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Why do so many Poles accept to do such hard works abroad?

4 Feb 2019 #1
And they often look upset, sad, indifferent and tired? And they often are not interested in learning the language or making local friends? Just curiosity. There are lots of young people working 10 h/day in horrible jobs. Eventi young girls. Tiring jobs. Why?when poland actually is experiencing now a big economica growth
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
4 Feb 2019 #2
Poles, Ukrainians, and Russians are, sad to say, the low-ballers of the Continent! If folks are looking for cheap labor, look no further.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,435
4 Feb 2019 #3
Why do so many Poles accept to do such hard works abroad?

Poles in The UK have always told me that the work here is really easy compared to Poland.
Plus they earn much more...
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
4 Feb 2019 #4
...for doing the D.D.D (Difficult, Dangerous, and Dirty) jobs which Brits choose not to do:-)
Richthecat 8 | 68
5 Feb 2019 #5
I think the acceptance of low paid manual jobs is very psychological. You have to think of it if you were in their shoes. The average factory worker earns around 300 pounds a month for a very physical job and every month he/she struggles to feed their family.

So imagine you are a factory worker in the UK and you are used to your 9 pounds an hour, and all of a sudden you could quadruple that salary for the same amount of effort. Now working in a factory for 36 pounds an hour doesn't feel that bad does it?

That I think is the psychology and when they bring this money home it has a lot more buying power. Imagine like many brits owning a home was just a dream because of your 9 pounds an hour job, and then you quadruple your salary and you know in 7 years you could own a 150 m2 home with no mortgage it would help the drudgery of working in a hard job a lot I Think?
20 Feb 2019 #6
Is it weird to believe that if you leave you somehow get cursed. community changes are not easy

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