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Coming to study at UITM Rzeszow, Poland

21 Sep 2018 #1
Hi everyone! Next year I will start studying Aviation management at UITM in Rzeszow. I have a few questions:

A) Is UITM a genuine and accredited university?
B) The diploma will have value outside Poland or even between its borders?
C) Are english programmes in Poland recommendable?
D) What type of students does UITM target to?

Thanks in advance!!
DominicB - | 2,678
21 Sep 2018 #2

It's not a real university, and is not allowed to call itself a university in the Polish language.


No. It is essentially worthless, both inside Poland and any other country.


With very few exceptions, English language programs in Poland are of low quality and reputation.


Students who can't get into real universities, and foreigners from third world countries that are not actually interested in studying, but in sneaking into the EU.
jon357 63 | 14,254
21 Sep 2018 #3
It's certainly very genuine, is listed as a "non-public higher school" by the Polish government, however the accreditation for their courses comes from various overseas bodies including the US military (not that their accreditation is worth much outside their own activities). If the accrediting bodies are relevant to your country of origin (or where you want to work) that's fine. If not, you may wish to look elsewhere. In competitive fields this does matter.

There are more and more programmes in Poland delivered in English, some of them are excellent, some less so. I would recommend choosing a state sector institution, or a private-sector one whose degrees are accredited by the Polish government and/or who have links with other academic institutions, ideally in Britain (which is the gold standard).

UITM is private, it markets its courses to anyone interested. Their main strength are their vocational courses delivered very often on satellite campuses.

Their aviation management programme is delivered together with Lufthansa, a positive thing, however it is a very new course and I would recommend you contact the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw for specific advice:

You don't say which level you'll be studying at. ILOT does offer doctorates, however if it's a bachelors, you would do well to look at the international rankings.
G (undercover)
22 Sep 2018 #4
No. It is essentially worthless, both inside Poland and any other country.

Nonsense, as usual.
jon357 63 | 14,254
22 Sep 2018 #5
For once we agree. It's far from worthless. Although there are accreditation issues, it's accepted in certain countries who send students there, and it's worth mentioning that the degree the OP asks about is quite rare in terms of subject matter and modules studied; this is to its advantage.
delphiandomine 83 | 17,771
22 Sep 2018 #6
Their aviation management programme is delivered together with Lufthansa

Rzeszów is the center of Polish aviation, so it's certainly worthwhile.
pt_NY_RZE - | 1
15 May 2019 #7
As a student in his last semester of Aviation Management, I hope my answers to your questions will suffice. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at:

A)Yes, UITM is accredited by the Polish Ministry of Education. It is one of the oldest private universities in Poland since its opening in 1996.

B)Yes of course it will. Because of UITM's accreditation, the value of its diploma is undeniable, and this will be further proven when you see where you and your fellow classmates will be doing internships. By the second year of studies you will have a chance to work at and learn from companies such as Pratt & Whitney, Lufthansa, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, BorgWarner, Deloitte, and the list goes on. A lot of my friends ended up extending their internship another 3 months, and others have been at some of these companies I just listed for almost a year now.

Besides this, the IATA certificate you can get in your third year, is highly sought after by many employers in the aviation industry. I'm taking my IATA certification test on Friday, wish me luck!

C)Definitely. UITM works directly with the TECL/LCCI IQ exam makers to make sure every student has a chance to get their certificates. UITM goes even one step farther by giving all students the chance to apply for the dual-degree program, where in your last year of studies you can study at a university in England and finish your bachelor's degree with two diplomas from two different universities. (one from UITM Rzeszow and one from University of Huddersfield if you are an Aviation major). In any given year about 10-20% of Aviation Management majors take advantage of this program and go to England for the whole third year. When they come back, they are more confident than ever before in their ability to work in any international company where the English Language is used. Besides the fact that from your first day of classes you will be learning and speaking English with your professors, you will also be using English throughout the whole campus while interacting with your classmates from other countries.

D)For our Majors that are conducted in the English Language, UITM targets students all around the globe so that there is a true international and diverse feel on campus. For majors like Aviation Management and International Management this is a very big advantage for all students. It gives them to the opportunity to learn about these industries from many different perspectives from their fellow classmates. We have over 1900 international students from over 30 countries.

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