :))
frd 7 | 1,401  
10 Jul 2009 /  #3
oh my god, xbox 360 is so much better than ps3...
Ob1wan - | 19  
10 Jul 2009 /  #4
Its just as good as PS3, but I like the benefit of the blu-ray player! :) How does the Xbox fair in Poland? Any problems with XBL?
frd 7 | 1,401  
10 Jul 2009 /  #5
Xbox is more popular in thevish Poland because you can download and copy software for it by yourself.. simple as that.. and no problems with xbl.
Ob1wan - | 19  
10 Jul 2009 /  #6
Maybe I will have to get another one, can just see the g/f rolling her eyes now! lol

Do you still have to flash the DVD drive to hack the Xbox 360 to take dodgy software?
frd 7 | 1,401  
10 Jul 2009 /  #7
You still have to flash the drive, I didn't do it because I don't have that much time for games anyway so I just have few of them. Beside I'm a programmer that would go against my ethics ; )

As for xbl, there's one problem, you need to make an account for uk or us, can't have one for Poland - because xbl is not officially in Poland. I was thinking about getting ps3 but I liked the "socializing" aspect of xbox, the whole community system with voice chats and jumping into games with friends was an instant "win" for me.
Ob1wan - | 19  
10 Jul 2009 /  #8
Yeh the chat thing linked up to your MSN messenger is good and thats where Sony need to improve PSN, but PSN is free unlike XBL no monthly subscription, so that sold me as well. But hey, glad there is another tech head on here as well! Maybe we should get a thread going for some online gaming?? :))
frd 7 | 1,401  
10 Jul 2009 /  #9

but the yearly supsciption for xbox live is really cheap .. I actually don't mind it, people who are into mmorpg's like World of Warcraft are paying much more for a month..


I can have some fun with Oracle, just don't bring js anywhere near me ; )

Damn, I went for some shopping, I'm coming back, and that's what is left of this nice geek thread :/
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240  
10 Jul 2009 /  #10
people who are into mmorpg's like World of Warcraft are paying much more for a month..

so you buy a game and then pay more to play it online as well with others? geeze! lol

just don't bring js anywhere near me ; )

oh come on, i'm the nerd magnet lol
frd 7 | 1,401  
10 Jul 2009 /  #11
so you buy a game and then pay more to play it online as well with others? geeze! lol

Yup, people who buy World of warcraft, to play at all, need to pay a monthly fee, the game is addictive enough to be responsible for a quite a big number of divorces,break ups, and layoffs especially in states. Some companies stated that they will be asking candidates if they are world of warcraft players during interviews.

oh come on, i'm the nerd magnet lol

I meant js as java script - a programming language :)


As for you question about gamer thread, there's already one thread like that somewhere.. so if you want to discuss anything beside technical console stuff we can switch there ; )
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240  
10 Jul 2009 /  #12
I'm happy to know your opinion on 3pin-2pin adapter

well my hair straigteners and phone charger work smashing with it! ;D
Wroclaw Boy  
10 Jul 2009 /  #13
I'm happy to know your opinion on 3pin-2pin adapter

My opinion on the above is all UK (3 pin) electrical appliances work just fine with a 2 pin adaptor. Better still just buy a load of two pin plugs and re-wire them, its not rocket science mate.
19 Jul 2009 /  #14
Here is a question for you all,
I am going to be moving to Poland from USA in a few months and was considering bringing my PS3 with me.
1- Would it even work with the NTSC and PAL differences?
2- Would it get fried the second I plugged it into the wall?
3- Would games purchased in Europe be playable?
I am selling my car but I just can't seem to bear to lose the ps3.. so sad
SRK85 - | 72  
20 Jul 2009 /  #15

Sell your PS3 now and buy one in Poland. They have awesome packages like this one.
20 Jul 2009 /  #16
I think everyone is missing the obvious here in that the PS3 has just live and neutral wires and no earthing wire, so in the UK the earthing pin on the plug is redundant anyway.
frd 7 | 1,401  
20 Jul 2009 /  #17
- Would it even work with the NTSC and PAL differences?

PS3 is region free - there shouldn't be a problem with games. You can buy them anywhere and they will play just fine. I'm not sure about movies and ps2/psx games..

From what I've read Sony Poland doesn't accept US guarantee. Of course most of blue-ray and dvd movies are being sold region free - and yes games bought in europe will work.

Check your ps3 voltage supply, if you have a japanese version of the console which is only 110V you'll need a voltage transformer. If you have your standard US supply which is 110V - 240V then it will be perfectly capable of working with polish 230V you just need to buy a proper plug.. Read the manual anyway : p
25 Jul 2009 /  #18
so i understand the electronic differences, but now would the ntsc and pal formats of tvs make a difference? if so is there a converter out there to solve the problem?
frd 7 | 1,401  
25 Jul 2009 /  #19
You shouldn't have any problems, maybe only if you have a very old tv, most if not all tv's sold now can read both signals. You can always check in the tv's manual.. or look it up on the internet.
26 Jul 2009 /  #20
so it seems that new tvs with hdmi will have no problem. older standard definition tvs will have to support both ntsc and pal formats in order for it to work. new question.. i bought a 42 inch 720p samsung plasma for $750.00 brand new any chance of getting a price like that for a similar tv in poland?
frd 7 | 1,401  
26 Jul 2009 /  #21
similar tv in poland?

I've just checked, a Deawoo 42'' 720p plasma costs around $606.8 in local video goods supermarket. A samsung may be a little bit pricier. And you could probably buy one cheaper in an internet shop.
26 Jul 2009 /  #22
that doesn't sound like too bad of a price.. man i wish i could just bring all my stuff with me.
BevK 11 | 248  
27 Jul 2009 /  #23
It's really not worth the haulage costs though ...
28 Jul 2009 /  #24
i know.. but over the years you accumulate so much stuff.. now i have to narrow that down to two suitcases and possibly a box or two to mail.
frd 7 | 1,401  
28 Jul 2009 /  #25
It would be easier to carry a projector instead of a huge tv, and it's a blast to watch movies and play games with such equipment.

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