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Polish-American criminals

28 Oct 2011 #31
He is Polish in the same way that makes James Clarence Mangan the most famous British in the XIX century.

You mean a Polish mother, a Polish father, Polish citizenship and self identifies as a Pole? That was Sawoniuk.
25 Jun 2012 #32
And what is Jerry Sandusky?
25 Jun 2012 #33
Polish. If he is Jewish, though, I would not be surprised--maybe shocked, but not surprised. Many P'rushim Anusim follow the Talmud in secret; and P'rushi Judaism is part of why more and more Jews have become secular or even outright Atheist, Buddhist or Hindu (i.e., "BuJews" and "HindJews"), or even Messianic over the years (though some Messianics still rely heavily on the Talmud).
25 Jun 2012 #34
Lets not forget Dan Rostenkowski, the Polish Congressman AKA (Rottenkowski).. He was convicted and expelled for stamp fraud. Another Chicago crook

Sandusky sounds Jewish
25 Jun 2012 #35
How about the unabomber;Ted Kaczynski?I would imagine he's of Polish descent.
25 Jun 2012 #36
Sandusky has a Polish father, Irish Catholic mother.
25 Jun 2012 #37
Theres a chance hes Jewish. I wouldnt be surprised if J1 or the Cohen gene were in his genes.
25 Jun 2012 #38
nunczka: Sandusky sounds Jewish

WOW! Very informative.. Thanks.
25 Jun 2012 #39
So his name was Sendecki. I wonder why he changed it.

Out of interest:

By the way, Sandusky is a PolAm. Trying to analyse if his great-great-granny was or wasn't secretly Jewish/Ukrainian/Poleszian/Belorussian/Martian doesn't alter that.
4 eigner
25 Jun 2012 #40
Theres a chance hes Jewish.

c'mon, you'll find child molesters in any nation. You can't say that he must be Jewish because Poles don't molest children.
25 Jun 2012 #41
Haven't you heard that all Polish people are perfect? Surely you must know that any Pole who does anything wrong is either: Jewish/Ukrainian/German/Belorussian/Communist (and so not a Pole); or completely free of any guilt and is being unjustly attacked by foreigners who want to make Poland and Poles look bad.

By whom ?

Most people who have met you?
25 Jun 2012 #42
not a Pole

Indeed he isn't - he's a PolAm, however Polish paedophiles do exist.

Amazing how some here are trying to distract from his Polish roots by suggesting he's from a particular ethnic group. Which he isn't.
OP delphiandomine
25 Jun 2012 #43
It's the same tired old rubbish - the only thing they've got in life is their pretend Polish identity, so they desperately cling to it and are willing to say/do horrible things to others simply to BELONG.
25 Jun 2012 #44
ou have finally worked out that as I'm neither Polish nor Jewish, I can not be a Polish Jew.

You are not OK whatever you are ! You kind of mental and intellectual drivel is so pitifully hateful that no matter what you are, you are pathetic.

He knew how old she was

Maybe ...
25 Jun 2012 #45

PWEI accused you of being a bigot. And anyway, why else would you have brought it up? Either you're Jewish like me, you noted the Talmud angle, or you're an Anti Semite. As a Jew, I looked up if Sandusky was Jewish (I'm not going to lie.). Meanwhile, if he is Jewish and followed the Talmud in secret would not surprise me--and anyway, Sandusky's near non cooperation with the police and manner in the NBC interview, and Joe Paterno's dropping the ball set Sandusky's fate.

Here's my hope, meanwhile: that Sandusky is Jewish is actually the case, Judaism, the Talmud, and Crypto Judaism are looked long and hard at; and the prophecy is fulfilled: "And I will cause the captives of Judah and the captives of Israel to return, and will rebuild those places as at the first. I will cleanse them from all their iniquity by which they have sinned against Me, and I will pardon all their iniquities by which they have sinned and by which they have transgressed against Me." (Jeremiah 33:7-8, NKJV)
25 Jun 2012 #46
Theres a chance hes Jewish. I wouldnt be surprised if J1 or the Cohen gene were in his genes.

He is most certainly NOT Jewish. He did not practice Judaism.
25 Jun 2012 #47
I'm a Jew and I don't practice Judaism. We Jews are and will always be an 'am, an ethnos, a people first.
25 Jun 2012 #48
Oh so you are talking about genetic Jews...Well, he could have some Jewish ancestors. A lot of Poles do.

And many of us, good and bad, hide it.

A lot of people probably do not even know it.
25 Jun 2012 #49
And when some of them do, they want to choke us for revealing it or for finding out and telling them. Case in point, my granddad murdered my great grandma for revealing family secrets (and her dad was born in Kacwin as a gentile Catholic, and her mom was £apsze Niżne-born Anna Monkowá Trudniak)--can you imagine when what he'd've done if she knew and/or revealed that we were Jews on her side as well?
4 eigner
25 Jun 2012 #50
And many of us, good and bad, hide it.

the thing is, wiki usually mentions one's origin and in his case, all they have mentioned is that his father was Polish and his mom was Irish, that's all.

Then again, does it really matter? (any country you pick, you'll find child molesters)
25 Jun 2012 #51
But the surname does sound suspect to many, and the Talmud is chock full of pedophila. For example, Jewamot (Yevamot) 55b and Ketubot 39a--specifically one that applies to Sandusky:
4 eigner
25 Jun 2012 #52
but it still doesn't prove his origin, right? Unless, you'll be able to actually prove it, we have to accept what wiki says about him (not that it really matters though).
25 Jun 2012 #53
You should see my blog stats. Plenty of people have searched whether the Sanduskys are Jewish.
4 eigner
26 Jun 2012 #54
OK but did any of them provide any proof for his Jewish origin?
26 Jun 2012 #55
The point is that they're inquiring to see whether or not he's Jewish. By the way, in some cases:

It is also an Ashkenazic Jewish ornamental name adopted in reference to God's promise to the Jewish people that they would be as many as the grains of sand upon the shore of the sea. Other spellings of the name include SANDGREN (sand branch), SANDMARK (sand territory), ZANDBERG (sand hill), SANDHAUS (sand house), SAND, SANDE, SANDSTEIN and ZANDSZTAJN (Polish). The Swedes have in recent times combined two words together to manufacture family names to take the place of their common patronymics, terminating in BERG (mountain), STROM (stream), ALM (elm), BLAD (leaf), HED (meadow), LUND (grove), SKOG (forest) and WAHL (field), to name but a few.
4 eigner
26 Jun 2012 #56
By the way, in some cases:

yeah but what we know from wiki is that his father's family came from Poland. Hey, I'm not trying to defend Jews or anyone else for that matter, just sticking to the facts (until proven wrong, of course).
26 Jun 2012 #57
Has any one ever heard of the New Jersey hit man Richard Kuklinski?Also known as the ice man.He claimed to have killed around 100 people.

It's speculated that he may be responsible for as many as 250 for Newark's Decavalcante crime family as well as the 5 families in New York.
OP delphiandomine
26 Jun 2012 #58
By the way, Sandusky is a PolAm.

And thus makes him appropriate for this thread.
26 Jun 2012 #59
Richard Kuklinsky?

Thank G-d that he isn't Jewish as far as we know. Incidentally, I'm a Polish-Ukrainian-Russian, Slovakian-Austrian-Hungarian Jew with Irish blood. If he and Sandusky were Jewish--oj, what a mark on my people!
OP delphiandomine
2 Apr 2017 #60
It's been a while, but I think it's time to discuss more Polish-American criminals and the stupid things that they do.

My favourite now is the "Hotel Thief" -

A Florida man is accused of illegally staying in an unused room at a resort. Police say Norman Karwacki snuck into hotel room for two nights without paying and got caught when he stole a TV. Karwacki admitted to police that he thought he could stay without being noticed.

Not the most intelligent of criminals, it has to be said. Anyone else encountered any fun stories concerning stupid criminals in the USA?

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