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Poland Betrayed in WW2

ruthiee - | 10  
15 Jan 2009 /  #241
Christ! Poles can moan. Shouldnt you lot be off enjoying the fruits of your post slave owning EU neighbours?
Bless Marie Curie and co. But its time you make another positive mark on the planet,
Get on with it!

PolskaMan 2 | 147  
16 Jan 2009 /  #242

Try keeping inmind that their are different languages spoken.....
McCoy 27 | 1268  
14 May 2009 /  #243,11,item.html

Film, zrealizowany w koprodukcji z telewizją BBC i przy współpracy z Polską, wykorzystujący mało znane materiały, z otwartych dopiero w latach 90. archiwów sowieckich, ukazuje wojnę z niemal nigdy nie spotykanej w USA polskiej perspektywy.

Ujawnia, że Winston Churchill znał od początku prawdę o Katyniu, ale nakazał, by jej publicznie nie rozgłaszać, a prezydent Franklin D. Roosevelt wysłał jednego z dyplomatów na placówkę na wyspę Samoa na Pacyfiku, aby nie rozpowiadał o sowieckiej zbrodni.

Who was to blame for all this? Rees's answer is Churchill and Roosevelt for accepting, almost conniving at, Stalin's plans, partly out of anxiety that he otherwise might make a separate peace with Hitler.

They knew the truth about Katyn but let Russia pretend that the massacre was committed by the Germans. They did not stand by the exiled Polish government in London against the puppet Polish regime Stalin set up. They accepted Russia's land-grab which displaced two million Poles. They accepted his promise to hold elections in a 'free and independent' Poland. Each believed that they alone could handle Stalin. Each believed they could form a special bond with him. 'Both were wrong. He had charmed them instead.'

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