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Poland Warsaw Airport to Train

13 May 2008 #1
Hi there!

I am going to Poland next month and I will arrive in Warsaw then I need to take a train to Lublin.

How do I get to the trains from the airport and how far is it?

Any help is much appreciated.
Jova - | 172
13 May 2008 #2
Bus line 175. I don't remember exactly, but it takes about 20 mins to get to the railway station (depending on the traffic... if you're unlucky, it may take longer...).
spiritus 69 | 643
26 May 2008 #3
I was unlucky and it took close to an hour. At least it's cheap, only 2.40 zloty although I believe the fares are increasing slightly in June.
Jova - | 172
26 May 2008 #4
Did you like Warsaw? What are your impressions?
goodlook - | 13
26 May 2008 #5
It' s better to use bus from Polski Express. The bust stop is just in front of the airport hall. The bus takes you from airport to Lublin directly, of course.
8 Jun 2008 #6
did you get to right place?
21 Jul 2008 #7

I am flying to Katowice Airport and need a train to do i go from the airport to a train station that will take me to krakow city centre
21 Jul 2008 #8
It's much quicker to take an airport bus to Krakow from Katowice (about 1hr). To get the train you need to go to Katowice train station (1hr from the airport), wait for the train (1 or 2 per hour) then the journey takes 1h40m.
21 Jul 2008 #9
you can see more info about a bus transfer from Katowice to Krakow here.

Another option is taking the train to Krakow, which takes about one and a half hours. The Katowice central station is located in the centre of the city. To get there directly from the airport, take the 'Lotnisko Airport Bus', which goes regularly from the central train station to the airport and back. A timetable for the bus can be found [] here.
21 Jul 2008 #10
you can see more info about a bus transfer from Katowice to Krakow here

i booked my transfers via them than the airline as it worked out 26quid to do so ..... for a return :)
12 Aug 2008 #11
Are you going to join the Kraw Maga summercamp?
quest 3
29 Aug 2008 #12
]i want to go to Katowice from warsaw , how can i get to train station from warsaw airport
14 Aug 2009 #13
I am going to poland next week and want to take a train from Warsaw to Krakow. What is the best way to that?
14 Nov 2009 #14
i am going to warsaw next week...and need to get to lublin....any advice how to travel??.. how can i get a bus or something from airport to lublin?..and is lublin bus stand in town or like away?? please help..
Lukasz K - | 103
14 Nov 2009 #15
You can get a train or bus to Lublin...
I think it is easier with the train because you have direct 175 bus from the airport to the Warsaw Central Train Station (it will take just 15-20 min).

Most buses run now from Western Bust and Train Station - it is not far from Airport either but you would have to change buses or take a taxi. Some time ago most buses towards east were beginning at the Stadion Station which is situated inside the remains of a Stadion Market but it is going to be closed...


Ajb 6 | 232
14 Nov 2009 #16
It mainly depends when you get in... by train it may take up to 10hours to get from Warsaw to Lubin.... i have no experience with the bus service from Warsaw.... but you can check train times here:

In English

Good luck with your trip
Lukasz K - | 103
15 Nov 2009 #17
Lublin not Lubin...
Lublin is 10 hours by bike (180 km)...
By train it takes about 2 and a half hours and during the day there is a train every hour.


Ajb 6 | 232
15 Nov 2009 #18
Lublin not Lubin...

Whoops! sorry i didnt have my glasses on :)
lunalunita - | 1
3 May 2010 #19
Thread attached on merging:
Connection from WAW to train to Krakow


I fly into WAW (warsaw airport) at 17:20. I need to get to Krakow that night. There is a 18:30 raileurope train. Do I have enough time to get to the station before the train leaves? We are not planning on checking our bags. How far is it to the Warsaw train station if we take a taxi?

Thanks for you help
klakak 4 | 32
3 May 2010 #21
I fly into WAW (warsaw airport) at 17:20. I need to get to Krakow that night.

I just did this (in reverse order) a month ago. The bus took 30 minutes from the central train station to WAW. This was at 6am, so there wasn't any traffic. I'm sure if you leave WAW at 17:45, you can get to the train station in 10-20 mins. I think you will be able to make this train at 18:30, but it will be a stressful stretch :P
Zbyszko 1 | 25
4 May 2010 #22
Hello everyone here and good day! I plan on going to Poland sometimes this coming September. I will depart from Nurnberg, Germany by Train and go to Warsaw. How are the trains these days when it comes to schedules, routes and cost?. I will be alone with only my travelbag and Im very flexible on time. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
21 Sep 2010 #23
hello i am comming from greece to warsaw and i want to go then at train station from warsaw to gdynia may have a bus from aiport warsaw to train station warsaw......?and which.......?
7 Jan 2011 #24
Hello everyone!!

I am going to Poznan from the Airport of Warsaw! could you guys advise me?? (pls be detailed for i have no idea apart from the fact that I was told to take bus 175 to the central train station). i get lost after that coz i have no idea about the route and stuff. I need to go to the centre of the city coz will be travelling with suitcases and my hotel is at the centre of the city.

I cant wait for you responses!!
14 Sep 2012 #25
How do get from warsaw airport to main train station
jon357 74 | 22,675
14 Sep 2012 #26
By train. there is a station inside the airport. You buy the ticket from a machine which has English instructions.

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