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5 Nov 2006
News / Americans Visiting Poland [13]

Hi Patrycja

Are you really thinking of flying to Poland next year? Do you know which city/town?

I am also planning to go next year, would be great if we could meet up somewhere.

I read somewhere on another of your posts that you like clubbing, do you mean disco clubs or something else?

It would be nice to meet up and perhaps go to a club etc together, btw don't be alarmed I am a strnager but not a total stranger, you know me from another forum..

PS. Ignore the avatar, I don't really look like that :)
5 Nov 2006
Life / Polish Parents are controlling [58]

Hi Krysia

I sympathise.

But why are you calling your animals dumb? Or are they really dumb?

I don't think this situation is likely to change until you move out. Mums are just like that.

There is nothing like having your own place. It improves parent-child relations instantly and brings a breath of fresh air to the relationship.
7 Nov 2006
UK, Ireland / Fit Polish staff missing [39]

Hi, Wine Bar, can you describe what kind of girl you are after? age, height, size, hair colour.
7 Nov 2006
UK, Ireland / Fit Polish staff missing [39]

OK, in that case do you think I would be suitable?

PS. I look a lot like my avatar

Come on, you can be honest with me, I don't mind..

I tend to attract the older man..
7 Nov 2006
UK, Ireland / Fit Polish staff missing [39]

Hi Mr B, yes I am.

Wine Bar, why don;t you just put an ad in the local paper? Why are you looking for Polish girls & boys specifically?

And if the ad doesn't work out I may be available..

I am very tall (over 6ft) with big ....eyes and very unusual uroda (beauty).

I have a dazzling smile and very long green/black nails (these do not interfere with my work duties)

I am able to hear customers with the softest voices and those giving their orders in whispers due to my rather oversized.....ears

Customers are normally rooted to the spot when they see me so no chance of them doing a runner from your restaurant and not spending any money..
7 Nov 2006
UK, Ireland / I understand poles coming to uk [196]

I don't go to Polish restaurants.. I don't have to, my mum's an excellent cook and if need be I can cook myself too. Rosol is my favourite soup.

I adore polish food, but then again I like other types of food too.

I used to love sweet dishes best but I now prefer savoury stuff.

From speaking to the Poles who arrived in the UK in the last 1- 2 years they all miss Polish food and think English food is largely terrible. It's a matter of taste and what you are used to.

9 Nov 2006
Feedback / How did you find this site? [88]

Hi everyone :)

I was introduced to this forum by Patrycja, whom I know from another forum.
I'min the UK.

krysia, I am sorry to shatter your perfect views of England and the UK in general, but animals do not get much respect here. Animal cruelty is actually on the increase.

On the one hand there are lots of charities and people who want to make a difference and improve animal welfare, especially that of 'rescue' animals, on the other hand there are countless puppy farms, illegal poachers, unscrupulous breeders (those who care more about the profit than anything else)or just ignorant and cruel owners.

Animals are a passion of mine and I do a lot of reading on this subject, as well as having worked for animal charities.

Anyone go on any other forums or just this one?

PS. I think I will change my avatar soon, I saw it and thought it was funny, but it is a bit offputting is it not?
9 Nov 2006
UK, Ireland / BEWARE when coming over UK [363]

There is an element of truth in what the original poster said.

I meant the first post warning Poles about possible dangers in the UK.

Another thing I would add, Polish people often behave quite loudly when out together in a group and may attract muggers or just other men out for a fight etc.

Some British men will see them as a threat whether it's to do with jobs, women or just believing the constant barrage of Anti-immigrant talk in the press.
9 Nov 2006
Feedback / How did you find this site? [88]

Hi Mr B.

yes I know. I still go on it, it's a lot quieter these days, a lot of good people like yourself seem to have left.

Why are you not wanted? Did you apply for a p/word?
10 Nov 2006
Life / Poles need to learn to save! [73]

Nita, I have never seen Poles use paper towels, rather ordinary kitchen towels.

Don't assume that just because one family does it, the rest of the country does it too.

As regards plastic bottles recycling I am all for that but the truth unless you give people some sort of incentive they won't do it - regardless of nationality.

In the UK they had to cut down on bin collections, they now empty bins once a fortnight instead of weekly - and have provided red bins for plastics etc.

I am not sure what it is like in the US - I have never been.

But Americans seem to have a big fast food culture - much more so than in Poland.
10 Nov 2006
Life / Poland and health care - Drs take "gifts" [3]

Unfortunately, it is true to some extent.

Not all doctors are guilty of it, but the older generation have got used to it under communism.

it is called 'lapowka' which means backhander, lapa means "paw', it is slang for putting something in your paw :)

When Poland was communist lapowki were common not just in hospitals but occassionally you had to produce one in shops when things were scarce (they used to hide stuff under the counter) or to get things moving such as your application for a flat/house etc.

These habits die hard and I believe some doctors in Poland would still accept backhanders.

Pay for doctors in Poland is low.

I think people are still treated whether they have 'extra' to give or not, but a 'lapowka' gets you a better place in the queue, or ocassionally, more personal attention etc.
11 Nov 2006
UK, Ireland / polish community invited in edgware london nw4 [7]

Frank, I like this avatar.

i could have gone for a pretty girl avatar but I chose this one!

I agree it's a bit offputting :)

PS. Don't worry i don't look like that in real life, well maybe apart from the ears :)
14 Nov 2006
Life / Polish Parents are controlling [58]

the most embarrassing thing my mum did to me was come and drag me out of a pub (bar if you are in the US). I went out with my workfriends for a Xmas drink. it was not even that late only about 10pm.

It was the first time I had been out in a year as I had a baby the year before, and I was really enjoying myself. I even broke the heel on one of my boots :), it was a great night, the place was packed, the atmosphere jolly... and then my mum comes and drags me out and tells me I have to go home. I was SOOOOO embarrased - I was 31!
14 Nov 2006
USA, Canada / How 9 11 affected me as a Pole. [12]

That was really interesting.

i have it easy as my name is Anna which is spelt the same in both coutries, it's just the pronounication which is slightly different. My family & Polish friends call me Ania, everyone else calls me Anna.
17 Nov 2006
Travel / Why is Poland so Un-Sexy? [84]

Warsaw is full of bars, clubs, museums, theatres, shops etc. Lots of places for you to meet a nice girl. Do you have any Polish friends? Ask them if you can tag along to any discos, clubs, pubs they go to. Get out a bit more, meet some people.

A lot of people in Poland have balangi (parties) at home. Make some friends and get yourself invited to a few.

Whingeing about Poland and your non-existent sex life is not going to make you any friends. Noone really wants to know about your sex life apart from you.

Krysia, I know what you mean. Some older people can be very rude.

As a child I was always expected to give up a seat, even at 8 or 9!

It is practically expected in Poland.
19 Nov 2006
Life / Worrying observation about Polish attitudes to lying and cheating [62]

I have been taught in both English and Polish schools and I can honestly say there is cheating in both.

I really don;t know where you get this 'most Polish parents' from - have you spoken to them? Where are you getting this information from?

Do you speak fluent Polish?

I am not getting at you but I need to understand what prompts you to write such generalisation.

As for cheating in love - well that's a different kettle of fish and cannot be compared to cheating in schools.

The English educational system differs a lot from the Polish one. Polish schools are more demanding and more pressurised. Tests are frequent.

In English schools the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed - tests are only given pre-warned.

If you do not perform well they simply put you in a lower set. Not much pressure.

Exams at the end of the year are well moderated, usually from the front as well as the back and make cheating practically impossible (the punishment for cheating is disqualification which puts people off anyway).

Finally, going to church in Poland is a way of life. Churches are full on Sundays. In the UK people go shopping or got oc ar boot sales/ play football.

Just because someone goes to church does not mean they are a saint or that they never swear, lie, or are selfish. It would be a very simplistic view to assume that if you go to church you are perfect. People are only people. Personally, I think that if they didn't go to church they would perhaps be even worse.

I think religion is a private thing but you need to go to church occassionally to remind yourself what's it all about.

Hope this answers your questions.:)
26 Nov 2006
News / Mine disaster in Poland [23]

Actually Casper, Poland has one of the best records for coal mining in Europe.

The incident concerned happened when methan unexpectedly exploded. 23 people died, two of whom were just 21.

These men were not all miners, some were very experienced miners and some were just men who were sent down to do a particular job (ie they were not mining at the time).

the temperatures reached 1500C and they all incinerated alive.

It's a terrible tragedy for Poland and especially for the families of those concerned. Many have left children behind, some as young as 6 month old babies.

All safety precautions were adhered to and at this point in time it is not clear why the methan gas exploded.

Please say a prayer for those men and the families and children they leave behind.
26 Nov 2006
History / What does it mean to be Polish? [46]

I think that even if you are only part Polish and have never lived in Poland you still have it in your blood ie. you are naturally curious about Poland and drawn to Polish stuff.

To really understand the political and economic system, however, you need to either live in Poland or be up-to-date on all current issues etc. perhaps through the media, your family, visits etc. It also helps to speak Polish. For me one of the best things about Poland is the language, I love the way it is so polite ie. "Pani" and "Pan" and the slang is brilliant.

Here are a few of my favourite slang words:

odteguj sie
nie podskakuj
stul pysk (this one is a bit rude)
wal (tj. mow)
prosto z mostu
ale aparat itp itd.

and the way they make everything sound so little and cute

ie. pieniazki

26 Nov 2006
News / Terrible School Incident in Gdansk, Poland [34]

This tragic incident was not an isolated one. Apparently this girl had been molested by these boys for some time, and it was not the first time they had stripped her and humiliated her. Why they picked on this particular girl is not known but thye could probably sense that she was weak.

Parents have to take a large proportion of the blame for the actions of these boys, however the school was absolutely to blame. Apparently everyone knew this girl was molested but noone did anything. The class should never have been left alone, not even for 5 mins.
27 Nov 2006
Love / Are you in a Polish-nonPolish relationship? [150]

californiagirl, polish people are not at all reserved! What makes you think that?

I'm married to an English guy and he is definetely the more reserved of the two of us. For me everything is a big deal and I tend to make a bid drama out of things. Some people find me annoying..some very entertaining.

In Poland if someone asks you how are you, they don't reply very well thank you and then go in for a major operation the next day at the hospital. They give it to you how it is - so be careful who you ask :)

Because communication and the ability to talk about your feelings, thoughts etc. is very important in a relationship.

Not for guys, it isn't :)
3 Dec 2006
UK, Ireland / Anti-Polish sentiment of England [253]

As a British Pole who has lived the majority of my life in the UK and who has strong blood links with British people, I think there are rights and wrongs on both sides.

I can understand why a British person may feel angry about a Polish person getting a council flat or benefits or any kind of help from the state, when the British person has to put up with the British government making cuts in the NHS etc. Although you may think otheerwise listening to Tony Blair, the British government is constantly making cuts in education and the NHS. Doctors are put under pressure to spend as little as possible withhin their NHS practices, health visitors who retire or leave are not ebing replaced, and if you child needs medical treatment, the hospital staff are put under pressure not to admit you unless aboslutely necessary and to make your stay as short as possible.. All with the aim of saving money.

At the same time immigrants and asylum seekers are given financial help, council homes, benefits etc.

As a British Pole I have to say charity begins at home.

this is 100% true. other immigrant like asians, arabs or russian invest in our country but poles invest in their own country only.

In response to UK's quote (above)

Not true. You are generalising. Perhaps this is true of the Poles who have only been here 1, 2, 3 years but the Poles who have lived here for a longer period invest in the UK.

I am such a Pole. I own property in the UK, I regularly donate to British charities (animal charities are the closest to my heart) but I have also donated to Dogs for the Blind, Cancer Research, Children's charities etc.

I spend all my money in the Uk (except when I go on holiday) thereby boosting the British economy.

My car is a Ford and I don't and never have claimed benefits in tbe UK.

I forgot to add:

my dad has for many years worked for a Polish firm based in the UK. This firm employs British people as well as Polish (the sales manager, accountant, most of the sales staff warehouse staff) were British, not to mention the cleaner, secretaries, reception staff etc etc. So it has created jobs for at least 25 British people. British firms were both buyers and suppliers so it has boosted the UK economy.

I suspect that if you had heard this company mentioned you would never realise it was a wholly Polish owned company, unless you had inside information.

There are many Poles in the UK, some like me have been here for a long time.
So next time you start generalising about Poles not contributing to the British economy, take a deep breath and do your research first.