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Medicine study - good Polish University for international students; study in English?

25 Nov 2013  #31
Ofcourse there is medicine in Olsztyn, Medical University of Varmia and Masuria..
studyMUL - | 1    
7 May 2014  #32
Hello All,

If you are interested study Medicine, I would like to recommend Medical University of Lodz in Poland. On 14th May 2014 we are organize OPEN ONLINE DAY, please visit website,


5 Mar 2016  #33
Merged: Studying medicine in poland in English

Hey guys I am from egypt and I don't like the quality of education here and even I don't want to continue in egypt .. I am planning to study medicine in Europe next year so unfortunately I don't have the time to learn anything about any country's language

So I want to know more about medical education in poland in english
Is the quality worth to leave my country and pay that much of money ? Will the certificate valid in the other European countries ? Is there an opportunity to work in poland as a doctor after graduation ? Will I be a qualified doctor just like any at least European doctors

? ( take in mind that I will also study polish language during my stay there because doctors have to talk with patients and to deal with them )

Is there any chance or it will just be like a diploma mill?
DashHXQ - | 1    
13 Aug 2016  #34
Merged: I need your help guys!

Please give me a list of Polish universities that give Medicine courses for undergraduates in English.
Thank you.
terri 1 | 1,557    
13 Aug 2016  #35
A list such as that can be obtained through 'google'. You just need to put in 'Medicine studies in Poland' and then search. I'm surprised that this had not occurred to you.
7 Aug 2018  #36

Faculty of medicine in Rzeszów

Hi everyone !
My name is Chiara and i am from Italy and i wolud like to know if anyone of you know something about english divison in this city please write !

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