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Study nursing in Poland, move to Uk?

vikkiitoria 2 | 3
7 Nov 2014 #1
Hey there :)
I was just wondering if anyone's studied nursing in poland and then move to UK? I want to take a 3 year Bsc nursing program and lodz and move to England right after. Im not sure how to go about this, is the diploma recognized in the UK? Thanks :)
DominicB - | 2,707
8 Nov 2014 #2
3 year Bsc nursing program

My advice would be to get your certification as a nurse anesthetist . Your income would be more than double, even triple, that of a generalist nurse. Unfortunately, the only real shortage of foreign generalist nurses is in elder care, which is generally poorly paid and emotionally draining. Also, you would be competing with hordes of poorly trained nurses from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who drive down wages for generalist nurses.

My advice would also be to get your education in Canada or the States. It may actually turn out to be cheaper than getting it in Poland, where there are no scholarships or loans available, practically no chance of finding part-time work to fund your studies, and internships are almost always unpaid or extremely low paid. Also, practical courses in Poland are nowhere near the quality you will find in Canada or the States. This will greatly affect the rate at which you will advance in your career. Your degree will probably be better received in the UK than one from Poland.

If you do do general nursing, spend a couple of extra years getting a masters in health care administration and management, as well as a year of training in cardiac or urgent care. That will significant increase your starting salary, and open up doors to advancement that are tightly shut to generalist nurses.

Sorry to break the bad news, but generalist nursing is a lousy career choice, financially and emotionally. The interesting and rewarding nursing jobs with abundant opportunities for advancement require specialization, and, nowadays, at least a masters.

Another thing: don't get a generalist nursing degree on the assumption that you will work a couple of years and then go back to school for a specialty. It usually doesn't work out. Go for the gold from the beginning, and you will greatly increase your lifetime earnings and savings potential. Short-term pain means long-term gain.

Explore inexpensive nursing programs in Canada and the States. Also explore scholarships. Talk to qualified nursing career advisors at several schools. Like I said, it may well turn out that studying in the US or Canada works out to be cheaper than studying in Poland.

Best of luck!
peterweg 37 | 2,309
9 Nov 2014 #3
As you can see, DomicB's reply was irrelevant. He has no idea what he is talking about.

My wife studied nursing in Krakow and has recently started working in London.

Yes, Polish Nursing qualifications are accepted EU wide. There are differences with UK practices but you can learn them reasonably quickly, a good knowledge of English will help.

The demand for nurses is very high, but you will have to go through a long ( 2 month in her case) vetting process after getting a job. Checking Police records and references, vaccinations etc.

There are other discussion about Polish Nurses working in the UK. UserID DTaylor is a good source. ?action=userinfo&user=22816

read this:
Wulkan - | 3,186
9 Nov 2014 #4
As you can see, DomicB's reply was irrelevant.

Not the first time.

My wife studied nursing in Krakow and has recently started working in London.

I have very similar situation with my cousin.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,854
10 Nov 2014 #5
There are plenty of Polish nurses in the UK, if that helps.
candycandy 2 | 13
24 Nov 2014 #6
I am studying to become a nurse but in Spain. I am thinking of becoming a matron too. Study everything from the beggining. Don't think of break your studies in the half!!

Im with an erasmus scolarship here at poland for the year, why don't you try to do the same? if you are in the UK you can do it.
US nurse
28 Feb 2015 #7
Studying nursing outside the EU might be a problem when you want to work in the EU. The requirements to transfer diplomas are ridiculous if you had your nursing education outside of the EU. First of all, in the UK and Ireland you need to pass IELTS in order to apply for a nursing license and this is not easy. Even if you know English well, even if you are a native English speaker you still need to take it. The problem with the test is that you need a high score of 7/10 in speaking and writing. These two parts of the test are graded subjectively by teachers from Cambridge or somewhere else in the UK. It's easy for them to cut the score by just a 0.5 point. You get 6.5 instead of 7. You pay a lot of money for the test and then for an appeal if you want to appeal so they might want you to take it multiple times. You never see your graded paper so you don't even know whether they were fair grading it and what mistakes you had made. You want to take it again, pay a lot of money again and you have no guarantee that they will grade it better the second, third time. I mean for them each time they fail you it's more money. Pretty obvious. After somehow you have passed the test you need a lot of documentation and often sent directly from the US. So I suggest you check what is needed to get the nursing license in the country you want to work first. Then think about the studies. Theory and practice you will learn sooner or later. Nursing is not rocket science.
12 Oct 2015 #8
Acqua Dolce could help you!

There are some fabulous opportunities available to you but there is also the risk of getting things badly wrong!

Don't make a mistake - contact the experts.

genorm - | 1
7 Dec 2015 #9
I'm a UK based Recruiter and am currently looking for Registered Nurses from the EU to fill vacancies in the United Kingdom.

Whilst it is true that many Nurse vacancies in the UK are in Elderly Care Homes, I am also seeking RGN's for both private and NHS Hospitals.

Newly qualified RGN's are welcome to apply, and provide you have either a UK PIN or PRN status, then there should be a position for you.

Polish Nurses and those from other EU countries are encouraged to apply.

Send me a Private Message for details on how to apply.
Nurse uk
23 Apr 2019 #10
Does anyone know if nursing qualifications gained in the Uk are valid to work in Poland ?
jon357 74 | 22,469
23 Apr 2019 #11
They are recognised all across our EU.
CW3 - | 2
2 May 2020 #12
Hi, any updates regarding about it, cause i want to study in poland but move to australia ?
17 Sep 2020 #13
Hie. I wanted to ask if your wife had to write a registration exam in order to move to UK after training in Poland? May you help with detailed information on her process please

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