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Integration of Poles in the Latvian society?

27 Sep 2010 #1
Is there anyone polish who lives in Latvia?
I mean, I'm writing a coursepaper on poles as minority in Latvia and the integration opportunities.
i could really use some opinions on this.
thank you.
kate8609 - | 2
27 Sep 2010 #2
Hi brookee90,

this is interesting! my husband is Latvian! We moved from USA to Poland few months ago and I have been in Latvia only 3 times so I don't know much about it except that there are lots of Polish priests in Latvia.

If you need some help with your work you can contact me and my husband will be happy to help you.

good luck
OP brookee90
28 Sep 2010 #3
thank you, but I kinda need really poles opinion from Latvia.
Anyway, you are really kind, thanks.
Malopolanin 3 | 133
28 Sep 2010 #4
Try to contact with them.

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