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Canadian born looking for help obtaining a Polish Passport

szpamo 1 | -
27 Oct 2009 #1
Both my parents were born in Poland and came here to Canada in 1970. Part of their immigration to Vancouver, Canada they had to give up all rights and citizenship of Poland. I was born in 1975 and trying to obtain my Polish passport. Does anyone know how I can go about doing this. My grand parents have passed away and my parents don't have any records of their heritage.

Monica Szpak
28 Oct 2009 #2
well since your perents gave up their polish citizenship and all rights and you were not born in Poland then you have to start from square one. Which means off to warsaw you go. And trust me you will have lots of road blocks because im from Canada and I had to apply for my papers but I had it easier as we left in the 80s and did not give up our polish citizenship. Anyways one thing i can tell you about how the polish government takes care of things here is you have to have alot of PATIENCE lol

anyways where i would start is go to your perents home town, find there city halland try to find some records.
gjene 14 | 204
28 Oct 2009 #3
First, check with the consulate there in Vancouver. They may be able to provide you information on this matter. If you wanted to try and obtain or prove that you were Polish, you would have to get your parents to help as well.

It would benefit them as well. The other thing is to get whatever documents that they have, if any, when they entered the country. This would include their any copies of Polish documents in regards to them. By going to the consulate, they may be able to deal with reaffirming your parents Polish citizenship.

I am not sure if it was legal in regards for your parents to have had to give up their rights as Polish citizens. If the consulate can not help, then check with the Embassy in Ottawa. Another website to check is the 'what to do in Poland.' Then go through the forums into the immigrating to Poland and check under the Polish citizenship area. Good luck. If you have problems with finding that information let me know.
richasis 1 | 420
28 Oct 2009 #4
another viable option (perhaps as a last resort) is to petition the Polish president directly.
1 May 2012 #5

I'm hoping someone can help:

I am a Canadian looking to obtain a Polish passport. My grandfather was born in Poland in 1920 (have a copy of his Passport), came to Canada in the 30s and served in the Canadian army. When he married my grandmother in 1943 she also became a Polish citizen (but all we have is a copy of the marriage certificate issued in Toronto). Am I still eligible for Polish citizenship?

Thank you!

terri 1 | 1,665
2 May 2012 #6
In Poland it takes 3 months,need document ID card Polish,town of birth.

Don't make me laugh. I was born in Krakow, Poland from Polish parents/grandparents and it took me 2 cases in court and finally I gave up. To this day, I do not have a Polish citizenship and cannot get a dowod or a Polish passport. Maybe you have some secret influence with those in the know....
gjene 14 | 204
30 Aug 2012 #7
To Ihr24

If your grandfather served in the Canadian Military it is unlikely that Polish citizenship will have passed on to your parent(s) and then you. Check the website 'happened in Poland' and click on the forums button and then go to the forum for Poland. Once there look the a posting that deals with the citizenship acts of 1920, 1951, 1962 and later. If your grandfather was born in 1920 and then emmigrated to Canada with his parents and then served in the military during the 2nd world war then under the 1920's act it says that if you served in a foreign military then you automatically lost your citizenship.

But double check into this and good luck.

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