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Poland and health care - Drs take "gifts"

Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
10 Nov 2006 /  #1
Today Folks I was at work and met up with two nice sweet ladies from Albania and
from Romania. we got on the discussion of health care in Poland, and I brought up
the fact that Drs take "gifts" as well as getting paid. to which they commented
yes its true, and this is not only in poland but all over , in their countries too.

Now working in the health care field, it angers me to know that someone would take
money or not take care of this patient because they couldnt pay this dr for his service
which makes no sense to me because i never experienced it.

but, the other half of me , now realizes that the pay is also much less then what
a dr in the states would get.
I always wondered why we have so many foriegn drs on board over here. now I
know why.
Besa- albanian, explained to me that, here in the states, if someone were to get
a operation for say a hernia, costing $10,000 the amount in say Poland would only
be $300.00 for such a operation.

so pay is quite a difference. but, she also said, if you didnt have the money and needed
medical care, that pretty much you would die!

Please someone tell me this isnt true.

this topic bothers me alot. because I am in the health care field, and by standards
of practice, this would be exceptionally wrong /morally wrong.

my only hope is if there is truth to this, someone takes a bite out of crime, because
to me this is a crime to let someone die because of no health insurance. or no money.

at our hospital, if someone comes in with no money, no insurance, no nothing.
they get the same care as any other patient who has coverage.
the hospital eats the cost, but I am pretty sure its a write off for them.

anyone care to comment?
ANIAH - | 60  
10 Nov 2006 /  #2
Unfortunately, it is true to some extent.

Not all doctors are guilty of it, but the older generation have got used to it under communism.

it is called 'lapowka' which means backhander, lapa means "paw', it is slang for putting something in your paw :)

When Poland was communist lapowki were common not just in hospitals but occassionally you had to produce one in shops when things were scarce (they used to hide stuff under the counter) or to get things moving such as your application for a flat/house etc.

These habits die hard and I believe some doctors in Poland would still accept backhanders.

Pay for doctors in Poland is low.

I think people are still treated whether they have 'extra' to give or not, but a 'lapowka' gets you a better place in the queue, or ocassionally, more personal attention etc.
OP Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
10 Nov 2006 /  #3
Well to this point I can understand, because pay is so low. Drs in America do get
way overpaid, and sometimes overpay themselves by cheatin insurance companies
but! they do get caught eventually.

That is a good thing, weeds out the bad ones who try and use social security
numbers of living and dead people.

There was a dentist, well respected, overwhelming patients. he had two offices
and advertised on tv here in our local area. then, we see a big write up in the paper
how he was laundering monies from insurance companies, making up names, and
collecting the cash. it was shocking.

you just dont know who you can trust now a days.

I think people are still treated whether they have 'extra' to give or not, but a 'lapowka' gets you a better place in the queue, or ocassionally, more personal attention etc.

Whew! had me extremely worried. as our cousins live in poland, of course, not as well
off . but managing, we send money, try to help. but I dont think the extended family
really truely knows how difficult it is for them.

so this is actually a learning experience, which i will share with all family here.
we are lucky to have what we have. things get taken for granted.

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