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27 Sep 2009

You are wrong. :):):):) Having know-how and knowledge is one thing. Applying them in an effective way is another and it requires intelligence.
Well, I am reporting what my ex-students tell me when we get into contact. They all say they were surprised to see the messy organization in their workplaces upon their arrival there. They helped to sort it out, got due respect and decided to stay.
27 Sep 2009
USA, Canada / Are you Polish and looking to IMMIGRATE TO CANADA? [9]

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada I will be able to let you know your best options in terms of establishing yourself and/or your family members here.

No, I am not. I have settled down in Poland for good. I have a good job which allows me to bring fat bacon home and get respect from people.

I feel happy here. As a teacher, I work 9 months a year, having 3 months free for summer, winter and religious holidays.

Life is beautiful in Poland.

But you must know English and be intelligent, of course.
27 Sep 2009

Everyone discuss this - Are Polish people taking our jobs or doing our jobs?

Yes. Intelligent Poles take British people`s jobs. It is normal. More intelligent guys push less intelligent out of the labour market.
Let it be an incentive for the British to study harder and develop their intelligence.
24 Sep 2009
Life / Lolek i Bolek Main Polish Export Article? [7]

...I was just wondering, what is the main Polish export article? Something that is known world-wide and yet is original from, or was first produced in PL?

Vodka Chopin or Sobieski?
12 Sep 2009
Life / Controversy about funshops with recreational drugs in Poland [50]

So, has anything changed since you opened this topic, in Spring? What's the status of 'legal drugs' shops now? Are they banned or are they still running?

They are still operational. :):) A few days ago I heard that municipal authorities here and there have started another harrassment campaign, e.g., by sending tax -evasion hunters to the shops.

I also heard they are cooking a new law in the parliament which is going to make those "boosters" illegal.

For the time being, shops are doing well.
9 Sep 2009
Work / 5 months looking for a job in PL and nothing! suggestions? [22]

I'm not after the 4000zl/month jobs, I was offered this from Comarch which I find pretty embarrassing.

You are right. Specialists like you shouldn`t accept such humiliating conditions.

The question is: how long are you able to live in constant denial?
9 Sep 2009
Food / Polish-Style Chicken Soup (Rosol) [16]

I got this off of

I don`t go to such pains cooking chicken soup. I just pour water over chicken and boil it till meat is so soft that it falls off bone and melts on the tongue. Simple.
9 Sep 2009

Every year is the same. Polen invasion every spring. Even in Japan.
9 Sep 2009

The Huns are up their old tricks again, spewing anti-Polish hate propaganda in the border town of Görlitz. When will they ever learn?

Again? I read first articles about it in May this year....

Those neo nazis are persistent guys....

Do they still claim that Arbeit macht Frei! ?????
1 Sep 2009
News / The most spectacular errors in Polish politics. [264]

status of Racowie`s lands doesn`t influente Poland. Interesting
i must notice Pawiane, you are crazy as electricity


OK, tell me, what impact has Kosovo on Poland if it is under Serbian rule or independent?
I still claim the impact is zero in both cases.

I thought the thread is about errors which had a major influence on Poland and Poles, usually with tragic consequences.

Kosovo is unimportant. Most Poles even don`t know where it is on the map.

Be serious, all Kosovo guys!!! :):):):
1 Sep 2009
News / The most spectacular errors in Polish politics. [264]

I mean the last 100 years and there are not too much of them (mistakes).

1. Polish annexation of Zaolzie 1938, the tiny part of the pre-war Czechoslovakia.
Kinda Polish cooperation with Hitler.

2. Warsaw Uprising 1944 - Poles should have never trusted Russian commies.
Or Russians at all.

3. Polish support for Kosovo irredenta (separatism).
Excuse us, Serbian friends - be forgiving.

I agree with the first two points.

But point 1 requires certain development. The annexation of Zaolzie was a result of Polish government`s silly shortsightedness. If they had been really wise, they would have set a military alliance with Czechoslovakia against Germany. Polish army was obsolete but numerous, Czechoslovakian was little but perfectly equipped. Together they would have posed a hard nut for Germans.

But Zaolzie made both nations blind to German threat. Pity.

2. Yes. 200.000 dead, ruined city and nothing gained, only the tragic glory. One of biggest Polish mistakes.

3. I can`t agree. Kosovo has no influence on Poland at all - whether Poland supports it or not, it doesn`t matter.
23 Aug 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

[i] 04.08.2009

Former Polish Foreign Minister Adam Rotfeld is a member of NATO's `Wise Men' group which is to outline a blueprint of the alliance's strategic reform. The group is chaired by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and includes representatives of Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Greece, Turkey and Latvia.

Poland's permanent representative to NATO in Brussels, Boguslaw Winid told the Polish Press Agency: "We are delighted that, thanks to our efforts and primarily the high recognition of Mr Rotfeld, the new Secretary General appointed him to this group."

23 Jul 2009
News / New York Post : "Polish" Death Camps and more [278]

nd that most of the cemeteries were either destroyed or neglected.

I am replying to this one only, because I don`t have time now, we are leaving on holiday on Friday and I am very busy now, one month of holiday requires 2 days of preparation.

As for neglected cemeteries, it is normal in Poland, also in US and other countries. There is one old Polish cemetery in Krakow, crumbling and shabby.

If old Polish cemeteries are neglected, do you expect special treatment for German ones?
Come on......

PS. Why don`t you open your PM box?
22 Jul 2009
News / New York Post : "Polish" Death Camps and more [278]

Not at all. But the excuse 'Stalinism' looks decidedly dodgy when talking about things that happened more than three years after his death. It's a bit like blaming Hitler for the Kielce pogrom.

You just don`t know the history of 1950s. Stalin died in 1953, but the system, by pure force of inertia, continued to murder even after his death. E.g., Polish pre-war officers were tried and sentenced to death in 1954.

Political prisoners were released after Ocotber 1956, the time when stalinism finished in Poland.

Except for "final solution" (I admit that was on purpose), nope. I'm just trying to make you guys use your brains (if available...), take at least some responsibility for Poland's past, and stop lamenting about how badly the Poles are treated.

OK, it is yuor right. But why are you doing it by means of truth distortion and pure lying , is a mystery to me..... :):):)

It must be very comfortable to forget the negative things of Poland's past. They did carry it out
Here we go again: just another stupid excuse.

I agree, although you cannot seriously blame the crimes of the Polish communists on the Germans.

No. If any crimes were committed on innocent Germans by Poles, and we know there were some acts of retaliation for the horrors of the German occupation in Poland, I am not going to sweep it under the carpet.

I don`t need to make up any excuses. I can openly admit: yes, a few thousand Germans, some of them former Nazi functionaries or Volksdeutche, but also many innocent ones, including women, children and the elderly were killed or left to die in concentration camps run by Polish communist forces, controlled by Soviet NKVD, after the war.

Well? Satisfied?

1. Was the German population forcefully removed from Pomerania, Silesia and pre WW2 Poland?
2. Were thousands of people tortured and killed in the so-called labour camps of Poland?
3. How many people died during the expulsion of the German population?
1. Yes
2. Yes, by Polish camp commanders and guards and, most likely, with the acceptance of their superiors
3. Lowest estimates: 400000 - 600000 in the course of the expulsion measures
You do the thinking. And don't tell me it was all the Russians fault and the Germans deserved it.

As for point NO 1, it was the allied powers which decided about the replacement of German population. Hence, go to complain to US, Great Britain and Russia. Poland had nothing to do with it. :):):):)

As for point NO 2, I already commented on it above.

As for point NO 3, most German victims took place during the winter evacuation from the territories taken by Soviet offensive in 1945. Scared Germans tried to run away from the Red Army but they died en masse on roads and in bombed cities, e.g., Dresden.

Poles had nothing to do with it.

Why are you distorting the truth in numbers 1 and 3 and demand that Poles acknowledge someone else`s sins????

Don't call someone else an animal if you behave like one yourself.

How can I call you? Liar, liar?? :):):):):)

Nah. What the Poles did was to destroy most protestant churches and cemeteries.

Another lie. I drive through seaside areas every year. Not a single church was destroyed, they stand sound and safe. I have hundreds of photos. Of course, they were converted to catholic sites.

PS. Hey , I am still waiting for your translation of the German text. I thought you are proficient in German, so quickly you offered me the quote to discuss.....

Or are you better in Russian??? :):):):):):):)
22 Jul 2009
News / New York Post : "Polish" Death Camps and more [278]

Poland was turning into a stalinist country, stalinist functionaries were too valuable to the system to be dropped, let alone sueing for their crimes. They were going to commit more crimes on Polish anti-communist patriots in late 1940s and 50s.

The communist system imposed on Poland and its crimes were a result of the war started by Germans in 1939.

Sueing started in 1990s, when Poland regained independence. However, by then most stalinist prosecutors and torturers had either died naturally or emigrated to other countries which refused their extradiction, e.g., Great Britain and Israel.
21 Jul 2009
News / Riots in Warsaw KDT 21 July 2009 [18]

Jul 21, 09, 23:49 - Thread attached on merging:
Battle at Warsaw 2009

Tear gas, water cannon, hundreds of policemen and security guards against a few hundred desperate traders who don`t want to give up their work place, a giant steel hall in the city center. They used stones, fire extinguishers, barricades and live shields (their children) to defend themselves. Simply speaking, Warsavians have guts! tre.html

See films and photos,1610786,0,1,koniec-bitwy--wojna-trwa,wiadomosc.html,95190,6835114.html,2,384208.html
21 Jul 2009
News / New York Post : "Polish" Death Camps and more [278]

OK, I understand your view but disagree with it. Poles didn`t run death camps for Germans, there was no order from above to kill all those German and Polish inmates.

Fatalities which happened there were a result of personal hatred and negligence of camp commanders and guards which was quite natural in view of the genocidal crimes committed by Germans in occupied Poland before.

But any Polish crimes need thorough discussion, of course, and Polish criminals should have been punished. We must respect all innocent victims despite their nationality.

Not that I know of, but my beer belly suggests otherwise... ;-)

I am so sorry.
21 Jul 2009
News / New York Post : "Polish" Death Camps and more [278]

What I am saying is that in the end those camps served the same purpose: namely, to get rid of a certain part of society while accepting its death through torture and starvation.

Why are you so scornful about Poles and their ability to carry things out efficiently? The death toll was never higher than 20% in camps for Germans. It is a very poor result for a "death camp", don`t you think? :):):) Compared to 100% in German death camps.....

If you had, you would learn about Potulice camp
A total of 30,211 people were imprisoned in the camp during this period. At least 2,915 of the inmates died (other sources mention 4,500 or 5,000 victims), mostly in result of epidemic conditions prevailing in the camp. The dead were buried in a mass graves.

Exactly the reaction I was expecting from you... <vbg>

But you aren`t an expecting mother?? :):):):)
21 Jul 2009
News / New York Post : "Polish" Death Camps and more [278]

The aggressive and rude way you're talking to me shows me just how willing you are to have a decent conversation and how serious I can take you.

I am very aggressive, especially when Niemcy mnie biją. :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Do you read any books at all?
See above

Why don`t you answer the question??? :):):):)

Can you translate it for us, please?

I can try (my German is quite rusty) - maybe later today.

Really? :):):):) You asked me what I thought about the German text...... Didn`t you know what you were talking about???? :):):):)

you are stuck in your denial despite the facts

Sorry to say this, but could it be that you are the stereotypical Pole so many foreigners on PF are laughing about? Unable to accept opposing views, always in denial and constantly blaming others.

:):):):):) Yes, I am a stereotypical Pole who is known in the forum for denial and blaming others. :):):):)

You are running a very poor discussion

Says the guy who cannot control his anger... :-)

What anger??? That I called your opinion silly??? It is not anger..... just a neutral truthful statement. :):):):):)

I am Polish and we have never really used the term Holocaust for the ethnic Polish nation

You were the one calling me ignorant because I supposedly did not know the definition of Holocaust, remember? I showed you various other definitions of that term, so what's your problem?

You showed me nothing. You just provided a link, that`s all. I had to find out myself what you meant.

Can you imagine that there is a world outside of Poland which might have a different view on things?

I realise there is a world outside Poland. But I don`t understand what you want to achieve by lying about Polish "death camps" against historical facts. And you call it a different view on things??? :):):):):)

Result: I still consider you ignorant. :):):):):)

Go back to books and come back in 6 months, OK?
As I said: there's a world outside of Poland. Get used to it.

Get used to the fact that your opinion on Polish "death camps" is just silly.

PS. I can see I am wasting my time with you but the laughter you provide me is worth staying here longer. Thanks. :):):):):):)
21 Jul 2009
News / New York Post : "Polish" Death Camps and more [278]

Interesting, never heard about that book.

Do you read any books at all? :):):):)

Interesting, never heard about that book. So, what do you think about Hirsch's standpoint (taken from wikipedia)? I'm curious, really.

"Außerdem kritisiert sie die mangelnde Bereitschaft, sich z. B. mit polnischen Verbrechen an Deutschen oder polnischem Antisemitismus auseinanderzusetzen: "Polen stellt sich der Vergangenheit [...] kaum, [...] im öffentlichen Bewußtsein existiert die nationale Geschichte selektiv als Tradition heroisierender Mythenbilder", so Hirsch 1996."

I provided you the German link to Hirsch, but I am not so proficient. Can you translate it for us, please? And don`t forget the year of Hirsch saying it. :):):):)

Again: I disagree with Lotnik767 who said that there "never were Polish death camps". For a dead inmate it doesn't make a difference if he died in a death camp or in a labour camp. They may carry different names, but because the outcome is the same (except for the death rate) both camps are literally death camps.

Then we have a major disagreement. I can see you are stuck in your denial despite the facts and it seems I am wasting my time.

What can I say? It's beyond me how one can see the killing of thousands as a wonderful "achievement".

Because the fact that it was just a few thousand instead of millions is a wonderful achievement and shows how merciful Poles were towards Germans after what they had lived through under German occupation.

Some were not merciful, though, I admit, especially those who had lost their families in the Holocaust, e.g., Salomon Morel, the Polish Jew who commanded one of the camps.

You are running a very poor discussion. You are looking hard for arguments and thesis, but the result is tragic.

I am Polish and we have never really used the term Holocaust for the ethnic Polish nation, it is used only in reference to Polish Jews.

That is why supporting your stand with such sentences from Wiki as: Some scholars maintain that the definition of the Holocaust should also include the Nazis' systematic murder of millions of people in other groups, including ethnic Poles, the Romani, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, gay men, and political and religious opponents.[4] By this definition, the total number of Holocaust victims is between 11 million and 17 million people.

is a major blunder and still proves your extreme historical ignorance.

Go back to books and come back in 6 months, OK? :):):)
21 Jul 2009
News / New York Post : "Polish" Death Camps and more [278]

Maybe some Polish people need to learn that their past wasn't as glorious as their politicians want them to believe.

If you think that Poles don`t know about the camps, you are wrong. These matters are discussed and books have been published. I have one book by Helga Hirsch:"Die Rache der Opfer" - Revenge of Victims, published in Poland in 1998.

That's where you still fail to understand me.

So, what do you mean at all? Do you still claim that Poles ran death camps for Germans after the war? If yes, I do fail to understand you.

Sorry by the way for the constant editing. You still seem to write while I'm already answering.

That`s normal in a hot discussion. :):):)
21 Jul 2009
News / New York Post : "Polish" Death Camps and more [278]

Now, that's what I call some healthy ignorance... <vbg>

Call it whatever you want, I couldn`t care less. :):):):)

But the best thing you can do is to learn sth about death camps and give up your silly argumentation concerning "Polish death camps."

Killing innocent Poles in camps = NOT okay

Killing is never OK, I respect all victims, German too.

But I can`t agree to your silly comparison of afterwar camps to camps that Germans had organised in Poland during the war. In this way you suggest that Poles equaled Germans, and it is not only false, but also unfair.
21 Jul 2009
News / New York Post : "Polish" Death Camps and more [278]

If you don't like the expression "death camp", then use "labour camp with the intention to kill". What's the difference, really?

The difference is that if those people kept in camps were intended for death as you suggest, there wouldn`t be 10.000 victims of hunger, diseases and maltreatment, but many more.

Have you read about concentration camps for Germans in the links you provided? I am afraid you haven`t.

If you had, you would learn about Potulice camp
A total of 30,211 people were imprisoned in the camp during this period. At least 2,915 of the inmates died (other sources mention 4,500 or 5,000 victims), mostly in result of epidemic conditions prevailing in the camp. The dead were buried in a mass graves.

How much percent is it? From 10% to nearly 20%. Does this death toll suggest a death camp?

Why don`t you check German-operated camps for Jews and their death toll which amounted to 100%?

Or why do you think that you are less ignorant and have more imagination than me? ;-)

Isn`t it obvious in the light of your "arguments" and my explanations??? :):):):)

Pawian, nobody denies the fact that millions of innocent people were brutally killed during the Holocaust.

You see, it is an example of your ignorance. Apart from Holocaust which destroyed the Jewish population of Poland, 3 million people, there were also about 2 million ethnic Poles murdered in direct extermination by Germans, Soviets and others.