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American school of Wroclaw for expats

25 Jun 2016 #1
are you considering to put kids in this school in Poland? or are you offered a job by this school currently?

For those English native speaker expats.. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU ACCEPT JOB OFFER FROM THIS SCHOOL. it is quite funny.. from the name of school.. you might think it is run by American people.. but no.. this school are only Polish style + Indian style... Principle speaks strong Indian accent English. Vice principle speaks strong polish accent English with tons of grammar mistakes. the first day you visit school, they show you around school with smile, especially principle Minakshi Sharma. then you talk with her about offer. she always tell you that the salary they offer is twice higher than other employee in her school.. for young and non-experience native speakers, sounds attractive... right? then you sign the contract without being carefully reading.. then in next 6 months, you found out that it was a lie... the school doesn't offer anything.. no health insurance. the school even doesn't have ability to help you get proper working paper in short time. it is not easy to get the materials you need for teaching. Principle count every penny. even she already earned a lot.. but she doesn't want to share....and you have to fight with vice principle and tolerant her poor English... but she is a boss of you...during the school dinner, they have to look these women licking each other's asses.. If you want to have a miserable school year, then choose this school..

the history of this school: the school is run by one Indian women who taught yoga in British school of Wroclaw. She took 7 kids from BSW. and then started her American school of Wroclaw( ASW)... the school was moving all the time.. from 2015 September to now, the school settled down in Partynicka. in 2016, the school has three native speakers.two quited after the semester.

for those expats who dont have any choice but this school, be brave to ask for more money.. at least 7000zolty above... you might think you don't have any experience at teaching before.. then you showed your weakness to principle while talking with her.. then she will just used this to decrease your working value and make you work fact, none of people in this school have rich teaching experience... 90% of them are not professional or say" unqualified" teachers... even principle herself....each new semester ,99% of teachers are new teacher. they are extremely need people.. be bold to ask more..
28 Jun 2016 #2
How different is a salary of an Indian English teacher vs native (EFL) American English teacher? In theory, English is the official language in India (but you're right that in practice Polish people usually have a better English accent ;)
Lyzko 30 | 7,388
28 Jun 2016 #3
The question really should be, for which type of English is said salary to be paid, Indlish or Amlish, he-he!

When Polish people speak English, I've found their accent "Englishesque", not really English and not really American either:-)
More "Poglish", I'd say.
6 Sep 2016 #4
Halo, but do you recommend ASW to parents seeking education for their kids in EM school? Perhaps any new suggestion,other than BISC?
14 Jan 2021 #5
BEWARE!!! All parents, staff, and people considering the validity of this school is a complete and total SCAM! Please ask serious questions when it comes to the quality of education at this school. With only days worth of questioning and research you will quickly find tons of RED FLAGs and half-answers. The school has zero credibility from the states and is a disgrace to have it in its title. Simply ask questions about salary or tuition. Investigate and soon you will not get the job/accepted to the school. From the start, it has relied on naive/foolish staff/parents to survive this long. The money pumped into the school is a direct example of why they were able to build a brand new school in less than 10 years. OPEN YOUR EARS, EYES, and BRAINS.

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