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31 Oct 2007
Feedback / Forum suggestion: What about Polonia - Ireland? [65]

As an Irish person (south) Ive no bother with UK & Ireland. As Uk is 58m and Ireland is 3.5m (then add foreigners of which up to 200k is polish)

UK & Ireland would best represent the Polish scenario on the Isles. IMHo
30 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish as Irelands Third Offical language? [123]

Nuair ata tu ag bualadh le dadine i dtiortha eile, ta se tabhachtach no sanna na tire a chionneail i gcumhne agus aird a thabhairt othu.

my irish wouldn't be the best, but that was a very strange translator you used. I know we have 3 main dialects and so subject to variation. but i have to say, lets stick to english ;)
26 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish as Irelands Third Offical language? [123]


you'll have to read the article to find out.
id imagine to legimise further the community as a new part of the national identity(?)
However, thats one of many possible intrepretations of the article.

I stand by post no.102

Who pays for this relevant information and the cost of translating it?

why, we all do - thats our taxes for you. the part our gov't pay to EU, this is part of the spend.
dont bother giving out about to me though, ive no say in that :)

its a needed function in a society with several languages though wouldnt you agree? (seeing as not everyone speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Itallan, Polish, Portugeuese, Czech, Slovak, etc etc till the cows come home.

google "offical EU languages" and you'll see how many.
26 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish as Irelands Third Offical language? [123]

bottom line is that Polish is an everyday language here with English (to a lesser degree Irish).
Polish is available in the workplace, govt depts, schools already.

what the article wanted was to have it recognised as an offical language under the Irish Constitution, which is not required and as mentioned above, not even sought by the local Polish here, if it was sure no harm, it can go through the democratic process as all things.

As we are all in Europe anyway you see, it is redundant as English, Polish & Irish are official languages and as such, relevant depts are obliged by law to provide material etc that is required & requested by member citizens.
26 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Polls for Poles in the UK [178]

i don't want other countries political votes happening here (UK), i know that stopping that stops them but i hope you understand what i mean, its not the polish people its not even poland its the situation

so hang on,

will the apply to british citizens abroad so? Unless you are in britian you cannot vote in a british election unless you are in britian? overturning decades of international community policy and diplomacy? What about the armed services abroad? what about the GB citizens who happen to be working in Dubai or warsaw? By your merits, your saying you wont allow the british government to organise, pay and allow GB citizens overseas (ie in other countries) the ability to vote? Because that is in effect what you are saying about the Polish govt have done in the UK (and in many other places.

newsflash - this kind of thing was going on long before EU btw.
immigration...Tornado, the former british empire is responsible for a very large amount of forced migration you know. before the EU, how many indians, africans were 'taken' to GB and colonies? but its ok, because they had no vote at home so i guess you can disregard this paragraph.

the makeup of the GB population is more varied than white british male and has connections to many countries around the world.

these people are british and should they go abroad are entitled to vote in british elections abroad. the GB govt organises, pays and allows this by the grace of international law - the converse is. they allow other nations to organise, pay and allow other nations to do the same.

there is no cost to the uk tax payer
there is no laws imposed on the gb citizen as a result of such election (as there is none when a GB citizen does the very same abroad)

it is not an EU law, it is an international law, that PREDATES EU.

there is zero impact on the british economey of this act.
save the scene that you see people exercising democracy.

I truely feel from your original post, you objected largely to there being a GB cost to this, now you've conceeded there is not and merely have you 'back up' now

AS i dont think you would want the GB citizens right to vote abraod removed either.
25 Oct 2007
Work / Studying and living in poland from Algeria [5]

email universitys for prospectuses on courses etc.

use google

type in a polish city

followed by 'university'

and results will follow

alot of courses can be found

some even taught in English!

No shortage of them

the websites will tell you what to do next. how to apply. et cetra et cetra,

That is all the advice on your question that I can imagine we could give you here(?)
24 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Polls for Poles in the UK [178]

but it doesn't affect them or the UK wallet, they each pay for there own respective elections.

additionally, the UK and other EU gov't do care, unlike you (as you've stated), to allow EU citizens fullfill there democratic rights.

Why would anyone object to such?
24 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Polls for Poles in the UK [178]

why does the UK care about that???

why does France, ireland or poland care about the Uk in the reverse situation?
24 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish as Irelands Third Offical language? [123]

we have made england our home.

and welcome :) witamy! ;)

under EU you are entitled, as we are, to settle ANYWHERE we all like in the EU.
And as such, will be provided for (as ive outlined, are being provided for) in the Republic of Ireland :)

24 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Polls for Poles in the UK [178]

hang on a minute, uuuummm i'm thinking of history and in particular the persecution of your country by the very named :) Your country suffered some of the WORST treatment by the NAZI'S.

Im irish mate ;) born & bred. and the UK was singled out too for some pretty nice nazi attention if i recall ahem, the UK was fortunate they never got the chance eh wot.

Theres no contradication to being a member of the BNP in England. There is a contradiction in being a Polish Nazi.

yes there is, the BNP is a facist movement, wanting to remove foreigners from the Uk (ie anyone who doesnt look or sound like 'them'. being a polish nazi is confusing, but so is being a nazi full stop. it is a viewpoint that fuels hatred, racism and so forth. I wouldnt go out of my way to say being a a nazi in England is any better than being a polish nazi :)

simple, if you cared that much you would be in Poland to vote and care for your country, if not then forget it :)

again, im irish mate. However, should we prevent UK citiziens worldwide from voting in UK elections so? i think not. The UK is apart of the EU and it allows all the members to do the same as they allwo for the UK. (point made about the 300,00 french citizens, do you care as much about that point? je ne sais pas!

exactly i think he missed my point about things been backwards this weekend

...just because people don't agree with your point of view doesn't mean they misunderstood you :)
24 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Polls for Poles in the UK [178]

Secondly i then watched a program about polish football hooligans and NAZI'S yes NAZI'S in POLAND!!!!!

what about the BNP and NAZI's in ENGLAND (or indeed anywhere in the world)

Then i hear that we have polling stations in the UK for Polish people to vote for the elections in Poland

i am far from happy that we have polling stations in the 'UK' for other nations elections.

However this is a step too far

This simply put is the EU. They are Polish citizens who have a right to vote for Polish government. Its called postal votes.

Ireland has this and even the UK does. believe it or not, this happens in other countries! any UK general election and you are, lets say in sudan, brazil or even Poland - you can still vote! head to the embassy and voila! now, it so happens that there are SO many Polish here in the UK & IRE so there is more setup to accomodate the larger demand - the same would happen for GB citizens if there were huge volumes of them in ANY other country. its how its done.

i have probably missed some points and lack a few facts but i only hear about this yesterday so its a bit of a reaction rather than planned discussion.

noted. it was the conclusion i came to when I read your post.

Nazi's & hooligans exits all over the world (the UK included) so its nothing new or to be pinned on Poland.

Polish people voting for polish elections abroad is nothing new either. as pointed above, a UK citizen can do the same abroad also.

I hope this has helped illuminate.

take care
24 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish as Irelands Third Offical language? [123]

For a point of information.

The Irish government departments do infact deal in Polish where possible and required. In the local dept of social welfare (to get PPS numbers to work & claim benefits) signage in Polish is a prevalent as the signs in English.

whether or not it needs to become an official language - i think wait 20 yers is best - to see if integration is a long term effect or just a short term movement.

As Ireland & Poland are members of the EU, the respective gov't DO infact need to work in English, Polish, Irish as the case may be. (as English, Polish & Irish are all offical EU languages)

I agree with Puzzler that most poles here do not have the idea that Polish should be an ofical language her as it is not required as the state depts already provide translation for them if required and information is avail in polish already as it is in English and Irish.

If the Polish community truly wanted it so, it would be no problem to discuss the proposal as with all things in a democratic country & Union.

na razie!
22 Oct 2007
Language / Translations of Gadu-Gadu [158]

lol oops my bad, i mean i no longer needed them, i got my mates to switch to msn & google talk :) sorry
12 Oct 2007
News / Is the E.U. good for Poland?? [180]

ou expect a serious disscussion and all you can offer is blind EUnuchism... little robot.

pot calling the kettle black? Grzegorz, i replied toyou post number 4 and you cannot respond so you resort to dodging the issue and move to emotiveness. fine with me ;)

Another choice would be to remain an isolated country, which was not the option as far as I am concerned.

quite agree, Poland has so much to offer.
12 Oct 2007
News / Is the E.U. good for Poland?? [180]

build,,,what?....if all the young people are overseas

not all - and you should know, therr is so mcuh under construction today in poland - so much renovation etc. alot is happening in modern poland, with 75% at least funding by the EU. good for Poland, poland good for eu
12 Oct 2007
News / Is the E.U. good for Poland?? [180]

It's not inflation but your "investors", who without EU were kept away.

This is scaremongering, they amount of investment you percieve by foreign investors is not that high - we've been though this before you and i and you're were proven wrong then too.

Go back to my #4, a bit more sophisticated than your 3 lines

we "get money from EU" but in practice It is anti-Polish dumping, because western farmers get much more

if polish farmers got the exact same of french farmers it woul dbe disproportate. You'd have 'millionaire polish farmers' in POland - CAP is all about maiking farmer practical to earn a living - the french farmers for eg would argue they dont enough either (and they do arge this) as the costs in PL and FR are differet

so for Poland It would be much better If the CAP didn't exist at all.

Really?> so rather than get some money to help, even if you perceive it as a little, you think its better if they get no money, ergo, no help at all? please!

In 2007-2013 budget we "get" something like 88 billion EUR but netto It probably won't be more than ~25 billion --->

individual opinion with no basis in fact or reality & even if, 25bn EUR is better than NOT getting 25Bn Eur which would be the case if Poland were NOT in the EU.

and that's within 7 years in a country with 38 million people - avg ~94 EUR per person a year, so nothing really impressive, I spend more on newspapers . And in the next budget we will probably netto get not much more than we pay into and in long term...

that is very small minded view - the money goes on schools, roads and infrastructure. which is the foundation stones of any economey to BUILD a strong economy. You must build these first before you can build wealth and this is already visible in Poland as it was in the WEU in the first 50 years with the TGV en france, eurostar, moterways, airports etc etc. free movement of people and goods etc etc -

if Poland was not a member, it could not avail of these - how is that good for Poland?
12 Oct 2007
News / Is the E.U. good for Poland?? [180]

And 250% more expensive flats,

inflation happens regardless - prices go up because people can afford it, not all but some. and as such its the some that can keep it as such - its basic economic principles and happens without any help from the EU or with. it would still be happening in any growing economy, just like poland

huge money lost thanks to reductions in CO2 emisions

come again? facts, figures, where are you getting this from? kyoto?

and other "goodies". Screw EUnuchs.

scaremongering mate. playing on emotion rather than cold hard fact.

You've not offered any substantial arguement as to why Poland would be better off outside the EU.
12 Oct 2007
News / Is the E.U. good for Poland?? [180]

~5 billion EUR in 3.5 years, "massively" indeed.

5 billion more than you would have got NOT being in the EU grzegorz.
Not to mention the fact, this still equates to OVER 75% funding for Polish infrastructurte programmes.

The EU is great for Poland and Poland is great for the EU
9 Oct 2007
News / Is the E.U. good for Poland?? [180]

Lukasz, do you really have to be so anti-Semitic ?

That makes no sense,

just like Poland not being in the EU. on its own, any of the 25 countries is smaller and has a harder job ahead of itself to survive economically.

The EU has allowed EU citizens, which includes Polish, the abilty to work, live and educate in many places it had NO access to only a few years ago

Look at all the EU funded projects in Poland alone, The difference I see in Wroclaw & Warsaw alone is amazing.
8 Oct 2007
Travel / How much is a pint in Warsaw? [15]

I got 'pints' in pubs for around 5zl, 7 - 15zl in the centre

off license is best though!
7 Oct 2007
Food / POLSKI PIWO [14]

Find any Red Guinness?

no im afraid - can't find it on the emerald isle! will send regular ol guiness though given the time :)