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How to find an IT internship, work placement, graduation assignment in Cracow? (Krakow)

BB1985 1 | 4
2 Sep 2012 #1
Hi All,

First of all, I want to tell you something about myself. I am a 26 years old student and currently pursuing my Degree in Business IT & Management at the University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam in Holland. Presently, I am in my last year and need one more internship to graduate. The requirements for the assignment is that it must be a research assignment in the area of IT and business during my the 5 months internship.

I have been looking for an internship, work placement with graduation assignment for quite some time now and barely get responses.
There was one, but it is about hiring me as a IT support/dutch, which doesnt meet the requirements of my study. I have had some interviews with them by phone and I passed them but, the problem is that i need an assignment to graduate, and i have been talking with them about finding me one, but somehow they dont understand that and just want to hire me for the job :S. Its not a problem to do the job besides the graduation assignment but i need to find one first.

So I want to ask you, are there any companies, tips for me to find an internship assignment in an IT company in Cracow?
I am about to give up now, and find one in Holland xD.

Dutch: Native
English: Fluent
Vietnamese: Good

Thank you very much,

I guess no one can give me any advice? :S about time to give up then.

Thanks for reading.
f stop 25 | 2,513
3 Sep 2012 #2
maybe come up with some plan, like helping company with whatever .. analyzing computer problems, traffic, misuse.. and pitch it to them?
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
4 Sep 2012 #3
You can try this thread with Indeed .com in Krakow

You ll find a lot of Jobs offer in IT then you might consider contacting them to do see if they would welcome an intern.
OP BB1985 1 | 4
4 Sep 2012 #4
Well I did include a document with my cover letters, with 20 examples of assignments that meets the requirements, but I guess the thing is that they don't want to waste time on guidance and be a contact person for my mentor.

I guess that u need connections to get in, I'm also not familiar with what companies providing this kind of internships.
I've tried almost all International IT companies in Cracow.
phtoa 9 | 236
4 Sep 2012 #5
one more internship to graduate

Internship (IMO) is unpaid help.. So whoever you contact will basically take you in!
Contact all the majors in Cracow,
- Capgemini

Those were just a few..
Like F Stop said, pitch some idea or whatever be proactive!

This is the issue with people with fancy masters etc. they don't know how to cooperate outside of studies..
OP BB1985 1 | 4
4 Sep 2012 #6
Like F Stop said, pitch some idea or whatever be proactive!

I did, in the document u can read what kind of internships meet the requirements, also some ideas of what possibly I could be doin. I've tried all the bigger international companies already, its either non response or, u are qualified but this is not the right time. I've tried 2 of the 3 companies u wrote down already, the last one i just sended.

Anyway thanks for helping guys! I appreciate it, its just so much harder finding an internship overseas than in my own country.
They say no pain no gain, but after 2,5 months i think this is the last week I am trying.
phtoa 9 | 236
4 Sep 2012 #7
I had many friends who took Internships in the US, they are more than willing to take you in.
Just don't expect to get paid at all, or in case very little.

Anyways some of the people I knew ended up in cool places, and for very respected companies. So in case that has your interest try looking into it.
OP BB1985 1 | 4
4 Sep 2012 #8
Yep, Thank you for your information.
Well it's an internship, I am not looking to get big money or something, mayb a bit to survive, mayb non, it's just that I don't know their language, I think that's the biggest problem.

Yea US is a different story ^^, I kinda wanna stay in Europe, but mayb I should consider :) thanks anyway.
inkrakow 1 | 98
4 Sep 2012 #9
Try Hive53 - it's a group of people in the tech and IT-based startup community here in Krakow. I think some of them would jump at the chance of having a willing intern...
OP BB1985 1 | 4
4 Sep 2012 #10
Thanks inkrakow, I will try it.

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