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Warsaw delis (ham, chicken)?

Superfly 6 | 8
20 Sep 2012 #1

I just recently moved from Vancouver to Warsaw for University. I have only been here a little less than a week and was wondering if anyone knows of good places to get meat? Mainly I am looking for a deli or somewhere to get chicken and ham (Szynka). I went to the carrefour on Targowa and was not too excited of the idea of buying meat there.

If anyone has any places they recommend, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
20 Sep 2012 #2
Just go for a walk, you'll find countless small places to buy meat from.
OP Superfly 6 | 8
20 Sep 2012 #3
Hmm, I have been wandering around a fair bit but have yet to see anywhere that sells meat. Just mainly a lot of restaurants, and small convenience stores. I was hoping there was a particular name or place to look for. I'll keep wandering haha
Zibi - | 336
20 Sep 2012 #4
Try Hale Mirowskie, Alma, Piotr & PaweĊ‚ and like Delph has just mentioned: walk around your neighborhood and see what they have. Careffour is crap meatwise, although when (albeit rarely) I visit that place, they sometimes have good fish selection.
OP Superfly 6 | 8
20 Sep 2012 #5
Thanks! I'll take a look at those places as well :) hopefully I find something near my flat
MoOli 9 | 480
20 Sep 2012 #6
Mainly I am looking for a deli or somewhere to get chicken and ham (Szynka

Mostly all supermarkets have it. I have yet to find pastarami or roast beef.I do find roast beef(cooked) at food court in Ikea in tragowek in Warsaw,but Pastrami cannot YET!
pip 10 | 1,659
20 Sep 2012 #7
what part of town are you in?
OP Superfly 6 | 8
20 Sep 2012 #8
I'm in Praga Polnoc. I really love Szynka and fresh cuts of meat when I cook. Same with veggies. So I am hoping to not go to a supermarket for such things haha I will take a look around today.
cms 9 | 1,255
21 Sep 2017 #9

Fried chicken in Warsaw

Apart from the obvious is there anywhere that sells fried chicken in Warsaw - the two places I know , Fat Cat and Blue Plate have both shut :( I can think of many burger bars , places for ribs etc but sometimes you need chicken - have had a day of driving round Poland with country music on !
cms 9 | 1,255
21 Sep 2017 #10
Come on guys - this has nothing to do with buying ham or chicken in a deli - if I had a deep fryer in my hotel room then I might go to the deli and buy some chicken and make my own, but I do not :(((
cms 9 | 1,255
21 Sep 2017 #11
Brooklyn on Jana Pawla for future reference :) wouldn't win any awards but hit the spot.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,779
21 Sep 2017 #12
Piotr I pawel is where I shop most often. Decent quality decent prices friendly staff... Never had an issue there.. Plus there's one on the ground floor of the hotel I always stay at

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