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I have a Canadian and Polish passport. Travel on Polish / Canadian passport in Europe?

newy 1 | 1
23 Apr 2012 #1
Hello everyone, I am new to this site, but was just wondering if anyone has any advice regarding my travel situation.

I live in Canada and I have a canadian and polish passport.
I will be leaving for europe next week, leaving out of Florida, I will be going to Italy first and then driving to poland, arriving about 2 weeks after getting to Italy.

I will be staying until November (so exceeding the 90 days allowed on Canadian visa)
After my stay in Poland (with family) and traveling the rest of europe I wll be heading to Italy or barcelona and going home from either of those locations.

I will however be going home to Canada through the US again (florida).
My question is, how can I travel around europe on my polish passport (as to be allowed a stay exceeding 90 days) and then to also use my Canadian passport to leave out of barcelona so that I can get into the US. As I understand it I cannot enter US on polihs passport, so the only way I can get into US is by getting there on canadian passport.

Will I be permitted to travel around Europe on my polish pass port and then for the purposes of returning home to Canada via the US, will I be able to use my Canadian passport when leaving out of barcelona to allow entry to the US.

Just to clarify, I will be leaving and returning via Miami because I am taking a transatlantic cruise both ways.

ANyone know if I will encounter any problems, and if so how can they be remedied?

Can I apply for a US visa while im in poland in order to be allowed entry upon my return.

Or instead apply for a schengen visa while in poland (if that is even possible) to extend my stay to more than 90 days and jsut travel around using my canadian passport and then I will be allowed to enter US upon my return.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance...great forum btw
Forfour44 9 | 94
23 Apr 2012 #2
You dont need a visa. Just show your Canadian passport when you enter the US and if they ask show them your Polish passport as you have duel passports, You will also need an ID with your Canadian address to prove you live in Canada and travel information proving you came from Canada and are going back.

They might hold you up for 10-15 minutes while they check.
Even if they dont allow you into the USA you can stay at the airport and get your flight to Canada. You are not leaving the airport. So it's more or less Canadas move.
23 Apr 2012 #3
Why don't you just fly out of Miami on your Canadian Passport, arrive in Italy on your Polish Passport, travel Europe on your Polish Passport, and fly back to Miami on your Canadian Passport?
OP newy 1 | 1
23 Apr 2012 #4
THanks for the quick replys ...

Well wouldnt that be traveling on 2 passports... which when I mentioned that at the Polish embassy in Toronto the lady looked at me like I was crazy... and said that you CANNOT travel on 2 passports,

Is that a problem to leave the US on canadian, arrive in italy on polish... then when leaving out of barcelona, leave on polish, and then when I arrive in US just show canadian?
31 Jul 2012 #5
Generally speaking a person with dual, triple and quadriple nationality should indetyfied oneself by using only travel document, i.e.
In practise I think Newy you could do that. here is a thing few years back I went to Poland upon check in i showed the cdn passport i board a plane , when crossing a eu border i show them polish passport and no problem arrived in Poland stayed there . Upon returning baclk to canada i did the same excpet when go thru passport control at the airport in canada i showed them my polish passport, a guy asked me if i have canadian passport with me? i told yeah, and sked him how come? and he responded it would be easier to enter, so i didn't say anything , i've got cdn passport scanned collected my bags and i was out of there in seconds..

My advice to you would be, before you travel to florida don't post anything on your personal webpage and twitter and other social media nor write any comments on any news websites for at least few days before and after you cross into usa. They do chech internet and they even google search your last name while you're being questioned.
LewisPilot2013 - | 4
1 Aug 2012 #6
Don't listen to the lady at the embassy, Poland does not recognize dual citizenship that's why she said what she did. Just leave the enter the US on the Canadian passport and arrive in Europe on the Polish passports. Once you're in Europe they really don't check anymore. When you leave and they ask to see when you entered just show them the Polish passport.
Zazulka 3 | 129
1 Aug 2012 #7
I always travel with both my passports: Canadian and Polish. Based on my experience it is much faster to got through customs and immigration at the airport in Rome on Polish (EU) passport than on a Canadian. 5 minutes for me on Polish passport and 1 hour and half for my travel companion on a Canadian passport. You enter EU once. There is no passport control as you travel from one EU country to another.

I leave North America (sometimes from Toronto, sometimes from Buffalo or New York) on my Canadian passport but always enter EU on my Polish passport. For ticket reservation purposes i always give my Canadian passport number.

I return to US or Canada on my Canadian passport.

Also don't forget, you will get many discounts as an EU citizen in Europe vs. non-EU citizen. For e.g.. discounts on entrance fees to all main tourist attraction in Rome, etc.I believe Coliseum was half price for EU citizens.
6 Sep 2017 #8
I'm sure others have said this, but this is very simple: Fly out of US/Canada on Canadian Passport. When you go through Immigration & Customs in the EU show them your Polish passport. That way, you are entering the EU/Poland as citizen and can stay however long you like. When you leave the EU show them your Canadian passport. If they ask for stamps/etc show them your Polish passport.
14 Jan 2018 #9
I am Canadian citizen and Polish citizen chow long I can stay legal in Poland .(180 days) is truth?
Ziutek 9 | 160
15 Jan 2018 #10
If you are a Polish citizen you can stay for ever in Poland

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