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The history of Polish mafia in Chicago, Illinois

Polskiej_Dumy 18 | 66
8 Jun 2010 #31
I recall one of the books had mentioned that some of the most notorious gang members in Chicago, were Polish immigrants

do you remember what book?
beckski 12 | 1,617
9 Jun 2010 #32
The book title is, Always Running, by Luis Rodriguez.
9 Nov 2010 #33
Mafia started out as a family in Sicily, Italy trying to comit crimes and deal drugs for money. It spread to other countires as people immigrated from Italy making American mafia, Russian mafia, and Polish mafia and other countries like that. So Italian mafia is just Mafia, because they are the originaters. Im all Italian so i shouldn't really be here but just an informer.
Maybe 12 | 409
9 Nov 2010 #34
hmm methinks it might be a tad more complicated than you make out.
19 Aug 2011 #35
Eurola Jun 20, 09, 05:52 Reply / Quote #18
Bugs Moran? I'd believe more if his name was Bogdan Moranski :)
Yeah, the Irish tried hard to be a part of the Italian mafia, a few polish too...but none really succeeded.

edit The Italians begged the Irish for 1 of there breweries, if not for **** leaders & over populating of the Italians, the Irish would still rule Chicago.
Krystal 6 | 95
20 Aug 2011 #36
I bet more Polish Mafia are joining Scilian Mafias. There are more joining them. They are all ove the worlds.

I wonder if Russian joining them.
6 Oct 2011 #37
Organized crime in America would have persisted during the Prohibition Era with or without the Cosa Nostra so there is no point in mentioning that.
Buturowicz - | 1
31 Dec 2011 #39
Sicialian Mafia doesn't allow anyone who's not Italian in their lines to become a made man, Polish can be only associates to them or just work as a muscle crew for the Italians.

And no way Russian Mafiya is going to join the Italian one, Russians spit on everyone's head as they're more powerful.
12 Feb 2012 #40
There is a reason you dont here a lot about the polish mafia doesnt exist ;) Try driving around Hamtramck
4 Mar 2012 #41 if theres no polish mob per se as said mikerizzo64
then y the hell is there polish mafia gang cards from chicago. look all these fcks think they know crime if u wanna know about crime ask a criminal not a bunch of idiots that watch movies and think the godfathers realistic,i can explain the polish mafia kina,chicago is an old hometown,and well lets just say ima white gangster ,so what information are you looking for armybrat? i mean the polish mafia was a northwest side greaser gang but the gang known today as the stoned freaks is heavily related to the polish mobsters,theres many mobs in chicago to many of these people don't understand how chicago works
Jimmu 2 | 157
8 Mar 2012 #42
how to go about researching the polish mafia

First, try Polish mobs, Polish gangs, etc. mafia is Italian and most contemporary sources (I assume you're looking for prohibition era. If not, nevermind. :->) would not call the Polish gangs "mafia". Also, you might want to include Detroit in your search.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
8 Mar 2012 #43
Polish and Italian gangs were the most numerous in Chicago (circa 1910). Polish gangs were located on the Northwest Side and often fought rival Polish punks on the south side as well as in the Bucktown area and along the Chicago River. These gangs also engaged in territorial skirmishes with Italian gangs of the "Little Sicily" neighborhood. Then came the Moran (who was half Polish) skirmishes with Capone which pretty much ended after the St. Valentines Day massacre initiated by Capone.

One interesting character was Jake "Greasy Thumb" Guzik who worked for Capone.

Another Polish American gangster was Earl "Hymie" Weiss (who despite the middle sobriquet was Polish Catholic.

Earl "Hymie" Weiss was a Polish-American gangster who became a leader of the Prohibition-era North Side Gang and a bitter rival of Al Capone.
8 Mar 2012 #44
lol who is idiota who thinks Cosa Nostra started by selling drugs? I bet u think Triads began by selling copy DVD haha
4 Dec 2013 #45
Is Micheal Biela in the polish mafia ?
jahangeer100 - | 5
6 Dec 2013 #46
Thanks for sharing such a great info about Polish mafia in Chicago because I don't know much about Poland history ...Thanks mine friend
trancespottingp - | 25
19 Nov 2014 #47
The only Polish organized crime in the US that has any standing or recognition is probably going to be the Greenpoint Crew and Kielbasa Posse which are in NY...

In Chicago, there is no Polish mafia anymore. There might be a few guys that steal cars, sell drugs, white collar crime (real estate related), etc. together but no like mafia.

The closest thing to a PL mafia in Chicago would be either a group of guys like those I mentioned above. Also, the Almight GL's and Insane South Side Popes use to have a few Polish members back in the day...

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