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Five star SPA manager job for English speaking person in Poland?

maddy2 1 | 2
3 Nov 2016 #1
Is there any opportunities for English speaking person to get a job in 5 star hotels/spa in Poland? I can manage basic polish language.
Atch 17 | 4,046
3 Nov 2016 #2
If you're looking for a job in management as your thread title indicates, then I would say very little chance without fluent Polish. Really Maddy if you think about it, how would you cope? Let's imagine a Polish customer had a complaint and asked to see the manager and you could only understand 50% of what they they were saying and were struggling to answer them. Basic Polish would just not be enough for such a situation. Then there's all the paperwork side of things. You would have to able to read and understand all documentation and you would have to write letters, emails etc.

If you really want to work in Poland for whatever reason then you might have a chance of a lower level job, if you have a skill or a qualification in health and beauty. Your basic Polish might be enough to get by. (But bear in mind that Poles are not noted for their patience and other workers might get pretty fed up constantly helping you out if you can't communciate with your client). If you did manage to get such a job though a year would improve your fluency. Take classes as well to improve the grammar and reading/writing comprehension. Then you might be able to progress to management.
OP maddy2 1 | 2
3 Nov 2016 #3
hello atch,

thank u very much for the reply. i really appreciate it and i completely understand what you are talking.
y i asked this question is, i heard somewhere that other foreign nationals in spa industry surviving with local help in marketing and managing polish mails and paperwork. but, i completely understand the shortcomings.

thanks again, :)
Atch 17 | 4,046
3 Nov 2016 #4
Well you know Maddy it's always worth a try, applying for a job and seeing what happens. If you have a good CV with experience somebody might give you a chance. You don't specify what your background is, whether it's more the health/spa end or hotel/hospitality. I suggest you do a bit of googling and make a list of all the five star hotels and spas you can find in Poland. Then explore their career pages and also look at sites advertising hotel and spa jobs. Here's some vacancies at the Hilton in Warsaw. There are a couple of management/supervisory positions. Two that I looked at required fluent Polish and English. But here's one that doesn't specify language at all, however the ad is in English:

Maddy just bear in mind that your written English is not perfect by any means, it wouldn't be considered fluent in the true sense of the word. But it may be enough for some jobs.
OP maddy2 1 | 2
4 Nov 2016 #5
hello acth,

I was very casual in typing. Anyways, I will keep in mind :) .
My background is health/spa sector . To be precise, I am an qualified ayurveda specialist( BAMS) from India also holds CIBTAC certification in spa management.

I appreciate your suggestion, on googling the opportunities. I will be on it.

Thank you very much :)
Atch 17 | 4,046
4 Nov 2016 #6
Hi Maddy. Your background sounds good. Poles are obsessed with their health and very interested in natural remedies. Your ayurveda qualification would be a big bonus I think. In Warsaw I have seen some Drogeria Orientalna with products from India and the far east.

I still think that your best bet would be to look for a supporting role for a start, perhaps working as an ayurveda therapist in a spa for a year while you improve your Polish and take it from there.

As to your English, it's not just down to typos! I'm a native speaker and a teacher so take my word for it Maddy. I'm not being nasty, I just want to offer a bit of friendly advice. Obviously it's great that you speak English and your English is fine for day to day communication. But you have very basic grammatical errors that detract from the overall impression of fluency. These are the kind of errors that don't matter so much when you're speaking in real life, but are very obvious when writing. Be careful when you're writing applications and try to get an educated native speaker to look over your letter or email before sending it, as any spelling or grammar errors will go against you when you're relying on English as your main language of communication and only have basic Polish.

Anyway to help you in your search:

Here's a place offering ayurvedic treatments with prices:,oriental-treatments.html

This looks interesting, ayurveda spas around Europe including Poland:

Here's a link to a price list for a spa that claims to offer 'oriental' massage and therapies but I don't think they'd impress you very much! They don't sound that authentic. Price list is interesting though!

And here's a selection of general spas/health resorts:,0,spa-rehabilitation-poland.html

Plenty to keep you busy over the weekend, researching that lot!

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