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Wifi in Poland

renier8 3 | 30
11 Jan 2018 #1
Hello Everone.
I found old threads on Wifi, not updated.
So if you don't mind, I would love to ask what the situation is currently.

I need to do work whilst on my trip. I do not need roaming internet as I will limit my work to times when I am in towns.

So all I really need is Wifi to spend an hour or two per day on the internet. I will not be making calls. Whatsapp and my email is all I need.

I look forward to hear from you.
wr0cLOVE - | 1
11 Jan 2018 #2
Most casual restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, train stations, malls have free WiFi. I was in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Czestochowa, Gdansk, Krakow, it's all good.
I also recommend you check out:

I recommend you get a VPN service if your work includes important data transfers.
Taxpaying voter
11 Jan 2018 #3
So all I really need is Wifi to spend an hour or two per day on the internet.

Any Costa coffeeshop or Starbucks will do the trick. Or McDonalds for that matter (I think they all have wi-fi, I'm only in them once or twice a year).
24 Feb 2018 #4

Pocket WiFi throughout poland

I'll be visiting south and east Poland in a couple of months to visit family and go on a tour. Is there a reliable pocket wifi (small wifi device that is a hot spot using cellular service) that can be rented and is reliable outside of the city areas?
O WELL 1 | 158
24 Feb 2018 #5
Yes you can get a modem from any wireless provider charge it and you have it in most of Poland.In south and east of Poland I recommend that you get the sim lock opened for that modem as some providers have bad coverage there so you can then buy credit from the provider that covers that particular area.
Martha83 - | 1
31 May 2019 #6

Internet in Poland - Polish WiFi?

Recently, I changed my job and it turned out that I would often go to delegations to Poland. Probably one week in Poland, two months in my house.

I'm going to work, so I need the internet. Fast and secure, with a large package. Mostly secure, because I will have problems if someone steals my private data.

I was looking for different solutions and in Google I found something like Polish WiFi. Have you heard about it?

This is supposedly a small router. 100 GB for each rental. Secure data. I could pick up at the airport or hotel.
It sounds really good, but first I would like to consult it with someone. Do you know anything about it?

Thank you :)

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