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Castles and Palaces in Poland (with pictures)

30 Sep 2019 #151
hadn`t managed to furnish the interiors so it looked empty inside. The exterior was impressive,

Yes, it looked a bit barren inside but I'm sure it looks different today. A very impressive exterior for sure. Thanks for posting all the pics, and for the link.

I like the look of Krasiczyn Castle too,from your link, all of it's 4 towers are different. The ruins of Rabsztyn and Tenczyn look to be worth seeing also.

Thinking about it, perhaps I should do the Eagles' Nests castles route and kill a lot of birds with one stone ;)
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5 Oct 2019 #152
I like the look of Krasiczyn Castle too,from your link, all of it's 4 towers are different.

Yes, indeed, I haven`t noticed it before. :)

I like such diversity, too, as usual, all kinds of diversities are good to me. On the other hand, accustomed to the nearly perfect symmetry of such structures, I miss it a little in Krasiczyn example.

I am in two minds about it. :):)

24 Nov 2020 #153

Moszna castle - a fairytale-like Polish castle

I just learned about the Moszna castle and the modern-built, yet wonderful LicheĊ„ Stary cathedral. In most online or printed guides on Poland they are not featured much. Why aren't such places in Poland advertised more? You have countries with less exciting things making huge profits from tourism. Apart from Wroclaw, Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw tourist guides rarely if ever mention such wow inducing places. Many of them are spread out or in tiny towns but if Germany markets the Wartburg castle and Rothenburg (sp?) successfully so can do Polish Tourist office! I recommend this castle and the LS cathedral looks wonderful for one built recently, it's like wow.
22 Feb 2021 #154
There is a good bit of articles and posts about castles and palaces in Poland on its-poland.

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