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29 Sep 2008
History / Who were European natives? What happened to them? Where they are? [79]

Genius remark.

Just switched on, watching newsnight, Thanks Donkey.

Cro-Magnon and Homo sapien sapien are the same.

Never seen prehistoric porn? I'm sure you have. Oh and animal on animal is not porn its wildlife.

You strike me as the kind of guy who eats toast in the bath

Cro-magnon Again vanished through Homo Sapiens action.

Genius remark............toast eating porn monkey!!
25 Sep 2008
Life / Baptisum of a Polish child - what is my role? [16]

None of my children are baptised. Some of my earliest and fondest memories involve my Godmother bringing me to buy presents on my birthday. Recently I have been thinking that I have denied this tradition to my children but then they will have their own memories.

I am Catholic and my faith is important to me

The role is the same that's why it's called Catholic.
24 Sep 2008
News / Poland has an old ambition to become a regional power [37]

that's hyperbole.. a commitment of a 900 (right now) troops to Iraq

Iraq wasn't mentioned but this was

"The aim ......... is to balance their loyalty to the US on security, their correct relationship with Russia, and their commitment to a would-be common European foreign policy."
24 Sep 2008
News / Poland has an old ambition to become a regional power [37]

I read this today just wondering what others think of this article.

"Poland has an old ambition to become a regional power in central-eastern Europe, but these ambitions were sunk by the EU. Now the US offers similar status for Poland as its ally - and the US's missile defence shield, with the installation of American weaponry allegedly pointing at Moscow, marks the crowning of that mission. The most important characteristic of the new pact is super-loyalty to Washington in foreign policy and security affairs. They see the EU as an economic club, a source of support to subsidise agriculture and infrastructure. In their eyes the common environmental and social goals of the old member states (and the left parties in the new member states) are less important than the strong cross-Atlantic ties."
15 Sep 2008

peasant food

Is often the best and adopted by the bons viveurs of the world.

Gallat (spelling) is not good....just not good.
10 Sep 2008
Language / Madralo - is it insulting? [16]

usually it is a friendly poke with words

It was.

Is przemądrzły at the same level?
10 Sep 2008
Language / Madralo - is it insulting? [16]

Got called Madralo today in an email by a friend, did a search and came up with przemądrzły as a retort. Is this overly insulting considering that the banter can be at this level?

Double checking: Madralo is from mądrośç (however the hell you would pronounce that)?
8 Sep 2008
Travel / Driving from Faro, Portugal to Krakow, any advice? [21]

Three to four weeks is tons of time. I used to live in Cadiz and drove to Northern Europe many times. At this time of year the "N" roads are full of migrants trying to get back to work from Morocco etc and it makes the journey slow and frustrating.

Motorway driving is just that, you miss so much but it’s necessary. After Seville spend some time in Granada its worth it. Head to the coast via Lorca and Elche then Alicante,Valencia to Barcelona. I recommend taking the Motorway from Alicante to Barcelona. Eating in Spain is never a problem unless you are a veggie, they use Tuna like salt.

Barcelona is worth spending some time in.

In France along the coast to Nimes then up the Rhone Valley. Don’t be afraid of eating in the caravan things at the side of the road they are great.

Motorways are cheaper in France than Spain. The drivers are mad in France but not as bad as Italy. I would go this way to avoid the Alps but then I was in a VW Camper. Motorway up the Rhone as half of europe is going home in Motorhomes.

Strasbourg Across Germany, Czech Republic, Bob's your uncle.

That should take you about a week. I did Cadiz to Amsterdamage in four days in a 2CV all non motorway driving.

Driving is great I love it and am green with envy.
19 Aug 2008
Travel / CentralWings - are there any positive views? [10]

What times and dates? I'm in Belfast and if dates etc. suit I can pick you up and drop you to Dublin. It's about two hours to Dublin.

Is your carrier continental? they fly from Belfast.
Saturdays are out for me.
17 Aug 2008
Language / Any sweet Polish phrases [255]

karaluchy pod poduchy

I think this can be sweet

****context is all****
15 Aug 2008
Genealogy / Do I Look Polish? (my grandfather was Polish) [60]

Hi Calicoe
Try not to get too mixed up over your ancestry. My Mother was adopted and the search for her roots literally drove her mad. It’s always nice to know where you come from and have family stories retold. I had that on my dad’s side but my mother would always stiffen during the retellings.
12 Aug 2008
News / What if Russia decide to liberate Scottland from England? Polish position [152]

two totally different enemies but at the end of the day you are fighting both. One with a uniform and one without

One without British citizenship (Iraq)
One with British Citizenship (N.Ireland)

He also beat some IRA sympathisers

I'm sure he was well paid.
Question? Would that make him a mercenary as opposed to a volunteer?
Remember I am asking this question as the Grandson of a Regular soldier who fought through the entirety of the Great War and who's Sons, my Father and uncles never got to lay flowers at the Cenotaph. The same people your father designated worthy of beating!
12 Aug 2008
Love / My Polish boyfriend fancies are Pakistani neighbor. What do I do ? [291]

I dont see how I offended you If I did I'm sorry it wasnt my intention

Flowrence King writes about the southern states of America from a roght of centre feminist point of view. She is extremrly funny I recomment her autobiography "Confessions of a failed southern lady".

Edit:Ops. paranoia..... read the book anyway
4 Aug 2008
Law / Child Support Payment in Poland [47]

I am not allowed to see my son and this ***** keeps calling for MONEY!

It's not pay for view
Pay as much as required I think its 15% for one child. Then Brithdays, Christmas etc

The point is your child didnt ask to be born now provide for him
3 Aug 2008
News / Poland's Future Includes Fewer Poles, More Foreigners [324]

Ireland is just a small squabble more people were killed on the roads.

Poland will grow econimically and wont be "swamped" by foreigners including Canadinian-Ukranians (even though you were born there).

You had shifting borders and shifting people and look how peaceful it is.

Yeah I agree with Irish deano Its complicated (Said the Belfast man)
3 Aug 2008
News / Poland's Future Includes Fewer Poles, More Foreigners [324]

In 1985 Sinn Fein recognised the Dial (Southern Parliament) Since the Thirties The IRA have had a standing order prohibiting attacks on Free state forces, of course this didnt prevent the shooting of Garda Gerry McCabe.

The IRA continued to organise in all parts of the Island until very recently. The so called Celtic Tiger economy is largly tied up with Globilisation and would have happened irrespective of IRA activity.
3 Aug 2008
Life / What nation Poles like the most? [56]

us not being their had nothing to do with bottle, it was the wolly under the brolly that lost it for us :)

And Croatia being better

England are a good team thats why everyone wants to play them and on their day they are capable of beating anyone.

Bring back Graham Taylor "you got to go out to come in....."
3 Aug 2008
Life / What nation Poles like the most? [56]

the Polish have done in recent years, bottlers

When did England bottle it for Austria/Switzerland?

usually we just turn up and beat them

OK you said usually....I say 1974.

England is very good second tier European team who's always seeded that is why England qualify for tournaments.

Being someone’s number one rival should give you pride because rivalry signifies respect.