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23 May 2009
Feedback / - the iPhone App [9]

Yea that would be cool too
I'm thinking that at 99cents an app it would be a small earner and that when people search polish on the iTunes store you'd get a result. As if you do it now you get a few dictionaries etc.
23 May 2009
Feedback / - the iPhone App [9]

I'll try, I am a robot after all ;)

On the iPhone, you can access the internet via a web browser called safari (apple's version of Internet Explorer or Firefox).

It's generally pretty good but its a small screen and you have to zoom in and out a lot which affects the user experience.

So some sites create an iPhone friendly version of the website or an App(lication).
The App, is a possible revenue generating source for however.
And can be designed to allow a better mobile experience of

Hope this helps.
23 May 2009
Feedback / - the iPhone App [9]

Im saying it would be cool if there was one.

At present i'd have to use the native web browser (safari) on the iPhone and the user interface would just make it be, a bit of a chore. Like it would be to facebook.

But, FB came up with a user friendly App, I use that a bit as im on the go and love the iPhone. I miss and I think, if we had an App, i'd post more :D

23 May 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish Beer in Ireland! [13]

Oh Gods I hope not!
Heineken bought my Fav local beer recently.


It will still be made...just by a Dutch Company (granted still in Cork, but it's, just, not the same ;) )

  • Pint of lovely smooth creamy Beamish
23 May 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish Beer in Ireland! [13]

Hi all,

Just to let you know that top quality beer made in Cork and imported from Poland is available readily from Pubs, Shops, etc etc.



That I can see, I'd like to see Warka though.
Though, its great we have a good selection compared to 20 years ago.

Any other places in Ireland where you can find Polish Beers on tap at your local?
23 May 2009
Feedback / - the iPhone App [9] - The Free iPhone App :P
Oh ok, 99cents App.

Reference the Facebook App for iPhone as what it could be like.
I know Facebook is different. I mean how FB on the net versus over the App is worked.
It's a nice adaptation.

I'd be able to post more this way as I'm always on the go.

daffy D :)
23 May 2009
History / Territories of eastern Germany should rightfully belong to Poland? [161]

EU going down in Poland if it up to Poles. And, its up to Poles.

Yea, so far so good - you've got the EU just where you want them.
Yea, ask for membership, accept membership, be among the best perform and participating EU countries, Join many EU intiatives from energy to defense.
Yes, True Poles dont want the EU. The other 37 million are just people who speak Polish...have polish passports...coincidently live in poland...all there lives...but are not true poles...

Crow :) I am amazed you see evil. Lighten up is my opinion :)
23 May 2009
History / Territories of eastern Germany should rightfully belong to Poland? [161]

Ive got to give crow credit for persistence 14/02/07 - 23/05/09

Re subject title, my own two cents are that Germany and Poland are both in the European Union and it is time better spent moving forward than backwards.

That dividing land while we are moving towards greater unification of the european peoples does not serve the peoples.
22 Sep 2008
Language / Translations of Gadu-Gadu [158]

God its great to see this topic is still alive and well :)

Is GG still the number one PL instant messanger???
Or have ppl migrated to MSN/Yahoo/Google?

(and hello to all :D)
27 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Do Polish immigrants wish to stay in UK - long term? [92]

Ah thats not fair, I knew and all my friends whom i spoke about the film knew Marketa was czech (we like the frames and indeed the film!)

I imagine its the circles we move in. We love films for example, music too and so it didn't even seem odd to 'know' where they came from
6 Mar 2008
Travel / Best car hire company at Wroclaw Lotnisko [7]

and watch out for 'fake' taxi. make sure to ask for the price first and try familiarise yourself with the route

i got fleeced first time to warsaw - my fault, was too tired to care till i paid 3 times the odds! (60 zl instead of 20zl) - take care!
14 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / Why so many British can't spell ? [83]

Hello all, my two cents (being an Irish person, in Ireland and being 'british' geographically and not politically (being apart of the british isles).

Spelling, while important, is not the be all and end all. It is communication. English is one of the best languages in the world in that it is easy to learn and be understood. Polish and Chinese are languages that pose difficulty to many people not from those countries and can take a long time to master.

There are many considerations, education, medical (dyslexia), colloquialisms (Telephonica mentions this very well) and so forth.

Spelling is not a uunique (;P) british trait or Irish or Polish or specific to G (random check of posts). When we are more focused on the message, sometimes we (and I include myself) brush over spelling at the expense of urgency and haste. It is not correct but it is one more explanation to the list.

Re the tests. When a test has the results on the paper - it is not a test worth its weight.
It is a good thing to know that the Polish are intergrating in there new home's though. Just like the Irish of old to Austraila, America, etc :)

besides, it's just G stirring the pot at the end of the day ;)

Take care all!
19 Dec 2007
Feedback / Gowno, etc. -- auto-censoring bad words on forums [20]

I understand the concern, but since the forum owners follow their own development plans, I think they might want to consider some more lax rules in the translation forums.

Point taken, though it is a discretionary matter not a compliance matter. The site owners can make the forum any which way. Im quite sure we can find (or create) a swear forum or indeed a polish swear forum - such is the internet

A quick google search would reveal - or event the free to host forums to create a new one.

As for offensive language, few would be at a loss for words if they wanted to offend others, even if vulgar expressions were unavailable.

Indeed, and the site team has decided to exclude a select few words that carry 'extra' derogatory weight. Again - it was a select few abused the 'abuse' that forced the etiquette hand of team.

Thanks for the reasonable answer.

We are nothing if not reasonable where possible!
19 Dec 2007
Feedback / Gowno, etc. -- auto-censoring bad words on forums [20]

the censor i imagine is to avoid users using these derogatory words to another user.

the adult use of these words is not prohibited however the use in the derogatory sense was dominant over the adult use so it has to be censored to try avoid insult to injury.

valid point about the polish swear words but english is the standing order language here and as such is the language dominantly used to demean other members (some polish swear words are censored i believe)

needless to say, it is the very few who misuse these words too often that ruin it for the rest of us.
21 Nov 2007
Life / Freemasons in Poland [41]

another i heard from a guy who heard from the horse who knows the guy who heard it from the person who....

horse radish! total horse radish. there is no proof man! your merely playing of fears and adding to speculation.
21 Nov 2007
Life / Freemasons in Poland [41]

polish freemasons (according to net) are around 500 in number.

I image to reasons.

1. the papel bull prohibiting catholics from being members (as PL is largely catholic)

2. WW2, Along with Jews, Gypsies, the freemasons were sent to concentration camps also (as political prisoners.

In the US, UK (&former commonwealth areas), western world by and large Freemasonry is larger, more open and so forth.

My understanding is that few poles seem to know about FM but what they 'know' is that it is anti-catholic, devil worship, atheistic, controls/hopes to control the world. All of which is speculation and passing stories from one unimformed, to another. So I take it with a pinch of salt that ignorance of a thing (and to be fair - freemasons in PL with such a persecution, remain very quiet. Doing this image no favors at all)

However, they are not uncontactable - there is a website (google Polish freemasonry) and you'll find out more from the freemason's point of view too.
8 Nov 2007
Life / Taxi costs in Poland [10]

I do not understand what you are trying to say in your last post.

(btw - im moving this to random chat in a while as we've gone slighty off topic)
8 Nov 2007
Life / Taxi costs in Poland [10]

Google them Crow.

Try Lot, Centralwings for your flights.
Try the PKP etc for bus/trains etc etc
Try the tourist websites for regions
and business sites for investments.
4 Nov 2007
Life / How much do you HATE POLISH PEOPLE and POLAND [1260]

Just ignore the troll - everytime yo react to the posts - you just create more reason for them to reply.

ignore them and report them so the admin/mods can deal with it easier.