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Editing topic title by Admins or Moderators

Admin 32 | 1,530   Administrator
25 Nov 2006 /  #1
Q: Why did my question asking why the title of my thread was changed be deleted?
mods please answer.



A: Admin and moderators have the right to edit the topic title or the posted message. In this case we edited your title from something like "Your thoughts on GG" to "Poles using online chats..." because some if not most posters may not know what "GG" means and your post was referring to all online chats, not only Gadu-Gadu. For more information read the [] Privacy and Rules section.

Here are some important tips on [] how to compose a good thread title.

davidpeake 14 | 451  
8 Oct 2007 /  #2
Admin, who are the moderators, I mean there online names?
8 Oct 2007 /  #3
The Polish Forums Team


Tomasz Bartłomiej (Admin, Webmaster)

David (Daffy - Senior Moderator)

Zgubiony, Gosia, Robert, Tom (Moderators)
daffy 23 | 1,508  
8 Oct 2007 /  #4
PolskaDoll & Porta also, needs to be updated ;)
8 Oct 2007 /  #5
who even cares whos moderator here? kinda wierd question
davidpeake 14 | 451  
8 Oct 2007 /  #6
hmm weird question maybe for you. but you have posted alot of stuff i don't see the validity of on here.
Dice 15 | 452  
20 Mar 2008 /  #7
The old title of a thread 'Open letter to the European Comission for embargo for my deportation' was changed to 'Open Letter to Europenian Comission 20/01/2008'. Why?

IMO the old title created by the thread's author gave us a little insite to his way of thinking. And most of all it was funny!

There are plenty of thread titles on PF with grammatical errors and nobody changes them. So why changing this one?

PS. BTW, it's 'European Commission', not 'Europenian Comission' :)

It wasn't changed. It was merged to an already existing topic.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
18 Jul 2008 /  #8
Editing topic title by Admins or Moderators

If your gonna edit the tittle could you not sex it up a bit?
Instead of "My Polish gilrfriend cheated are all Polish people like this", you could change it to "My Polish girlfriend cheated with three of her girlfriends, I have pics".

A bit Jerry Springer I admit but it would pull the punters in.
Obviously this is just kidding to lighten the mood, the forum gets serious when not needed (and not serious enough when needed)
Vote me for Mod,
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
18 Jul 2008 /  #9
LOL That would be a funny thing to do :) If I was the Rogue Mod, I would.
plk123 8 | 4,150  
18 Jul 2008 /  #10
hey, what happened to my thread? it was a good one too. i have questions you know? lol

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